Experts Tips on Berber Carpet Care

March 6, 2006
berber carpet care
Berber carpet maintenance requires a bit more effort than other carpets, but if you like your Berber carpeting, then the attention is worthwhile. The first enemy of Berber carpet is dirty feet and shoes. Food is another “hazard” to Berber carpet’s beauty. Your care of Berber carpets is an investment in your flooring investment.

Why Berber Carpets?

Berber carpeting is a beautiful option to cover your floors for any room in your home. Keeping it clean and stain free is the only way that you can keep it looking beautiful. Taking precautions to help keep your Berber carpeting as clean and proper Berber carpet maintenancewill enhance its look for years.

Buy Quality Carpets

The first thing that you need to do is to make sure that you buy well-constructed, quality carpet. Better quality Berber carpet, made from wool or nylon, is much easier to clean than a lower quality Berber carpet. That is one reason why you may want to spend a little more time on proper maintenance ofBerber carpet than you had planned.

Avoid Spills and Dirt

Dirty feet are a major enemy of Berber carpeting. That is why you might want to begin a “no shoes” policy in your home by having your family leave their shoes at the door or encouraging them to wipe their feet off thoroughly by putting mats right at the door. Shoes are in contact with all kinds of dirt and grime, like oil, mud, and bubble gum, and not tracking that in will keep your carpet clean. Another rule that you may want to enforce is the “no food or drink on the carpet” rule. Both of these rules are a great way to keep a great deal of the dirt off your beautiful Berber carpets and the best methods to be followed for Berber carpet maintenance.

Regular Cleaning

Regular vacuuming and stain removal is another key to keeping your Berber carpeting looking beautiful. The thick loops of Berber carpet make it extremely difficult to clean if a stain gets down into the loops. That’s why it is essential that you clean up spills and messes as soon as they occur to keep them from being trampled down or soaking into the carpeting. If it is a liquid spill, take a clean dry cloth and blot don’t rub. The blotting will help remove the excess liquid from your carpeting. If there is a dry spill, you need to pick up as much of the debris and dirt immediately, and then vacuum to remove the rest of it as soon as possible. The key to good stain removal is to take care of the stain as soon as it occurs, rather than letting it sit and soak into the carpeting fibers.


Vacuum Cleaning

Carpet manufacturers suggest is the best way for proper maintenance ofBerber carpet can be achieved through a constant vacuum process. Regular vacuuming of your Berber carpets will remove the possibility of dirt and dust to settle in the carpets for a long period. There are some factors need to be considered before charting out a vacuuming schedule for your Berber carpets like:

  • Determine the type of Berber carpets you have as different carpets require different vacuuming procedures.
  • A Vacuum cleaner consists ofa lot of brushes, so select the best brush that is required for your carpet.
  • The schedule of your vacuuming depends on the location and its constant usage.

Professional Cleaning

If you have a stain that you just can’t seem to remove, then you need to consult a professional Berber carpetcleaner.Caring for Berber carpet will also usually involve a regular professional cleaning. Due to the dangers of getting Berber carpeting overwet, you may want to leave the cleaning to a professional. This cleaning can help remove some of the ground in dirt and stains that you may not see right now, but they may begin to come to the surface soon. A professional carpet cleaner will understand exactly how your Berber carpeting needs to be cleaned for maximum effectiveness.


A little care and maintenance is the main foundation of Berber carpet maintenance. Preventing spills and messes, regular vacuuming, stain removal, and regular professional cleanings will help you to keep your Berber carpeting looking beautiful and welcoming. Careful attention to the care of your Berber carpet will let you enjoy its beauty for years. Since it’s so pretty, it’s worth it.



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