The Best Floor Cleaner for Wood

December 23, 2017
The Best Floor Cleaner for Wood

While wooden flooring is attractive, it also requires a lot of cleaning. If you don’t choose the best floor cleaner for wood, you’ll end up with an unclean floor that quickly loses its luster. After potentially spending thousands of dollars on your flooring, having it lose its shine in the space of a few months is the exact opposite of what you want.

Find the Best Floor Cleaner for Wood

As a result, you must put some serious thought into the floor cleaners that you use. Going for the cheapest cleaners is not an option. Their heavy use of chemicals may damage laminated finishes, plus you’ll often find that natural wood floors react badly to them.

Instead, you need to find the best floor cleaner for wood. Unfortunately, that’s more difficult than it sounds, as there are so many different products available. This review will take a look at three of the best floor cleaners for wood around, so that you don’t end up using a cleaner that will damage your flooring.

Black Diamond Wood & Laminate Floor Cleaner

Available in 32-ounce bottles, Black Diamonds floor cleaner contains a special formula that makes it ideal for use on wooden and laminated floors. All you have to do is spray the cleaner onto your floor, then use a clean mop or cloth to wipe it away. In a matter of moments, you’ll have a clean floor that looks as good as it did when you first installed it.

Strength marks this out as one of the best floor cleaners for wood. It can handle practically any stain, from muddy footprints through to the dust and grime that accumulates on every floor over time.

Better yet, the cleaner leaves behind no streaks, so you won’t have to keep wiping over it to achieve the finish that you’re looking for.

Black Diamond has also focused on safety with its cleaner, which has resulted in the use of a hypoallergenic formula. This ensures that you don’t have to suffer through any allergic reactions when you’re using it.

Furthermore, Black Diamond has done everything it can to make the cleaner as safe as possible to use around pets and children.

Finally, the cleaner also includes Black Diamond’s proprietary triple-action poly shield, which means it adds a layer of protection to any floor that you use it on. That alone makes it a frontrunner for the title of best floor cleaner for wood.


  • Equally at home when used on wood or laminated flooring
  • Capable of getting rid of stubborn stains
  • Protects your flooring in addition to cleaning it
  • Hypoallergenic and non-toxic
  • Doesn’t leave streaks behind on the wood


  • Leaves behind a faint scent of almonds, which may not be to your liking
  • Struggles to remove water stains
  • May not be the best choice for dark wood flooring

Tri-Nova Wood Cleaner

An all-purpose wood cleaner, Tri-Nova’s offering is usable for any wooden furniture in your home, as well as your wood flooring. This makes it one of the best floor cleaners for wood around if you’re looking for versatility. Those who have wooden furniture will be delighted to find that this cleaner provides an all-in-one solution to their cleaning woes.

It’s simple to use as well. The handy bottle allows you to spray the cleaner directly onto wooden surfaces, with no dilution required.

All you have to do is allow it to settle for a moment, so that it can get to work on any dust and grime, and then wipe it off with a clean cloth.

It doesn’t just clean either. Tri-Nova has built a conditioner into its formula, which means the spray nourishes your wood flooring and furniture as well as cleaning. This may make it the best floor cleaner for wood for those who want to restore a bit of life faded wood.

However, you may run into issues if you try to use the spray on untreated woods. Tri-Nova notes that the spray may cause spotting if your wood hasn’t been treated, so be wary if you’re unsure.


  • Versatile enough for use on wood flooring and furniture
  • Easy application
  • Contains a conditioner that reinvigorates the wood


  • Not suitable for use on untreated wood
  • The 18-ounce bottle does last as long as other wood cleaners

Armstrong Hardwood and Laminate Floor Cleaner

As they’re a manufacturer of wood flooring panels in their own right, it should come as no surprise that Armstrong has made one of the best floor cleaners for wood. After all, they know exactly what your wood needs to stay healthy and keep its shine.

Available in huge, 64-ounce bottles, Armstrong’s cleaner offers some of the best value that you will find anywhere. That doesn’t make it a cheap option.

Armstrong has created an effective cleaner, so you don’t have to worry about the streaks and spotting that cheaper options tend to leave behind.

The cleaner itself has an attractive citrus scent, so your nostrils won’t have to deal with unpleasant chemical smells. Furthermore, there’s no need to dilute the cleaner either. As a result, you can pour some into a spray bottle and start using it straight away.

Much like the Black Diamond cleaner, Armstrong’s formula works on both wood and laminate flooring. This versatility makes it a strong contender for the best floor cleaner for wood, though you will find that it’s unsuitable for use with furniture.


  • You receive 64 ounces of cleaner with every bottle
  • Usable on both wood and laminated floors
  • Doesn’t require dilution
  • Created by one of the world’s leading wood floor manufacturers


  • May leave a filmy layer behind on your floor
  • Not usable with furniture

The final word

Choosing the best floor cleaner for wood from these products isn’t the easiest of tasks. Each one will leave your wood flooring with a sparkling finish, plus they’re all very easy to use.

Armstrong’s cleaner has the pedigree of coming from an established wood floor manufacturer behind it, whereas Black Diamond’s focus on safety is an attractive feature.

However, Tri-Nova comes out on top thanks to the versatility of its cleaner. The fact that you can use it for furniture and flooring means that you can save space in the cupboards, plus its built-in conditioner will revive dull wood. The small size of the bottles is the only downside.

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