Choosing Carpeting from Berber Carpet Samples

April 30, 2006
berber carpet samples
To help you determine what Berber carpet to buy, take Berber carpet samples home. There’s nothing like seeing the actual color and texture in your home to help you decide which is the best choice for you. It takes a bit longer to make your decision, but after you have seen how the light (both daylight and electric) plays with the colors and textures, you will be more content with your decision.

Berber carpet is very popular in new homes. The classic beauty of the looped carpeting makes any home look more expensive and welcoming. It is also very easy to take care of if it is quality carpeting and will last you for many years. How do you choose your carpet for your home? First, visit carpeting store and find Berber carpet samples to take home. They will help you determine which color of Berber carpeting will look best in your particular room, and what feel you prefer.

If you have a specific color in mind when choosing your carpet, it is a good idea to get several Berber carpet samples in that color. This way you can see how the particular carpeting color will look when introduced to the lights and colors in your room. You will be surprised by the difference in the color variations that light and other colors in the room can have on your carpet color. This is why you want to take the samples into the room where you are going to install the carpeting to see how it looks in that particular room.
Ask the carpet salesperson what the carpet is made of. You want a Berber carpet that is 100% nylon or 100% wool to make sure that you are getting high quality carpeting that will last through many years of wear and tear. Wool Berber carpeting is the most durable Berber carpet you can buy, and it is a natural product that doesn’t rely on petrochemicals for its materials. Other types of Berber carpet may be less expensive, but you could end up spending more money because it will have to be replaced sooner, and will be more difficult to keep clean and maintained. Carpeting is an investment in your home, so you will want to be sure that you find the highest quality carpeting that your budget can afford.
It is also important that you go to several different sources to check prices and quality of carpeting. You will probably be surprised by the wide variety of Berber carpet that is available and the wide price range from store to store. Do not be lead into buying the cheapest carpeting though. Take a few hours or even days to make your decision so that you give yourself time to research your choice. Then you will be more likely to be satisfied with your carpeting choice in the future and for many years to come.
When choosing the color of carpeting for your home, think about how much traffic that the floor will see. If it is a high traffic area then you will want a carpeting color that can take the traffic. Learning more about what purpose your carpeting will serve will help you determine what your carpeting needs and desires are. Then you will be able to keep in mind your needs and desires when you choose your carpeting and you will be on your way to having an investment in your home that you will be both proud of and satisfied with for many years.

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