Things to remember while choosing a Vacuum Cleaner for Berber carpet

April 6, 2006
vacuum cleaner for berber carpets
Which Berber carpet vacuum you want to buy is partially dependent on which Berber carpeting you buy. The irony of Berber carpets is that the cheaper the carpeting the more critical it is to clean it frequently. The more expensive the Berber carpeting, the more vital it is to protect your investment, so again frequent vacuuming is important. Selecting the proper vacuum for your Berber carpet is important so that you don’t snag a loop and unravel the carpeting. Ask your Berber carpet professional what they suggest, and then act promptly so you can get into the habit of caring for your new investment by using proper Berber carpet vacuum cleaners.

Popular Carpeting Choice

Berber carpet is one of the most popular carpeting choices today. Its classic beauty and ease of care makes it a sound choice for most families. If you don’t like the look of footprints or vacuum tracks on your carpet, Berber carpet may be for you because tracks hide fairly well. There are several recommended Berber carpet vacuum cleaners that help keep the loops from being crushed down or pulled too.

What exactly is Berber carpet?

Berber carpet is named after an African tribe’s handmade wool floor covering that was described as being made from short looped yarn with flecks of color running through it. Berber carpeting that is available now is much the same look except that there are different kinds of Berber carpet. Berber carpet now comes in multi-level loops and cut loop varieties, which can give the carpeting a completely different look from casual to formal. The randomness of the loops of Berber carpet also helps to hide stains and dirt.


Why Choose Berber Carpet?

The loops of Berber carpet also offer a natural cushiony surface for you to walk on as well as acting as a natural insulator to help regulate the temperature in your room. The loops can be flattened or pulled, however, if you do not take care of them correctly. Finding the best vacuum cleaner for Berber carpets is essential so that your Berber carpet loops stay looped and don’t get flattened. Check with your Berber carpet manufacturer or distributor to see which best vacuum for Berber carpets that they recommend or research your choices to help you choose one.

Vacuum Cleaner Without a revolving brush

The main thing to remember is that a vacuum cleaner that uses an aggressively moving revolving brush can damage your Berber carpets. Many Berber carpet manufacturers recommend that you do not use a revolving brush vacuum cleaner at all on Berber carpets. Check with your manufacturer to see the best vacuum for Berber carpets they recommend.

What type of Vacuum Cleaner is best for Berber Carpet?
When it comes to selecting a vacuum cleaner for Berber carpets to keep it clean and free from dirt, you should go for an upright vacuum cleaner that is light in weigh and also equipped with a bag, as they can hold more dust than bag less vacuum cleaners.





Proper Maintenance, Longer Life

Berber carpet is an investment that you should take precautions with. With proper care and maintenance, your Berber carpet will last for many years. Regular vacuuming helps keep the carpeting clean and helps to keep the dirt from being ground into the carpet, which will make it more difficult to clean. The need to clean your Berber carpeting is why it is so important to ask questions about which Berber carpet vacuum cleaner will work best for you because it can help your carpets to last longer.

Go for Quality Berber Carpets

A quality Berber carpet will hold up better during vacuuming than an inferior Berber will. Don’t buy the cheapest carpeting you can find or you may be replacing it quicker than you would otherwise. If you spend a few more dollars on higher quality carpeting, you’ll be able to enjoy it for years. Wool or nylon Berber is what you need to purchase, rather than other kinds of Berber carpet, to achieve longevity with your carpeting. Research your choices to make sure that you get the maximum value for your investment.


The best vacuum for Berber carpets is the one that does not flatten or pull the loops of the carpeting. Ask your carpet distributor, installer, or manufacturer which vacuum cleaner that they recommend or check their websites for assistance. With proper care and maintenance, your Berber carpet will last for many years.


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