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November 30, 2007
dyson vacuum

Dyson vacuum for households


A Dyson vacuum is the best cleaning tool, for some housekeepers. It can be a bit more expensive than other types of vacuum cleaners, but worth every penny spent on it because of its durability, ease of cleaning and maintaining, and manufacturer warranties. Dyson vacuum cleaners work equally well on carpet, lamp shades, upholstery, fan blades and hard surface floors.


If you are someone who does not mind shelling out a bit extra for a product that is durable and gets the job done in a professional way, then Dyson vacuum is for you.


The humble beginning of Dyson Vacuum


If you watch television of any amount, it is certain that you have seen a commercial for a Dyson vacuum. Although most people assume that a huge company created this vacuum, they would be pleasantly surprised to see that it was created by the work of one man. This man made 5,127 prototypes of his vacuum before he had one that worked. That is a great deal of failure to bounce back from, but he still kept on trying to create a vacuum that would change the world of vacuuming. What makes a Dyson vacuum different from the many other vacuum cleaners that are available is the practicality of the models. It is as if the designers went about every household what they expected in a vacuum cleaner, put those all together and designed one that fits every requirement. Such is the ease of use and compact nature of the product that it is simply not possible to say no to it.


Mr. Dyson’s idea was to create a vacuum that would keep the same suction even when the bag was almost full as when it was empty. This idea came to him as a child when he would help his mom clean the house and would have to frequently change the bag. He didn’t understand why you would have to change the bag even though the bag was not full. This thought caused him to come up with over 5,000 prototype vacuums until he created one that met his specifications. He called it the G-force and it was sold in Japan as a sort of status symbol.


The science behind Dyson Vacuum cleaners


Cyclone technology described his first and later his mass produced models that began to be produced in 1993. His theory about cyclone technology was that centrifugal force is created using dual cyclone chambers that would create massive suction power to help get your floors as clean as possible. This cyclone power is up to 900 mph, which is a huge amount of power for a vacuum cleaner. This fact alone has made this Dyson vacuum very popular with anyone who has carpeting in their homes, simply because you cannot get that kind of power with any other vacuum cleaner. As end users, we need not worry ourselves with the science behind the product as long as it gets the job done, which it does. But, it never hurts to know, right?


One great use for a Dyson vacuum over other vacuum types is its ability to suction up dust mites. Other vacuums do not have the suction power necessary to remove dust mites from carpeting, upholstery, or other places. By using a Dyson vacuum with its super powered suction, you can suck them up and dispose of them right way. This can definitely help those allergy sufferers who are especially sensitive to dust mites and help decrease the health symptoms that are caused by these little allergens. So, if you are willing to spend a bit extra on your vacuum cleaner, you can get the Dyson model that ensures a thoroughly clean floor and carpet day in day out.


Dyson vacuums are also great at cleaning hard surface floors, like linoleum, wood, tile or concrete. The same cyclone action that creates great suction for cleaning carpets and other fibers sucks dirt and debris on hard surface floors.


The Dyson vacuum has its critics that claim that all of their claims are just marketing hype, rather than facts. However, there are also thousands of people that swear by their Dyson vacuum to clean their carpet, upholstery and hard surface floors. By considering all of the information, you can best make up your mind about this vacuum. Visit a store and take a look at the models and even try a few to get a feel. Read reviews that you can find online, so that you can get first hand information that is written by people just like you. Ask friends and family if they have a Dyson vacuum, and, if so, what they think about it. Getting the proper information can help you to make up your mind about purchasing a Dyson vacuum for your home and use.



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