Best Finish For Hardwood Floors

Best Finish For Hardwood Floors

A good finish can do a lot for your floor, patio, deck or other wooden surface. It can protect against stains and damage as well as keep your wooden surface looking fresh. In this article, we’re going to give you information on several different wood finish products to help you find the best one for you.

DeckWise Ipe Oil Hardwood Deck Finish

With this oil-based formula, you’ll be able to get a great looking natural finish. It’s made to keep your deck or other wooden surface in great shape, and keep it looking brand new for a long time. Through penetrating deeply into the wood, it works to keep it protected against scuffs and damage that can occur to unprotected wood. You’ll be able to use this on several different kinds of hardwoods, including Tigerwood, Cumaru and Ipe. While bringing out the beauty of the wood, it also guards it against the damage that can be caused by the rays of the sun.


  • Can leave older decks looking brand new
  • A small amount goes a long way, saving you money
  • Easy to apply as needed


  • Can turn the color much darker in some circumstances
  • In some cases, water stains can develop after application


When you have an older deck or other wooden surface that needs new life breathed into it, the DeckWise Ipe Oil Hardwood Deck Finish is a great option. Many customers have found it to be quite beneficial.

MESSMER’s MH-500-1 Varnish in Natural Hardwood UV Finish

This finish is made with the harsh rays of the sun in mind, which can often have damaging effects on wood after a long period of exposure. With this product, you’ll be able to keep the woof protected against the sun as well as other kinds of damage. Your deck, patio or other wooden surface will be kept in like new condition so that you won’t have to worry about replacing the wood for a very long time. You’ll surely be proud of the way your deck looks after applying this finish, and want to show it off to just about everyone.


  • Makes the wood you use it on appear cleaner and brighter
  • Highly durable
  • Easy to use


  • There are no notable cons to be found


The rave reviews for this product make it clear that it tends to function very well, leaving customers more than happy that they tried out MESSMER’s MH-500-1 Finish.

Penofin Deep Penetrating Oil Treatment for Exotic Hardwood Exterior

The Penofin Finish is designed to penetrate into the wood deeply to offer a high level of protection. In doing so, it protects well against the rays of the sun as well as mildew that can cause problems in unprotected wood. It’s also made to dry fully and quickly, without leaving any kind of surface film, cracks or bubbles. With the help of this finish, you’ll not only be able to trust that the wood can breathe, but also that it will be kept looking fresh and new. It’s easy to apply and will allow you to keep your patio or deck in great shape so that you can enjoy it for years to come.


  • Long lasting
  • Works well for woods like teak and mahogany
  • Easy to apply


  • It may not be able to be shipped to certain areas in California.


The Penofin Deep Penetrating Oil is made to offer protection and care all the way down to the core, allowing you peace of mind in knowing that your deck or patio will be fully protected.

Quick Shine Multi-Surface Floor Finish and Polish

Unlike other option, this finish can be applied to multiple kinds of surfaces, including laminate, vinyl and hardwood. It also comes at a much lower cost than many of the specialized finishes. It’s very easy to mop onto the floor and allow to set in, leaving your floor looking fresh and new as well as protecting it from scuffs and other forms of damage. It’s also ammonia and formaldehyde free, leaving it safe to use on your floor without worry for spreading harsh chemicals to anyone who may walk on it with bare feet after the application.


  • Works on several different kinds of surfaces
  • Long lasting
  • Makes your floors look flashy and new


  • Can make floors more susceptible to marking and scuffing
  • In some cases, it can leave a coating


When you want something budget-friendly that you can use on tile or linoleum as well as wood, then the Quick Shine Multi-Surface Floor Finish is a great option for you.

RUST-OLEUM 230031 Varathane Gallon Gloss Waterborne Diamond Floor Finish

If you’re keen on products that have a high level of durability and are manufactured in the United States, then you can’t go wrong with this finish. It’s a water-based finish that works very well on hardwood floors, leaving them looking great and fully protected. It will keep stains from being able to form on your wood and dries to a completely clear finish so you won’t have to worry about it changing the color of the wood.


  • It dries out to a crystal clear finish
  • Can leave your floors looking brand new
  • Easy to apply and dries quickly


  • Has a strange odor


This RUST-OLEUM Varathane Finish is a great product, and especially fantastic if you prefer to stay away from oil-based products. It will leave your floor looking brand new and ensure it’s protected against a variety of things.


Each of these products has a lot to offer, so it’s wise to take into account what your needs are. If you want a product just for wood, then make sure to keep that in mind. Otherwise, if you have multiple surfaces that you want protected, it may be worth checking out a multi-surface product.

The Best Floor Cleaner for Wood

Best Floor Cleaner for Wood

While wooden flooring is attractive, it also requires a lot of cleaning.

If you don’t choose the best floor cleaner for wood, you’ll end up with an unclean floor that quickly loses its luster.

After potentially spending thousands of dollars on your wood flooring, having it lose its shine in the space of a few months is the exact opposite of what you want.

Comparison Chart

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My Best Floor Cleaner For Wood Reviews

1. Black Diamond Wood & Laminate Floor Cleaner

Available in 32-ounce bottles, Black Diamonds floor cleaner contains a special formula that makes it ideal for use on wooden and laminated floors. All you have to do is spray the cleaner onto your floor, then use a clean mop or cloth to wipe it away. In a matter of moments, you’ll have a clean floor that looks as good as it did when you first installed it.


  • Special Safe Hypoallergenic Formula
  • Super Strong For All Dirt And Stains
  • Triple-Action Polyshield

What's to like about Black Diamond Wood & Laminate Floor Cleaner?

Strength marks this out as one of the best floor cleaners for wood. It can handle practically any stain, from muddy footprints through to the dust and grime that accumulates on every floor over time.

Better yet, the cleaner leaves behind no streaks, so you won’t have to keep wiping over it to achieve the finish that you’re looking for.

Better yet, the cleaner leaves behind no streaks, so you won’t have to keep wiping over it to achieve the finish that you’re looking for.

Black Diamond has also focused on safety with its cleaner, which has resulted in the use of a hypoallergenic formula. This ensures that you don’t have to suffer through any allergic reactions when you’re using it.

Furthermore, Black Diamond has done everything it can to make the cleaner as safe as possible to use around pets and children.

Finally, the cleaner also includes Black Diamond’s proprietary triple-action poly shield, which means it adds a layer of protection to any floor that you use it on. That alone makes it a front runner for the title of best floor cleaner for wood.


