Glueless Hardwood Engineered Flooring

February 20, 2009
glueless hardwood flooring
Going with a glueless hardwood engineered flooring gives you lots of advantages over other types of hardwood or engineered floors. First, the lack of glue means a cleaner work area, and that means faster progress. Without glue you don’t have air quality issues. And the improvements in the click and lock flooring makes a floating floor install faster and stay together better.

Changing the look of your floors has been made much easier with the introduction of glueless hardwood engineered flooring. Glueless flooring, also known as floating flooring, or click and lock flooring (or clik and lok flooring), makes the process of changing the look of your room and home much easier. With the advent of glueless hardwood engineered flooring, you can have the look of hardwood at a much better price — and not have to worry about nails or glue.

Glueless hardwood engineered flooring is easy to install in any room of your home. Even kitchens and basements are a good choice for engineered flooring, simply because the construction of this type of flooring will hold up well to the moisture. The engineered portion of this flooring consists of a core of layers that can expand and contract, rather than buckle with exposure to moisture. The construction and the moisture barrier that is laid down when installing the flooring will help to keep it looking beautiful for a very long time.
Long lasting flooring can be yours when you choose glueless hardwood engineered flooring. Many people do not realize how well engineered flooring can hold up to the wear and tear that kids, pets, and adults can dish out. Unlike hardwood floors that may get dents and dips from kids playing and from normal activities like moving furniture around and more, engineered flooring will take a lot of undue treatment without much damage. This means that you will have a beautiful floor for a much longer period of time without having to treat it gently or special.
The varieties of glueless hardwood engineered flooring will astound you. From the typical wood types like oak, maple, pine, and cherry to more exotic wood types like tigerwood, Brazilian walnut, and more, you will find the type of wood that you want for your home. Real wood makes up the top layer of the glueless hardwood engineered flooring, so you are assured to get the same look and feel of hardwood flooring. The many different woods and colors will help you to make the statement that you are looking for in your home or room.
When choosing your glueless hardwood engineered flooring, don’t base your decision solely on price. There are many inferior engineered floorings out there that will look great for a little while, but will not hold up well to wear and tear. By choosing engineered flooring that is made by a company that you trust, you can get the most from your investment. Do your research before purchasing to ensure that you are getting your glueless hardwood engineered flooring from a reputable company.
If you want to make a lasting impact upon the look and feel of your home, as well as its value, consider glueless hardwood engineered flooring. It can be much less expensive than hardwood flooring, but offers you the same look and feel. By choosing the engineered flooring based on your aesthetic needs, you will be able to make your home into the showplace that you have been dreaming of.

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