Are Exotic Hardwood Floors Worth Making Your Home Look Elegant and Beautiful?

November 17, 2005
exotic hardwood floors
If you need to check out the word ‘exotic’, it would mean anything which is foreign or unusual. So, when this word is used in the context of hard flooring, it simply means a flooring which is created from unusual species of hardwood which is most of the time not available locally or readily.

Why Exotic Hardwood Is In Demand?

If you think the exotic hardwood species are found in North America, then it is wrong. Instead these hardwoods are imported from countries like Africa, Australia, Far East and Brazil. So, what makes this particular kind of hardwood desirable by many people especially for their home?

It is simple and you might feel that it is unusual as these hard woods are made from exotic category and it will often differ as per the species. Also it will be different from the tree to the tree which is of the same species. These hardwood have earned the major reputation of being exotic as they have distinct color tones, textures and wood grains. In addition, you can import exotic hardwood in various forms like solid wood plank or the engineered wood construction type.

Why People Choose Exotic Hardwood Floors?

There are various reasons on why people go for exotic hardwood flooring when compared to the other kinds of the hardwood available in the market. Some of the reasons are –

  • Exotic hardwood floors are quite unique and beautiful
  • You can use their versatility in any kind of home décor.
  • They are easy to maintain and does not cost much
  • Being durable, they are a huge investment for lifetime

However, even though these are the major advantages, one must not forget the demerits that it has. One of the biggest demerits is that it is hard to get exotic hardwood flooring, making it an expensive commodity. Another disadvantage is that it has restricted usage in areas that are prone to moisture like laundries and bathrooms. Furthermore, getting the huge supply of the right color or grained wood especially for the construction process can be a huge problem.

How Are Exotic Hardwood Floors Created?

Common questions that people often think or ask is how are exotic hardwood floors created. It is simple. Here first the trained wood personnel will sort out the boards of the exotic hardwood as per its grains, color, and the natural characteristics. After that they will be placed outdoor so that the moisture content present in them gets dried to the desired level.

Then subsequently these hardwoods are kept in rooms which have computerized driers. When the moisture content becomes less, according to one’s need, the boards are then taken to the factories for finishing and processing.

Installation Procedure

The installation method of the exotic hardwood floors is easy and consists of the following-

  • Gluing
  • Nailing
  • Floating

Now before installing the exotic hardwoods, you must ensure that the sub-floors are adequately leveled and prepared. Here most of the exotic hardwoods will be recommended for the above grade installation as they have a major tendency to absorb all kind of moisture.

Exotic Kind of Hardwood

There are various exotic species of hardwood and they are quite attractive and add charisma to your home. Some of the major ones are Brazilian mahogany, Brazilian maple, Tiete chestnut which is known as Almendrillo, Brazilian ebony, Brazilian cherry, and Brazilian walnut.

As all these species are part of the hard wood category, they lie on the top of the hardness table. Now this hardness table is created using the assistance of the Janka Force test. In this test, a .444 inch of steel ball is embedded to a half inch diameter of the wood.

So, what happens is that when the force is applied, it will determine how hard the wood is. The more hard a wood is the more force it will provide and one will need to just drive the steel ball to it. It is interesting to note that between the year 1700 and 1800, various hardwood trees were threatened because of extinction as majority of the eastern and southern lands were getting cleared. The best example for this is chestnut.

Now the wood from such trees have been reclaimed from various building constructions that were done and there are many of them which are available even now for flooring.

Knowing More About Exotic Hardwood Flooring

You cannot term affordability as one of the major hallmark of exotic hardwood flooring. As many of the exotic hardwood are shipped and bought from different parts of the worlds, this kind of makes it a bit costly.

Furthermore, there is a lack of uniformity in terms of the grains and colors of the exotic hardwood. This makes it quite difficult to be employed for huge construction projects even for those when you are trying to get a bulk load of the same kind of color or grain.

It is not recommended to use the exotic hardwood flooring for the below grade installation as it has the inability of withstanding any kind of excess moisture and humidity. Even you need to take special care for those present in the wet rooms like the bathroom, laundries, and more where all spills needs to be cleaned fast in order to prevent any kind of damage to the floor.

Moreover, the technological innovations and development is what made the exotic flooring one of the most sought after hardwood. The exotic hardwood flooring can easily blend with both of the modern and conventional decorations and inventions. This has made it quite possible to use them in most of the high traffic areas like kitchen, halls, and bathroom.

Because they have high-grade finishes, these exotic hard floors will need less maintenance and can easily show their durability for many years.


Are you checking out for a hardwood which is rare and unusual for the floor? Don’t worry you have got multiple options in terms of the exotic woods which can easily fit your required budget as well as style.


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