  • Equally at home when used on wood or laminated flooring
  • Capable of getting rid of stubborn stains
  • Protects your flooring in addition to cleaning it
  • Hypoallergenic and non-toxic
  • Doesn’t leave streaks behind on the wood


  • Leaves behind a faint scent of almonds, which may not be to your liking
  • Struggles to remove water stains
  • May not be the best choice for dark wood flooring

2. Tri-Nova Wood Cleaner

An all-purpose wood cleaner, Tri-Nova’s offering is usable for any wooden furniture in your home, as well as your wood flooring. This makes it one of the best floor cleaners for wood around if you’re looking for versatility. Those who have wooden furniture will be delighted to find that this cleaner provides an all-in-one solution to their cleaning woes.


  • All-In-One Wood Cleaner
  • Built in Conditioner
  • Handy Spray Bottle

What's to like about Tri-Nova Wood Cleaner?

It’s simple to use as well. The handy bottle allows you to spray the cleaner directly onto wooden surfaces, with no dilution required.

All you have to do is allow it to settle for a moment, so that it can get to work on any dust and grime, and then wipe it off with a clean cloth.

It doesn’t just clean either. Tri-Nova has built a conditioner into its formula, which means the spray nourishes your wood flooring and furniture as well as cleaning. This may make it the best floor cleaner for wood for those who want to restore a bit of life to faded wood.

However, you may run into issues if you try to use the spray on untreated woods. Tri-Nova notes that the spray may cause spotting if your wood hasn’t been treated, so be wary if you’re unsure.


  • Versatile enough for use on wood flooring and furniture
  • Easy application
  • Contains a conditioner that reinvigorates the wood


  • Not suitable for use on untreated wood
  • The 18-ounce bottle does last as long as other wood cleaners

3. Armstrong Hardwood and Laminate Floor Cleaner

As they’re a manufacturer of wood flooring panels in their own right, it should come as no surprise that Armstrong has made one of the best floor cleaners for wood. After all, they know exactly what your wood needs to stay healthy and keep its shine.


  • Feature 1 (i.e. power): Value (i.e. "400watts")
  • Feature 2 (i.e. resistence): Value (i.e. "very high")
  • Feature 3 (i.e. quietness): Value (i.e. "loud")

What's to like about Armstrong Hardwood and Laminate Floor Cleaner

Available in huge, 64-ounce bottles, Armstrong’s cleaner offers some of the best value that you will find anywhere. That doesn’t make it a cheap option.

Armstrong has created an effective cleaner, so you don’t have to worry about the streaks and spotting that cheaper options tend to leave behind.

The cleaner itself has an attractive citrus scent, so your nostrils won’t have to deal with unpleasant chemical smells. Furthermore, there’s no need to dilute the cleaner either. As a result, you can pour some into a spray bottle and start using it straight away.

Much like the Black Diamond cleaner, Armstrong’s formula works on both wood and laminate flooring. This versatility makes it a strong contender for the best floor cleaner for wood, though you will find that it’s unsuitable for use with furniture.


  • You receive 64 ounces of cleaner with every bottle
  • Usable on both wood and laminated floors
  • Doesn’t require dilution
  • Created by one of the world’s leading wood floor manufacturers


  • May leave a filmy layer behind on your floor
  • Not usable on furniture

Final Verdict

Choosing the best floor cleaner for wood from these products isn’t the easiest of tasks. Each one will leave your wood flooring with a sparkling finish, plus they’re all very easy to use.

Armstrong’s cleaner has the pedigree of coming from an established wood floor manufacturer behind it, whereas Black Diamond’s focus on safety is an attractive feature.

However, Tri-Nova comes out on top thanks to the versatility of its cleaner. The fact that you can use it for furniture and flooring means that you can save space in the cupboards, plus its built-in conditioner will revive dull wood. The small size of the bottles is the only downside.

However, Tri-Nova comes out on top thanks to the versatility of its cleaner. The fact that you can use it for furniture and flooring means that you can save space in the cupboards, plus its built-in conditioner will revive dull wood. The small size of the bottles is the only downside.

Best Cleaner for Hardwood Floor

Best Cleaner for Hardwood Floor

Hardwood floors can be a joy to look at and to walk on. A great hardwood floor can give your house that nice, warm, welcoming feel. However, to make your home shine, you’ll want to keep the floor in pristine condition. A scratched or worn out floor can have the opposite effect of what is intended. A dirty floor with dust or stains on it won’t look good, either.

Looking for the Best Cleaner for Hardwood Floor?

To keep your floor shining, there are some precautions you should take. Obviously, you should avoid walking around with dirty shoes. Make everybody clean their shoes on a rug before they enter or have them remove the shoes altogether. The hardwood floor will thank you. However, it is impossible to keep an immaculate floor all the time. Eventually, dirt and dust will start to gather. That is where a good vacuum cleaner comes in handy.

We’ve gone ahead and reviewed three great products in our quest to find the best cleaner for hardwood floors.

Hoover Linx BH50010 Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

We can say it right away: the Linx is a sober, classical choice without fancy accessories or features, with great vacuuming power. It is designed by Hoover, who have been in this business for a long time and usually make some of the best cleaners for hardwood floors.

The Linx is a stick vacuum, so you’d expect a lightweight, practical machine and it totally delivers. It weighs only 7 pounds, so it is easy to carry around, and even more so thanks to the lithium ion battery. No cord means no complications and no searching around for power outlets.

The battery does a good job maintaining good suction until it drains, which happens after about half an hour of use. You can keep an eye on its status through an embedded LED status bar.

We feel 30 minutes is a bit short if you want to clean an entire house, but then again, that is not the original purpose of a stick vacuum. You can always purchase a replacement battery to give you twice the usage time.

In terms of cleaning power, this is where the Linx is truly strong. If you own a pet, then this vacuum is simply one of the strongest in getting rid of the all the pet hair lying around the house, not only on hardwood but also on carpets. It also does a great job catching dust and sand on hardwood, making it one of the best cleaners for hardwood floors.


  • Great cleaning power, especially for pet hair
  • Cordless and easy to carry around


  • Does not double as a handheld dust buster
  • No extra accessories

Pyle PureClean PUCRC90 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

The next entry in our “best cleaner for hardwood floors” list is a robot vacuum cleaner. Pyle claims that their PureClean line can perform as well as a Roomba, but at a much lower price. And actually, this isn’t far from the truth.

This vacuum was designed specifically for cleaning hardwood floors, especially considering the featured dual sweep brushes. But is it the best cleaner for hardwood floors?

The dual brushes spin sideways to gather the dust and bring it into the range of the vacuum’s mouth. They effectively give the PUCRC90 a wider range compared to other robot cleaners, but, understandably, don’t work so well on carpet floors.

This robot vacuum is very handy for cleaning hard to reach places, like under sofas or other pieces of furniture, but it has an average ground covering algorithm. The cleaning path it chooses is not always the most efficient, so it does not take full advantage of its 90-minute battery life. It does include a convenient shutoff feature if it gets stuck.

