Exotic Bathroom Flooring Ideas

November 23, 2005
exotic bathroom flooring-
Most of the time a bathroom floor goes unnoticed by the owner as it is only your feet that tends to it, not like the toilets, sink or the shower. Do you want to revive the look of your bathroom without doing a total remodel of all of the fixtures and spending thousands of dollars? Try one of the alternative bathroom flooring choices that are available. There are so many different bathroom flooring choices that the only problem will be coming to a decision on what you want for your bathroom. Using your imagination and creativity can help you to create a bathroom floor that others will admire and be envious of!

There are many bathroom tile options that are available, including ceramic, porcelain, stone, and peel and stick. Use them creatively — mix them up to make a pattern that will make your bathroom look unusual and a statement of who you are. A checkerboard effect, or even a more intricate pattern will make your bathroom stand out! You can have that custom look in your bathroom without the custom price tag that usually goes with it.

Consider stone or slab floors for your bathroom. Travertine floors are all the rage in new home building, but there are some risks to using it in the bathroom. Polished travertine can become extremely slick when wet, so be sure to use a non-slip rug when getting out of the tub or shower. Travertine flooring is a beautiful choice for any bathroom that will turn your bathroom into a masterpiece! Marble, sandstone, and granite make beautiful bathroom floors too.

If you enjoy the look of mosaic tiles, then you will want to look into the mesh backed bathroom flooring that will help you create a beautiful mosaic look on your bathroom floors. Mixing different sizes and colors of stone can help you to make a floor that will be considered a masterpiece.

Vinyl flooring is yet another option. They are capable of looking like marble, brick, slate and even wood flooring. It is waterproof, stain-resistant, easy to maintain, durable, non-allergic and importantly easy to maintain.

If your entire home is of hardwood flooring, then go for hardwood even in your bathroom. It brings on a good visual appeal and a warm and fuzzy feeling. Make sure to coat them with water-resistant sealant.

If you are on an extremely tight budget, consider painting your bathroom floors. There are many different options when you go this route. You can paint it all one color or you can be creative and make a design with your paint. Just about any kind of existing flooring can be painted if prepared correctly. Ask at your home improvement store for advice in preparing your specific floors for paint. And don’t forget to apply a sealant to your paint job so that it will last for years.

There are many different choices in wood bathroom floors that are not the typical wood floor. Teak bathroom flooring will give any bathroom a beautiful look and it is water resistant and extremely durable. Bamboo flooring in the bathroom is another interesting choice. Bamboo is a not technically wood; it’s a grass and an environmentally friendly way to make your bathroom the showplace you may want it to be. Bamboo bathroom flooring is available in a light to medium tan color and will brighten up any bathroom floor to make your bathroom look larger and more welcoming!

Cork flooring is another that looks beautiful. It is a flooring material that is bombarded with good qualities like warmth, sound insulation, non-slippery and does not rot.

An unusual alternative bathroom flooring idea is rubber flooring. You can get it in rolls or tiles as well as in various colors and patterns.

The last idea is a bit expensive but it is surely practical. It is under floor heating. This is a brilliant idea to keep the bathroom and the floors warm during the cold months, especially after a shower. Since it includes removing the current flooring and setting up the heating system by a professional, it is advised that you look into your budget again.

Do research online or at your local home improvement store to learn about the innumerable bathroom flooring ideas that are available. Whether you choose stone tiles or one of the more unusual flooring choices, the best bathroom flooring for you is the one that fits your budget and makes you happy!


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