Eureka Vacuum Cleaners

Eureka vacuum cleaners are considered great vacuums by many people. A little known fact about Eureka vacuums is that they aren’t owned by an American company any more. There are a variety of flooring cleaners in the Eureka stable of machines, something for every need.

Founded in 1909 by Fred Wardell, in 1927 the Eureka Vacuum Company sold one-third of all vacuum cleaners manufactured in the U. S. In 1961, Swedish competitor AB Electrolux purchased Eureka and changed its name to The Eureka Company. Today, Eureka brand vacuum cleaners are manufactured by AB Electrolux.

The Eureka vacuum cleaners product line includes twenty-three models of upright, canister, lightweight and central vacuum systems, and deep-cleaning carpet shampooers. Many Eureka vacuum cleaners include sealed HEPA filters and washable foam secondary filters. Eureka has bagged and bagless vacuum cleaners, and the Dyson-inspired “cyclonic” air flow system.

Convenient features distinguish the different models, like the Power Paw(TM) with Riser Visor<(R) , a powered brush roller that can be uncovered to brush dirt out of the right angles of staircase risers. Some uprights, like the model 5892BVZ, have a telescoping electro statically charged dust “magnet” that extends up to three feet and cleans itself. The lightweight model 166DX converts to a handheld vacuum cleaner, while the Model 96D can operate on rechargeable batteries. Dual powered edge cleaners are independently-rotating brushes on each end of a brushroll that scrub dirt from the angles where walls meet floor, one of the toughest places to clean.

Performance-wise, the Eureka Boss SmartVac Model 4870GZ is widely praised as the best budget vacuum cleaner (about $150). This bagged vacuum cleaner includes a HEPA filter and does well in noise tests. It is especially good at picking up pet hair. Weighing 20 pounds, it provides cardiovascular exercise while cleaning.

Eureka bagless vacuum cleaners, such as the Model 431A, do poorly at keeping dirt inside the detachable container. Exhaust air tends to be laden with dust. The bagless models also get poor durability marks from consumers.

On the other hand, the Eureka Model 71AV bagless handheld vacuum cleaner gets five-star reviews from consumers on They like its powerful suction, extra-long cord, and rotating brushroll that captures pet hair. At five pounds, it’s a bit heavy for a handheld but extremely durable and powerful.

The commercial-grade Eureka Sanitaire Model SC888 bagged vacuum cleaner is designed for hotels, office buildings and other expansive high-traffic venues. A long-time favorite among commercial cleaning contractors, the Sanitaire receives high praise for it efficiency, light weight, and durability. Designed to do one job exceedingly well and cost-effectively, the Sanitaire does not have any attachments. Its extra-long cord may be too long for some home users

Eureka central vacuum systems come in capacities of one, six, or seven gallons. The smallest, Model CV140, measures only 7″x7″x14.5″, but its 400 watt motor is powerful enough to do the job. The 7-gallon Model CV1820G measures 18.25″x16.25″x27.65″, draws 460 watts, and comes with a powered quick-detach handle. The industrial-strength 6-gallon CVS7000s has a 550-watt motor and occupies a space of 14″x14″x31.5″.

Eureka vacuum cleaners are generally efficient and reliable, with thoughtful convenience features suitable for different households. The Eureka brand is marketed quietly by its reserved Swedish owners. Don’t overlook this “American” classic.

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