The PUCRC90 comes with a remote that allows you to control and program it from a distance. You can also schedule it to run on certain hours of the day.

The vacuuming ability is good, but this is not the best cleaner for hardwood floors. On the upside, the dual brushes do help to collect dust and the PUCRC90 does a surprisingly good job catching pet hair.

However, the vacuuming orifice is too small, so larger debris may not fit or even get stuck.


  • Cleans hard to reach places
  • Catches pet hair really well


  • Cleaning path is not efficient
  • Vacuuming orifice is too small

Dibea C01 Cordless Upright Vacuum Cleaner

The Dibea C01 is an upright vacuum cleaner, very similar to the Linx. However, it has a couple of distinguishing features making it a contender for the best cleaner for hardwood floors.

Like the Linx, it is really lightweight, at only 6.5 pounds. This, together with a cordless design and a flexible handle, make it easy to carry and reach under hard places.

However, we feel that the battery life could be a bit better. It can last 30 to 40 minutes, depending on the power setting you are using.

While this is enough for small houses, we would expect a bit more from an upright vacuum. Once the battery is drained, it takes 4 to 5 hours to bring it back to full charge.

The accessories and little extra features are one of the strengths of the Dibea C01. It easily doubles to a handheld vacuum, allowing you to clean your sofas or your car.

Switching between hardwood (quiet mode) and carpets (max mode) is really easy with the conveniently positioned switch. Another great add-on is the LED lighting in front of the brush, so you won’t miss anything even in the darkest corners.

When it comes to catching pet hair and dust, the C01 is also one of the best cleaners for hardwood floors. It does an outstanding job, not only on wooden floors but also on carpets.


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Lots of handy features
  • Great cleaning power


  • Battery life could be better


A lot has been said here about the performance, features, and accessories of these 3 vacuum cleaners. But ultimately, it comes down to which one is the best cleaner on hardwood floors.

Each one of these products did well on this surface, but our pick for the best cleaner on hardwood floors is between the Linx and the C01, with PUCRC90 lacking that raw vacuuming power. The Linx and the C01 are very similar, and both did an excellent job getting rid of pet hair and debris on hardwood floor.

Consequently, we feel the best cleaner for hardwood floors must be the Dibea C01 for all the extra features it has, which make it more user friendly and a joy to use.

Best Wood Flooring of 2018 [Reviews And Comparison]

Best Wood Flooring

Despite being somewhat overlooked, floors are a very important part of any interior. They are the first thing people will see when they enter a room and therefore, need to give a strong first impression. Flooring is one of the elements that give every room a unique look and style.

Comparison Chart

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My Wood Flooring Reviews

1. Elegance Plyquet Acacia Natural Hand Scraped 

The best wood flooring should liven up the room, and that is one area where the Elegance Plyquet Acacia Natural hardwood flooring truly excels. It combines a natural look of wood flooring with a touch of more exotic designs. This is possible thanks to its unique blend of a light basic color and just a tad darker swirly grain pattern.

comes in two basic textures: hard scraped and smooth. As its name suggests, the hard scraped variation has a bit more grain, which creates a beautiful contrast and is sure to make the flooring stand out in any room one decides to put it in.

The flooring also comes prefinished, which means that there’s no need to apply another coat of finish by hand before it’s ready for use.

A single packaging contains two 8-inch-long panels that are about 3/4 inches thick. They can be installed either by gluing the panels together or by using nails and a hammer.

As with all best wood flooring options, the Acacia Natural is available in bulk that will fit the exact square footage the buyer needs.


  • Two basic textures
  • Prefinished
  • Available in bulk


  • Elegant design combines comfort with a dash of exoticism
  •  Individual panels are 8 inches   long
  • Each panel is 3/4 inches thick
  • Buyers can choose between two different textures
  • All-natural solid acacia flooring
  • Each panel arrives prefinished


  • Panels can only be glued or nailed together
  • Some buyers might find the design too “busy”

2. Kingsport Flooring Brazilian Cherry Red

The Kingsport Brazilian Cherry Red is one of the most popular and best wood flooring options out there.

Another prefinished flooring solution, it is known for its unsurpassed hardness and extreme durability. This makes it a smart choice not just for homes, but also for commercial use.

Another reason why Brazilian cherry is such a popular choice is its unique reddish color. It shows a variety of shades in different lighting's—from a gold-like brown to maroon.

What’s more, as the material ages, the color will become much deeper without losing any of its original shine.

The sample panel is only about six inches long, which some buyers may find insufficient. Each panel is 3/4 inches deep and about 4 inches wide.

The tongue-and-groove ends allow for easier installation, which is then reinforced by nailing the panels together.


  • Unsurpassed hardness and extreme durability
  • Easier installation
  • Unique reddish color


  • Very stylish and colorful flooring option
  • Each panel is prefinished, so there’s no need to apply extra finish
  • Easy to install thanks to the tongue-and-groove technology
  • The panels are 3/4 inches deep
  • Extremely durable
  • Can also sustain commercial use


  • The red-brown color might darken the room a bit
  • White mineral stains will show with age
  • Not to be installed in rooms with floor heating
  • The sample panels are only 6 inches long

3. Hurst Hardwood Brazilian Walnut

No list of the best wood flooring options would be complete without the Hurst Hardwood Brazilian Walnut flooring. This exotic wood is known for its high durability.

In fact, Brazilian Walnut is among the hardest woods currently available on the market.

All individual panels are 9 inches long and 3/4 inches thick. At 5 inches, they are also wider than some of the best wood flooring solutions out there. What’s more, each panel is prefinished with a whopping 11 coats of aluminum oxide finish.

The Hurst Brazilian Walnut hardwood flooring is clear-graded, which means that individual panels are hand-sorted to ensure that their color is a perfect match. When ordering, panels range from 1 to 7 inches long, which allows them to fit any room without the need to cut them into smaller panels. On top of that, the product arrives with a 30-year warranty.


  • High Durability
  • Prefinished With Eleven Coats of Aluminium Oxide
  • Cle​​ar-graded
  • 30 Year Warranty!


  • The hardest wood flooring option available
  • Prefinished with 11 coats of aluminum oxide finish
  • Highly durable and resistant to scratches
  • Hand-sorted panels for uniform color
  • The sample panel is 9 inches long
  • Individual panels are 3/4 inches thick and come in a choice of lengths
  • 30-year warranty


  • Not suitable for rooms with radiant heating
  • Darker shades might not be the best option for residential use

Buyer's Guide

Benefits of the Wood Flooring

When searching for something to add a bit of warmth and polish to their residential or office spaces, one should always look for the best wood flooring available. It beats other types of flooring in terms of design, overall quality, and most importantly—durability. There are many benefits to using hardwood flooring. First and foremost, they are built to provide the exact fit to all floors and are therefore easy to install.

