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October 5, 2007
dyson vacuums
Dyson vacuums are thought by many people to be a superior vacuum cleaner. According to some, they are durable and work well, and are easily serviced by the owner. Though a bit heavy, they do the job so are worth their high price.


Know-How of Dyson


Dyson brand vacuums are made by Dyson Appliance, Ltd., of Wiltshire, UK. Dyson vacuums are available through major retailers and online merchants just about everywhere. Company founder James Dyson is an entrepreneurial engineer whose inventions have generated more than $10 billion in revenues.


What makes Dyson vacuums unique is their common approach to capturing and storing dirt. First, Dyson vacuums have no bags or filters, so there is nothing to get clogged with dirt to reduce vacuum efficiency or make the motor run hot. Second, Dyson vacuums trap dirt in a clear plastic bin at the bottom of upright machines, expelling only clean air near the top. Other designs do a poor job of keeping dirt in the vacuum, claims Dyson. It is the favorite cordless vacuum cleaner that is preferred in households. It is very light in weight and easy to handle. Dyson is the easiest tool when it comes to cleans carpets and cobwebs. The only problem is the battery life and it has a less dust capacity due to which regular cleaning is required.


Dyson vacuums operate much like huge industrial vacuums used to clean up debris from floods, hurricanes, and even the 9/11 collapse of the World Trade Center towers, and hazardous spills of radioactive materials. A miniature cyclone is created inside of a double-walled plastic tube by six plastic cones called “root cyclones”. Debris is sucked up the inner tube and spun by whirling air. Centrifugal force throws heavier dirt to the rim of the inner tube, where it spills over the rim and falls into the collection bin at the bottom of the outer tube. A plastic shroud about halfway up the inner tube traps lighter hair and dust, which also fall to the collection bin at the bottom. The method is organized and easy to handle which makes Dyson one of the most efficient vacuum cleaners for the households.


Dyson vacuums come in upright, canister, and handheld models. Uprights range from the original DC07, which comes in “all floors” and “animal hair” subspecies, to the motorized, HEPA filter-equipped DC17, which Dyson claims out cleans all other brands. The newest member of the Dyson family is the DC18, a lightweight upright rated for all floors. It is made with the new technologies and provides a great helping hand when it comes to dusting or cleaning.


The company also sells a lavatory hand dryer called, ominously, The Air Blade. It is claimed to remove up to 99.9 per cent of bacteria from drying air, and to use 80 per cent less electricity than conventional hand dryers. More to the point, it dries hands 10 seconds faster than other brands. Its design is touch-free and it does not blow water and dirt onto bathroom floors.


Dyson vacuums are notoriously heavy; the DC17 weighs 20 pounds. According to Consumer Reports, which tests dozens of vacuums, Dyson vacuums “doesn’t significantly outperform others” on bare floors, carpets, and pet hair-laden rugs. Dyson vacuums are fairly expensive, in the $450 to $600 range. But they now come with a 5-year warranty, apparently in response to past reviews that noted reliability problems. The entire Dyson vacuums line has been re-engineered in 2007, and seems to be more rugged than in the past. And they are easy to maintain, according to my housekeeper.It is a flexible vacuum cleaner which is used in most of the households due to its amazing cleaning capacity and easy-to-handle configurations.


Godsend or gimmick, the Dyson vacuum is one of the world’s most popular machines. If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then Dyson should be blushing with embarrassment. Many knockoffs are available at lower prices. But when buying any “cyclonic” vacuum, one should pay close attention to how well it keeps dirt inside, and to the general sturdiness and workmanship of the machine. You should be aware of the usage and terms and conditions before hand in order to avoid any trouble after buying the product. The complexities are very less and it is considered to be user friendly. Dyson is one of the best tools when it comes to dusting of your household in the easiest manner.

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