Why Engineered Hardwood Flooring Are The Hot Favorites For House Owners?

September 29, 2006
engineered hardwood flooring
One of the best and greatest choices for any home is the hardwood flooring. The kind of look that the wood brings out makes the home feel more welcoming and warmer. However, what most people need to realize is that it is not feasible to use just the solid hardwood flooring. That is the major reason why people go for the engineered hardwood flooring.


Difference Between Laminate Flooring And Engineered Hardwood Flooring


There is a huge difference among the engineered hardwood flooring and laminate flooring. One should not get confused. Laminate flooring is just another kind of engineered flooring while engineered hardwood flooring is all about wood. Here in the laminate flooring, there is no actual wood. Even if there is, it will be only a thin veneer, which is different from the engineered hardwood flooring.


The engineered hardwood flooring provides the same kind of feeling and look that hardwood flooring provides. However, the only difference is the functional usage it has which is suitable in different applications, and especially where the hardwood cannot work properly.


Difference Hardwood Flooring and Engineered Hardwood Flooring


There can be certain areas where the hardwood flooring might not work or be function. These areas consist of the bathroom, basement, kitchen and other major areas which can be susceptible to the attack or infestation of moisture. The best part of the engineered hardwood flooring is it can withstand moisture, thereby making it best and useful for a particular area.


Now this can be laid on all kinds of subflooring and that too as long as it is level and sound. It is recommended to place a vapor barrier down at the initial part of the basement in most of the cases. Then you can place the engineered hardwood flooring over the concrete and existing title as in most of the cases, it won’t need to be nailed and glued to the floor. In addition, the engineered hardwood flooring can be used where there is radiant heat. But some manufacturers warn against this aspect.


Defining Engineered Hardwood Flooring


The common question that people ask is what is engineered hardwood flooring. To put in simple terms, this kind of flooring contains the composed layers of wood. Also the core of the flooring is made out of three to seven layers of plywood or fiberboard. Now the fiberboard might be medium-or-high density ( i.e. MDF or HDF respectively).


This kind of system and its layers helps in preventing the warping and doing other kind of damages that often arises due to moisture. Here the top layer is made of actual wood and this is something which makes the engineered hardwood flooring similar to the hardwood flooring. For the naked eye, it is quite impossible to make out the difference.




The biggest advantage of the engineered hardwood flooring is that do-it-yourself individuals can easily enjoy the convenience of the engineered hardwood flooring as it is quite easy to install. The groove and tongue system makes it quite simple to just lay out and one can install with minimum cuttings. Here you don’t need any kind of special preparations and the installation happens fast. Also you will be quite proud and delighted with the results it gives for your room.




One of the best parts of using the engineered hardwood flooring is that you can almost get any species of wood from this category. Even the exotic woods are easily able from this category and you won’t have a tough time in installing and purchasing it. Also the price will be quite lower when compared to the hardwood flooring.


Furthermore, you can get the feel and look of the hardwood flooring without the implementation of the high price tag. And there are other major benefits of the engineered flooring too. The biggest advantage is that the engineered hardwood flooring is quite easy to maintain and clean. You don’t need to use any special tool or cleaners for this. Even though the Bona is one of the best and environment friendly wood cleaners.


Another feature or aspect you need to keep in mind is the prevention. It is the major key for keeping the floor clean. Interestingly, the rugs present in the high traffic area will reduce the wear and wipes the entire spills as soon as it occurs. This makes the floor in tip-top condition. Also with some basic and simple care, you can see that the flooring will last for many years and years that come by.


Winding up


One important aspect of engineered hardwood flooring is that there are many available online and you need to select the one which is genuine. Plus you have to make sure that you purchase from an authorized and recognized dealer.


Now installing the engineered hardwood flooring at your home is great and it helps to increase the value as well as the warmth to your home. This will be greatly enjoyed by your family and friends. All you have to do is put in little money and effort. You can see that the engineered hardwood flooring will make your home more welcoming and inviting.


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