Because they don’t gather too much dust and dirt, they don’t require too much cleaning; vacuuming and moping once a week is more than enough. The best wood flooring also ensures that the room is free of any allergens that could cause some health issues to people who spend a lot of time in it. They come in plenty of different colors and shades, allowing people to choose the style that best fits that of the other interior elements.

Finally, the best wood flooring can also sustain a lot of traffic, which makes it great for office buildings and public spaces. Here is a short overview of the three best wood flooring options available right now. Each provides the best in terms of quality and design, and is thus a good choice for all types of rooms and halls.

Pros And Cons of Wood Flooring

Wood is divided into two categories softwood and hardwood. Hardwood is better suited to flooring, but softwood such as pine, can be used satisfactorily. Hardwood tends to come from deciduous tress such as oak, maple, cherry, and mahogany, while softwood comes from evergreens, such as pines and spruces, and fast growing trees, like poplar.

  • In flooring hardwood is used and can be an excellent choice for numerous reasons:
  • Adds warmth and value to your home
  • Easy maintenance
  • Eases allergy suffering
  • Finish options
  • There are however some disadvantages to wood flooring:

  • Water can damage your floor and cause warping
  • It can get scratched
  • High installation cost

Wood floors can be solid, laminated, or engineered wood and can be purchased in both unfinished and pre-finished states.

Different Kinds of Installation

There are also different installation methods that can are used.

Nailing or stapling is commonly used for installing solid wood and engineered flooring. 

Gluing is used for both engineered and laminated flooring, gluing the edges so the planks effectively form one large surface. 

Another installation option is known as floating, where the flooring in installed so that it moves independently above the sub-floor; floating floors can be glued or clicked together, and sometimes float over a pad placed on the sub-floor.

Floating floors can be installed over sub-floors made of concrete, plywood or OSB (oriented strand board), vinyl, linoleum or tiles.

Choosing Your Floor

When choosing your wood floor, you can choose from prefinished or unfinished flooring. Prefinished wood floors have been finished using a water- or oil-based finish and are fully functioning once installed. Unfinished floors not only take longer to install, because they have to be sanded and coated after being laid, but also is messier because of dust and odors when being sanded and finished.

The hardness of wood is determined using the Janka hardness test. Brazilian fir wood (0060) is the softest wood and Brazilian Ebony (3692) is one of the hardest. In flooring, hardwood is better than softwood since it can so easily be damaged.

Wood flooring has been used throughout history and continues to be the case today. But the early 1970s did see a decline in the use of wood floors, with carpet becoming very popular. Since the 1980s, wood floors have made a steady come back and today are among the most popular choices in flooring.

Wood floors can be expensive and without the correct care and maintenance can become dull and unattractive. Solid wood flooring that is mistreated may need frequent refinishing. Spills and standing water can warp and crack the wood and its finishes.

Choosing your wood flooring is the first step. Grain, texture, and color should be considered as part of making your choice. Another important decision that you will have to make is on the finish, choosing a pre-finished floor will save time and a lot of cleaning.

Unfinished floors however, have the advantage of being getting a smooth surface during the sanding phase of the finish. Wood floors can be installed in any room, but extra care must be taken in wet rooms, such as bathrooms and laundries. Dust and allergens sink into carpet, but with wood floors they remain on the surface so can easily be removed helping to promote a healtyh home.

In order to get the best value from your wooden floors proper care, installation and maintenance are required. A dry or damp mop, rather than a wet mop, can be used to clean wood floors. Vacuuming should be a regular occurrence to get the grit that scratches the surface. Using furniture glides will help prevent scratches, as will the strategic placement of rugs around the house. And if your wood floor does get scratched there tips abound on hiding scratches and scrapes.

Wood floors can get stained too. Bleach and other harsh detergents should be avoided because they damage the finish and the wood itself. Consult your manufacturer’s guidelines for the best care. If your wood floors are properly cared for and maintained they will last a lifetime. And also check out these tips for removing stains from wood floors.

Another bonus is that wood floors are versatile and can add warmth to any room. Solid flooring can be refinished and changed more readily than tile or carpet, which often have to be removed in order to change the appearance of a room. Once sanded, solid wood floors can be resealed or stained and sealed. Wood floors can also be painted with patterns, like rugs or game boards, to add a fresh look to a tired-looking floor. Prior to painting wood floors, the old finish needs to be removed. And be sure to “varnish” the paint with several coats so that it wears well.

So you see, a wood floor really is an investment in your home. When you tire of the look, you don’t need to rip it up, all you have to do is refinish your it, And don’t forget, wood floors also your home’s value. Don’t you think its time you started look at wood as more than just fuel for your stove?


While each of these options has all the makings of good flooring solution, only one of them is truly the best option currently available. The Acacia Natural is considerably lighter than the other two, but its swirly pattern might prove too much to some buyers.

Similarly, the Brazilian Cherry Red is very durable, but the dark color can make well-lit rooms appear much darker than they are.

With that in mind, the Hurst Hardwood Brazilian Walnut is the obvious choice for the best wood flooring. It is the hardest wood flooring solution out there, which ensures its extreme durability. What’s more, 11 coats of finish have been applied to make it resistant to scratches, knocks, and dents.

The sample panels are 9 inches long, which is more than the other two options highlighted here. If that isn’t enough, the fact that it comes with a 30-year warranty will surely seal the deal.

When looking for the best wood flooring available, one should look no further than the Hurst Brazilian Walnut.

Best Wood Floor Finish

Best Wood Floor Finish

Wooden floors are designed to look great and last longer than any other type of flooring.

They will give any room a touch of warmth, coziness, and style.

However, if not properly taken care of, they tend to show signs of wear and tear as a result of regular use.

Remember to check out our best wood flooring reviews for the year.

Comparison Chart

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My Best Wood Floor Finish Reviews

1. ​Simoniz Ultra Line 33 Floor Finish & Sealer

While water-based, the Ultra Line 33 Floor Finish & Sealer from Simoniz is wax and not polyurethane. So, even though it does have a very mild scent, its main advantage lies in the fact that it goes deep into wood to provide maximum protection. The product comes in a 1-gallon plastic bottle, which amounts to about 3.78 liters.


  • Water Based
  • Gives Instant Gloss
  • Can Be Used On a Wide Variety of Materials

What's to like about Simoniz Ultra Line 33 Floor Finish & Sealer?

The Ultra Line 33 isn’t just meant for use on sealed wood. It can be used as finishing on a variety of other materials, including vinyl, tile, linoleum, rubber, stone, and even concrete. Due to its use of a patented polymer formula, it gives any material an instant gloss that can last for several months.

For treatment of unsealed floors, two or three coats need to be applied, which is still less than most other finishes out there. What’s more, each coat will take just under an hour to dry, so it also saves a lot of time compared to some other similar products.


