What are the Best Carpet Pads of 2018? [My Reviews with Comparison]

April 3, 2017
How to Choose the Best Carpet Pad Best Carpet Pad Reviews

Shopping around for a new item can take time and effort if you are not familiar with the different options that’s available on the market today.

Therefore, it is very important that you do a good job of researching what an industry offers prior to making a decision to buy, specifically, in situations where you are looking for the best kind of carpet pad for the floors you are trying to protect and cushion for the most comfort.

With this being said, here are a few options that you can make your selections from. All have been listed with their features, pros and cons, and a short summary of each individual type that is currently listed on amazon.com.

My Carpet Pad Reviews

1. Rug Pad USA 100% Felt Rug Pad


  • Carpet pad is made with felt
  • Manufacturers did not design this pad to prevent slipping so be familiar with the qualities provided
  • 100% recycled felt in a full 3/8″ thickness
  • Mold/mildew resistant comes with extremely dense resistance
  • LEED certified for air quality
  • Great for those who are looking for an excellent noise reduction rug pads so they can be used in homes, apartments as well as co-ops
  • 100% felt is safe for the floor underneath


  • This model carpet pad comes with very thick materials that makes it very soft and cushy
  • Made with features that makes it very easy to unfold as it is being laid on the floors
  • Fits perfectly under a large rug, specifically, when the rug is soft to the touch and thin in size.
  • Ideal for cushioning and comfort
  • Comes with an affordable price range
  • Made to be very gentle on the floors that are underneath
  • Large sizes can be trimmed down to be customized to a specific area.


  • The rug pad slides slightly and does not add enough cushion
  • Easily to shred and rip, similar to the shredding of a dog
  • Firm, but does not add enough support

Overall, this carpet pad is a very good buy, and overall, the majority of reviews are good. Since it is LEED certified for air quality, it can be used in more than one room in a home or an apartment.

2. Grip-It Ultra Stop Non-Slip Rug Pad for Rugs on Hard Surface Floors


  • Non-slip carpet pad that has been designed to be used over hard-surface floors
  • Open weave construction included in its overall design.
  • Made to allow the floors underneath to breathe.
  • This pad is also great for making vacuuming much easier
  • This pad has been made to keep the rug in place so that it can eliminate both bunching and shifting
  • Polymer-coated polyester scrim materials included so comes with a 10-year manufacture’s guarantee to hold its non-slip properties for 10 years
  • Easy to keep clean since it can be hand washed in mild detergent, rinsed and then air dried


  • Rug pad has been designed to stay in place at all times
  • Comes in larger sizes for variety in fit, and can easily be cut down to fit different sizes as needed
  • Holds true to its non-slip name so buyers are satisfied when they put them in place
  • Great product that is very reasonably priced
  • Very thick, rubber, and high quality
  • Big plus… it’s not sticky… and no adhesive of any kind is required to keep it in place
  • Really works well as advertised
  • Children and pets can slam into it at full speed and the pads will not budge an inch. In fact, it will not budge, even when you are trying hard to shift it
  • Excellent for using with carpets and runners too


  • Consumers complain about getting the exact measurements that’s needed to place it under the carpet
  • Takes a little extra time to line it up properly under the carpet

This is a great, affordable buy for those who are looking for a carpet pad that will not move. Since it stays in place as advertised, it fits quite a few needs and requirements for people who need them for safety reasons

3. CraftRugs Ultra Plush Non-Slip Rug Pad for Hard Surfaces and Carpet


  • Provides excelling rebound and gripping capabilities for the consumer
  • Designed specifically to be placed under carpeting and over hardwood surfaces
  • Made with rubber backing and carpet fibers


  • This rug pad is considered to be a high-quality product; this means you do not have to be concerned about experiencing any strange smells coming from its fibers
  • Even though this pad was packaged by rolling it up in a doubled-over position, it was still easy to roll it back out flat without any difficulty
  • Comes with special instruction on its usage so you can read it for ease of use and installation
  • Stays in place once it has been positioned, even when kids are playing in and around this pad.
  • It is a great buy for those who are concerned about no movement after it is has been positioned
  • Good price with free shipping options
  • Ideal for using over new laminate flooring
  • Once in place, it is difficult to move
  • No buckling or tripping danger because it has been designed with no slip features
  • Great rug and pad comboAdds cushioning under your feet and it prevents the top rug from sliding
  • Perfect fit for a diversity of rug sizes since it can be cut to a custom sizing
  • Great functionality.
  • Excellent for use on hardwood floors


  • Adhesion is not durable, after several months of usage; therefore, it begins to slide
  • To restore the carpet pad to its original stable place, one user had to use rug tape
  • This rug pad is considered by some to be kind of thin

This rug pad has received great positive feedback from its users. It is great for protecting your flooring and keeping carpeting in place to prevent slips and falls. Also, it is an affordable buy for those who are interested in saving money.


All 3 rug pad options make great buys. However, the felt rug pad has one feature that is different from the others, and that is not being designed with a non-slip feature for those who are concerned about its stability and safety regarding movement.

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