  • Two-in-one finish and sealer
  • Suitable for all types of materials, including wood, vinyl, and stone
  • Takes no longer than an hour for each coat to dry
  • Gives the floor a lasting gloss
  • Goes deep into the floor to give it optimum protection
  • Only two or three coats are needed


  • Gives off a mild odor
  • Waxed floors can still develop stains
  • Needs regular refinishing

2. Bona Mega Waterborne Wood Floor Finish

The Bona Mega Waterborne Wood Floor Finish is a mid-grade, budget-friendly solution used by both home owners and professionals. A one-gallon bottle of the product is enough to coat up to 600 square feet of wooden floors.


  • Budget Friendly
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Good For All Types Of Wood

What's to like about Bona Mega Waterborne Wood Floor Finish?

The product is also environment friendly thanks to its low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) content. Applying two coats of the finish on top of the sealer is enough to restore the initial shine of any wooden floor.

It gives off a slight odor following the application, but because it’s water-based, the scent will evaporate in no time.

It works well on all types of wood and keeps the floor protected from scratches and dents. This product is particularly useful for dog owners whose furry friends like to sharpen their nails against wooden surfaces.


  • Water-based polyurethane that dries very fast
  • Light odor evaporates rather quickly
  • Low VOC content makes it eco-friendly
  • One bottle is enough for up to 600 square feet of wood
  • Suitable for all types of wooden surfaces
  • Restores the initial gloss of any floor
  • Protects the floor from dents and scratches


  • Mid-grade finish might not be the best solution for floors that are used more often
  • Wears off after a while and needs regular reapplication

3. Rust-Oleum Varathane Crystal Clear Satin Floor Finish

Like the other products highlighted here, the Rust-Oleum Varathane Crystal Clear Satin Floor Finish comes in a one-gallon packaging. Due to its unique formula, it is perfect for hardwood floors regardless of whether they’re light or dark.


  • Good For Light Or Dark Floors
  • Superior Durability
  • One Gallon Packaging

What's to like about Rust-Oleum Varathane Crystal Clear Satin Floor Finish

This finish is characterized by its superior durability, as well its high resistance to abrasion, stains, and scratches. Floors finished with the Rust-Oleum Satin can be cleaned with any of the popular household chemicals and cleaning products.

It is also good for repairs of stained and dented parts of wooden floors. Two coats of the finish are enough to restore the original shine of any hardwood surface in the house.


  • Each coat is fully dry in less than two hours
  • Water-based polyurethane that doesn’t give off any odor
  • Designed for hardwood floors, but works well on all wooden surfaces
  • Safe to clean with any commonly used household product
  • Resistant to stain, scratches, and abrasion
  • Ideal for reparation of stained areas of the flooring


  • High humidity may result in the formation of cloudiness
  • Might not cover up deeper scratches

Buyers Guide

Buying the best wood floor finish

As a rule, buying wooden floors is a costly investment, but that is because they are also the most durable flooring option. Using the best wood floor finish is the only way to ensure they will look shiny and new for a long time to come. Not only does it maintain the original shine of the wood, but the best wood floor finish also protects the floor from tears and scratches.

Furthermore, the best wood floor finish should also be able to fill out the existing scratches and dents in the floor. When wooden floors lose their shine, they look dusty and dirty, even when they’re perfectly clean. The best wood floor finish must also be able to make the wood look clean.

What is the best wood floor finish?

Numerous products are vying for the title of the best wood floor finish, yet only a few of them truly deliver. While oil-based finishes are very durable and easy to apply, there are also some major downsides to them; each layer takes longer to dry and they give the room a very sharp and distinct odor that won’t be that easy to get rid of.

On the other hand, there are water-based finishes that need to be applied in more layers than their oil-based counterparts.

What makes them stand out from other types of finishes is that they don’t give off any odor and take less than four hours to dry before another layer is applied. Because of this, when searching for the best wood floor finish, you should always look for a water-based product.

The three products highlighted in this article certainly fit the bill. They are some of the most popular water-based finishes out there and are strong competitors for the title of the best wood floor finish.

Final Verdict

All three of these products are great for treating different types of wooden floors, which makes deciding on the best wood floor finish very difficult.

While it has a mild odor, the Simoniz Ultra Line 33 gives the floors much more sparkle and gloss than the other two products highlighted here, and takes very little time to dry. However, it’s a wax-based finish and not polyurethane, which might be a deal breaker for some.

As such, the Bona Mega is the clear winner here. This polyurethane floor finish is great for all types of wood and highly resistant to stains and scratches.

One bottle of the product is enough to coat up to 600 square feet of floors; it dries very quickly, and the barely noticeable scent evaporates in under a day.

On top of that, it is a very eco-friendly product, thanks to its surprisingly low VOC content. It protects the floors from scratches and stains, and is thus a perfect choice for homeowners.

All these qualities make the Bona Mega Waterborne Wood Floor Finish the best wood floor finish out there.

Best Mop for Hardwood

Best Mop for Hardwood

In this day and age, whenever someone mentions the best mop, you can be sure that the person is talking about a microfiber mop. This is especially true when we’re talking about the best mop for hardwood, a surface which does not fare well with too much water or overly strong detergent.

A microfiber mop can pick up the tiniest dirt and debris from a hardwood floor without the help of water. In fact, most of the time, you will not even have to loosen the dirt with soap or another cleaner.

Looking for the Best Mop for Hardwood

All you need is a dry or slightly damp microfiber mop pad to pick up anything and everything from a hardwood floor. So now we know it has to be a microfiber mop, but the question is, which make and model? Any microfiber mop is much better than the traditional string mop for hardwood floors.

The execution of a microfiber mop can make a difference, but this is mostly in terms of user friendliness, parts availability, additional features, and so on. We have done the legwork and found you the best mops for hardwood. Let’s explore each individual choice before identifying our favorite.

Homevative Microfiber Spray Mop Kit

The Homevative microfiber spray mop, now in its v2 iteration, is a contender for best mop for hardwood title. This is a kit with Homevative microfiber spray mop v2, three microfiber mop pads, two bottles, and the Precision Detailer.

According to Homevative, each microfiber pad can be washed way over 100 times. The bottles are for spray mopping, and you can prepare your own solution in the bottles. The Precision Detailer is a hand tool for scrubbing hair and other gunk off the microfiber pads.

The Homevative microfiber spray mop v2 comes in 3 pieces: the top pole with hand spray, the middle pole with spray bottle, and the swivel head. Silicon O rings are used to stop the water from leaking except when released by the hand spray.

This microfiber mop does an excellent job of cleaning a hardwood floor without water. Most of the time, you can even skip vacuuming the floor first. We found that the spray function is only needed for very dirty floors.


  • Lightweight and durable aluminum pole
  • This kit comes with 3 microfiber mop pads
  • Leak-proof spray bottles and mechanism


  • The swivel head is a little flaky when pressed onto the floor—most of the time, it will skip instead of delivering deep cleaning.
  • Smallish water bottles
  • A few owners complained of leaks after a few weeks.

Homily Microfiber Spray Cleaner

As previously stated, the best mop for hardwood is a microfiber mop. The Homily microfiber spray cleaner also features a spray mop design with a microfiber pad like the Homevative microfiber spray mop kit. The differences are in the specific designs.

The Homily microfiber spray cleaner is beefier through and through. The newly redesigned spray bottle is large (650ml capacity) and made of ABS engineering plastic.

Homily claims that you will never have to worry about leaks with this best mop for hardwood, and we’re inclined to believe them.

We love the feel of this mop. The relatively thick pole is made of very light aluminum alloy, yet it is beefy enough to inspire confidence. You can really apply pressure on the mop head for a thorough cleaning.

The spray area is rather narrow, but useful enough. The spray bottle holds enough water for multiple cleanings and we never had to use anything stronger than water for mopping and cleaning hardwood floor.

The box contains two microfiber mop pads. The 360-degree swivel head features a generous 15-inch width.

Our search for the best mop for hardwood could have ended right here except we were curious to see whether spray mops were absolutely necessary for cleaning hardwood floor.


  • Large 650ml spray bottle made of ABS plastic
  • Mop with as much or as little force as you see fit.
  • Cleans well enough with just water


  • Lots of plastic parts

Keeble Outlets Professional Dust Mop

We are awfully glad we kept looking. It’s true—the best mop for hardwood does not have to be a spray mop at all. Check out the Keeble Outlets professional dust mop and you will agree.

The first thing you’ll notice about the Keeble Outlets professional dust mop is the number of metal parts. The few plastic parts look hard and strong, and well-built enough and are unlikely to break if dropped. Our impression is perhaps confirmed by this microfiber mop’s lifetime warranty.

First of all, it’s extremely rare to find any mop that comes with a lifetime warranty, and if you did come across one, you could be sure it’s pretty well-built.

The most basic version comes with just one microfiber pad, but you can always buy more pads in the future. The pad can be used dry or wet. In our experience, you can totally clean a hardwood floor well enough without wetting the pad.


  • Excellent build with lots of metal parts
  • The best handling of all microfiber mops
  • Large 16” mop head
  • Comes with lifetime warranty


  • The telescopic handle extends but at certain angles it has a hard time staying extended


In our experience, only high-traffic hardwood floors require a spray mop, and this is only if you routinely wait a week or so before mopping. We recommend the Homily microfiber spray cleaner if you prefer cleaning with water. If you like to experiment with different cleaning solutions, go with the Homevative microfiber spray mop kit instead.

If you are willing to mop every other day or so, the best mop for hardwood is the Keeble Outlets professional dust mop. It is very well-built for a mop, and although the telescopic handle requires a bit of practice, in no time at all you will think that the Keeble Outlets professional dust mop is the last mop you will ever buy for your hardwood floor. This best mop for hardwood even comes with a lifetime warranty.

Best Hardwood Floor Polish Reviews

Best Hardwood Floor Polish Reviews

Hardwood is a flooring choice known throughout the world. In fact, a beautiful, well-maintained hardwood floor is perhaps the only type of flooring that can add value to a property. The combination of beauty, class and warmth/homeliness in hardwood floors is unquestioned, yet it is never the most popular type of flooring in any country.

Even though in one country carpet is the most popular and in another, tiles, people still have the highest regard for hardwood floor. It’s just that they also think hardwood floors are difficult to maintain.

Floor Maintenance with the Best Hardwood Floor Polish

However, the maintenance of a hardwood floor is as straightforward as caring for the exterior finish of a car. All you need to do is apply a layer of wax or polish to protect the finish and maintain the shine.

It’s the same with a hardwood floor, and since hardwood floor polish is a lot less messy than wax, we decided to concentrate on the best hardwood floor polish reviews.

Hardwood floor polish leaves a protective layer and shiny finish on a hardwood floor. You don’t have to remove the old polish because a new application of the same or compatible polish will fill in the gaps in the old polish and add another layer. You only have to vacuum and mop the hardwood floor and wait for it to dry before applying the polish.

Best Hardwood Floor Polish Reviews: Bona High Gloss

Bona is a Swedish company that’s been making wood and laminate floor products since 1919. No best hardwood floor polish reviews would be complete without Bona. You can find Bona hardwood floor polish at any good home and garden center.

There are two versions, high gloss and low gloss, and we’ll talk about the Bona High Gloss since most people prefer their hardwood floor on the glossy side.

Both Bona High Gloss and Low Gloss are urethane acrylic blends. The Bona High Gloss dries very quickly without any waxy build-up. It works with both unfinished hardwood floors and those that are prefinished with polyurethane at the store or factory.

Make sure that your hardwood floor can take this polish by applying the Bona High Gloss to a small area first, especially if your floor is oiled or waxed. We found the Bona High Gloss incredibly effective. It polishes the floor and fills in small scratches at the same time.


  • Long-lasting high-gloss urethane polish
  • Works with both unfinished and prefinished hardwood floors
  • Fastest drying in best hardwood floor polish reviews
  • Distinctive and long-lasting scent


  • Does not work as well on old and antique wooden floors
  • Hard to remove after application, but this is a problem only if you try to switch to a polish with natural ingredients in the future.

Best Hardwood Floor Polish Reviews: Orange Glo

Orange Glo is among the who’s who of the best hardwood floor polish reviews. This hardwood floor polish is extremely popular for its orange scent and super glossy shine.

Orange Glo is a wax emulsion infused with oil from orange peels, which explains its scent and extra glossy shine. It will work with all hardwood floors though we had the best results with sealed floors.

Orange Glo seems to last much longer on polyurethane sealed floor, while on other hardwood floors, this polish can become dirty after a week or so.

This floor polish is marketed as a hardwood floor 4-in-1 monthly polish: 4-in-1 as in it cleans, shines, protects, and revitalizes. Cleaning is the only extra function that Orange Glo delivers compared to other hardwood floor polishes (since they all shine, protect, and revitalize).


  • Fresh scent with oil from orange peels
  • Super shiny wax emulsion formula
  • Easy to apply


  • The polish doesn’t last more than a week or so if used on unsealed floor.
  • There are reports of waxy buildup after repeated use.

Best Hardwood Floor Polish Reviews: Quick Shine

Holloway House’s Quick Shine is billed as “High Traffic Hardwood Floor Luster.” It is a hardwood floor polish made from plant-based carnauba wax and petroleum distillate. This is another staple in various best hardwood floor polish reviews.

Quick Shine works with all hardwood floors, new factory-prefinished hardwood floors, and older, sealed hardwood floors. The polish works best on older hardwood floors that have lost their former luster.

However, the difference after using this polish is spectacular on all floors, not just on older and dull floors.

This hardwood floor polish is very easy to apply. Just squirt it on and spread. Before you go through the trouble of sanding, staining and resealing your old hardwood floor, give Quick Shine a try and chances are you’ll be thrilled with the results.

We found Quick Shine to easily last more than a month on high-traffic floors. While all manufacturers claim that their hardwood floor polish can last a few months, this is definitely not the case. The other advantage of this polish is that it’s highly buff-able. Apply and buff for an extra glossy finish.


  • Petroleum distillate base fortified with carnauba wax
  • Restores old and dull hardwood floors
  • Long-lasting shine
  • Can be buffed for extra shine


  • Only suitable for sealed hardwood floor
  • Weak scent


Orange Glo and Quick Shine are wax and petroleum distillate-based polishes that must be used with sealed hardwood floors. We found Orange Glo to offer an artificially high gloss, which together with its orange scent may appeal to certain individuals. In most cases however, you will get a much longer lasting shine from Quick Shine.

As we bring these best hardwood floor polish reviews to a close, we have to admit that we were sold by the Bona High Gloss hardwood floor finish. This is a urethane acrylic polish that works with all types of hardwood floors. Bona High Gloss is by far the fastest drying hardwood floor polish.

The shine is natural and long lasting. You may at first find the shine understated compared to other polishes of splashier results, but you’re guaranteed to love the natural, long-term results. Once you’ve tried Bona High Gloss, you may never want to use another hardwood floor polish again.

How to Care for Wood Floors

How to Care for Wood Floors

Wooden floors are a long-term investment and can cost you quite a lot of money. This is particularly true when talking about solid, hardwood floors but even some of the laminates or engineered wood floors don’t come cheap.

Remember to check out our great selection of some of the best wood flooring available this year.

Tips on How to Care for Wood Floors

Consequently, you want to make sure that whatever wooden floor you lay will last, ideally, for decades. But how to care for wood floors is quite a complex issue because there are so many aspects to consider. That’s the reason for writing this piece, to examine all the important wood floor care factors and come up with the best how to care for wood floors strategies.

Choosing the Right Wood for the Right Area

If you are in the fortunate position to choose wooden floors for a new build or re-floor your home, the care of your wooden floors begins before laying it. Let me explain. Not all wooden floors are equal, some woods are soft, others are hard.

So how do you choose the right wood for each area? In general, builders and flooring experts distinguish between high-traffic and low-traffic areas. High-traffic areas include hallways, kitchens, and living areas, whereas bedrooms fall into the low-traffic category.

So, how to care for wood floors starts with choosing suitable wooden floorings for high and low-traffic areas. Let’s look at the options recommended by the professionals:

Wooden Flooring Suitable for High-Traffic Areas

  • Laminate flooring for halls only, not suitable for kitchens because of possible water damage
  • Hardwood or engineered wood flooring for living rooms (oak, teak, maple, cherry)

Wooden Flooring Suitable for Low-Traffic Areas

  • Softwoods including pine, birch, and redwood are suitable for bedrooms
  • Lightweight, low-grade laminate flooring

How to Care for Wood Floors and Top Tips

Of course, most people may just have to learn how to care for wood floors, so let’s look at the main points for each floor type.

To begin with, all wooden floors require regular dry brushing or mopping, either with a sweeping brush or microfiber mop. Vacuum cleaners may damage solid wooden floors unless you make a special effort not to scratch the floor. Use the correct vacuum cleaner head to prevent this issue.

Let’s look at how to care for wood floors, type by type:

Laminate Flooring

The following tips will help you to care for your laminate flooring:

  • Sweep frequently using a soft sweeping brush
  • If using a vacuum cleaner, attach the soft-brush head
  • Water and laminate flooring combined spell disaster. If a laminate floor gets excessively wet, the water will seep into the gaps and eventually warp and lift the laminate floor. Dry spillages immediately.
  • You can use a damp rather than wet mop to clean a laminate floor. Ventilate the area well so that the floor dries quickly.
  • It’s ok to use a steam mop on occasion, just not on a daily basis. Again, make sure to dry the floor quickly.
  • Keep away from harsh detergents and instead opt for mild, floor-specific products.
  • Buff the floor with a microfiber cloth to bring back the shine.
  • Polishes and waxes are not suitable for laminate flooring and leave a dull, hard-to-remove finish.

Solid Wood and Engineered Wood Flooring

To maintain the beauty of your wooden floor, you need to find out how to care for wood floors. The following are essential tips for caring for your beautiful natural wood floors:

  • Sweep daily with a soft brush
  • Vacuum weekly using the soft-brush vacuum head
  • Mop weekly with a traditional mop, steam cleaner, or microfiber mop, keeping the amount of moisture to a minimum. Much like with laminate flooring, avoiding prolonged water/wood content is key.
  • Use suitable detergent and preferably apply by spraying on a fine mist and wiping away with a damp mop.
  • Polish the floor every 2-3 months using a suitable polish or wax. Doing so will make your wooden floor more resistant to scratching and moisture.
  • You may sand and resurface your solid wood floor every 1-3 years. The floor will look brand new each time you do.

Prevention is Better than Cure and The Do’s and Don’ts of How to Care for Wood Floors

If you ask yourself how to care for wood floors, you also need to consider how to protect your floor from possible damage. Floor experts lists several do’s and don’ts, so let’s take a look:

The Don’ts

Try to avoid the following at all cost:

  • Don’t walk on wood floors wearing heavy boots or high heels
  • Don’t allow water to sit on wooden floors for any length of time
  • Don’t use harsh chemicals on wooden floors
  • Don’t overuse steam cleaners on wooden floors
  • Don’t wax laminate flooring
  • Don’t put rubber-backed rugs on wooden floors. Moisture may gather underneath and damage the wood
  • Don’t clean with hard brushes or vacuum heads

The Do’s

The following measure must strongly feature in the answer to how to care for wood floors:

  • Follow a sensible cleaning routine as outlined earlier in this article
  • Wax solid wood and engineered wood flooring at least once a year
  • Use detergents that are specifically formulated to care for and protect wood
  • Cover high-traffic areas with breathable rugs
  • Protect wooden floors from sunlight. Excess exposure to sunshine will fade and warp wooden flooring
  • If you are using rugs, periodically move them so that the wood ages equally throughout the room.
  • Wipe up spills immediately no matter how small
  • Use protective pads on heavy furniture to prevent scratches
  • Use floor mats in the entrance hall.

These are the basics of how to care for wood floors. The better you look after your wooden floor, the longer it will last. There is little point in spending large amounts of money on stunning wooden floorings if you are not prepared to care for them.

All this may sound like a lot of hard work, however, no doubt, investing time and effort in preserving your wood floors is well worth it. No other floor type manages to provide the same level of warmth, comfort, and luxury.

Best Prefinished Brazilian Cherry Hardwood Flooring

Best Prefinished Brazilian Cherry Hardwood Flooring

Brazilian cherry hardwood floors first became popular in the US in the early 00’s. This type of flooring quickly became a top choice for anyone looking for eccentric but respectable luxury.

Brazilian cherry, also known as jatoba, grows in Southern and Central America. It is typically imported from Brazil, Mexico, and Peru. It has nothing to do with the domestic cherry, and only got its name because of the rich dark red of its heartwood.

The Best Prefinished Brazilian Cherry Hardwood Flooring Options

This timber is characterized by interlocking grains, and it is considered exceptionally stiff. Wood Database rates it very durable against rot.

This is a sustainable type of wood, rated by the International Union for Conservation of Nature as a ‘species of least concern’, which makes Brazilian cherry flooring a good choice for environment-conscious buyers. Before you purchase Brazilian cherry products, you might want to check whether they were approved by the FSC(Forest Stewardship Council).

The biggest appeal of Brazilian cherry is certainly the color. It comes in an intense dark red and a more restrained salmon. Its natural streaks darken when they get exposed to the light. You can choose between lighter and darker streaks to suit your taste.

Brazilian cherry is a great timber for hardwood floors. It is very hard, relatively cheap, and there are environment-friendly options available. Above all, it looks absolutely stunning.

If you want to skip the long waiting period before using your new floor, you should choose prefinished over unfinished flooring. If you get prefinished planks, you won’t have to deal with a strong odor while the finish cures.

It’s best to get a professional to lay your floor and make sure you are hiring the best. Prefinished Brazilian cherry hardwood flooring is more prone to get damaged during the laying process than untreated Brazilian cherry. What’s more, you cannot hide small imperfections by applying finish on them.

But which is the best prefinished Brazilian cherry hardwood flooring? That depends on your wallet, your taste, and your lifestyle. Since this is a major investment, you should definitely look into every available option before making your choice.

This article covers two of the best prefinished Brazilian cherry hardwood flooring options currently available on the market.

Brazilian Cherry Prefinished Engineered 5″ x 1/2″ Wood Flooring w/3mm Wear Layer Samples at Discount Prices by Hurst Hardwoods

Hurst Hardwoods offers a robust hardwood flooring option at a reasonable price.

These planks come in a lovely restrained salmon color with mild streaking. Their length varies between 12 and 60 inches. The planks are 5 inches wide and a half-inch thick.

To achieve a flat and smooth effect, the planks have micro beveled edges. This makes the grooves between the planks nearly unnoticeable. It also makes for easier cleaning.

When you are looking for the best prefinished Brazilian cherry hardwood flooring, durability should be at the forefront of your mind.

Brazilian Cherry Prefinished Wood Flooring by Hurst Hardwoods planks are all kiln-dried, and very hard, making them a great and durable choice. They come with a 3 mm thick wear layer. All of Hurst Hardwood’s flooring is NWFA certified or better.

The planks are covered with an aluminum oxide finish, applied eleven times and then cured under UV light.

Hurst Hardwoods offers a 30-year warranty with this product.

But is this best prefinished Brazilian cherry hardwood flooring for you? It might be, if the design appeals to you.

The micro-beveled edges are a huge plus. These make for easier installation, which in turn means that they are less likely to get damaged before your floor is even done. This flooring is also much easier to clean, and you will not end up with grit getting stuck in the space between your planks.

A potential downside of this product is the color. It is a beautiful, serious salmon, but it is not instantly recognizable as Brazilian cherry. It may also be a little too conservative for some buyers.

Still, if you are looking for tough, elegant flooring that will survive installation and will not instantly get damaged by daily use, this might be the best prefinished Brazilian cherry hardwood flooring choice available.

Kingsport Brazilian Cherry Classic 3/8″ x 3-1/2″ Exotic Engineered Hardwood Flooring


Here is a more cheerful, less conservative option. Kingsport Brazilian Cherry Classic is simply the best prefinished Brazilian cherry hardwood flooring option for buyers looking to shake up their home and wow every visitor. It comes at a reasonable price, too.

These planks are 3.5 inches wide and 3/8 inches thick. They come in a vivid orange-red, a color you will not find in other kinds of timber.

The Kingsport Brazilian Cherry Classic offers a very daring color, but it has a very traditional installation process – the tongue and groove.

Tongue and groove has been a popular method of setting hardwood floors for a long time now. The laying process involves nailing together the planks, which fit together perfectly along the edges.

If you need to cover a narrow floor space, such as a hallway or a small office, tongue and groove is the best design for you. It also makes these floors easy to clean, which is another big plus.

But if you do not have access to a professional floor installation team, this Kingsport product is not the best prefinished Brazilian cherry hardwood flooring for you.

It is very easy to damage the flooring with tongue and groove. Even some professionals can lack experience with this method, and accidents will happen. It is important to remember that any mistake made on tongue and groove flooring is going to be extremely hard to fix.

So What Is the Best Prefinished Brazilian Cherry Hardwood Flooring Option for You?

This article gave an overview of the best prefinished Brazilian cherry hardwood flooring on the market.

The Kingsport Brazilian Cherry Classic is a beautiful, unique, but tricky to install option. It looks great, but it is only recommended to buyers who are able to hire a professional team to lay it.

The Brazilian Cherry Prefinished Engineered Wood Flooring by Hurst Hardwoods looks more restrained, but it is specifically designed to withstand high traffic. It comes with micro-beveled edges, which make it simple to install, and easy to maintain.

Both products are durable and imposing. For most buyers, especially those who have a busy home, the Brazilian Cherry Prefinished Engineered Wood Flooring by Hurst Hardwoods is the best prefinished Brazilian cherry hardwood flooring option. But your final choice should ultimately come down to your taste in color in style.

Best Natural White Oak Flooring

Best Natural White Oak Flooring

Oak is one of the most popular choices of hardwood flooring for a variety of reasons. The chief reason for this popularity is the free availability of indigenous oak in North America. Oak trees have been responsibly harvested and replanted here for many decades.

The common species of oak for hardwood floorings are white oak and red oak. Both are supposed to last way over 100 years. You can still find turn-of-the-century houses with well-preserved original white and red oak hardwood floorings.

The Best Natural White Oak Flooring Choices

Red oak, the most popular hardwood flooring in America, is more popular than white oak, perhaps because its reddish tint is more exciting and matches better with a wider range of furniture.

White oak, on the other hand, is harder. It has a Janka hardness rating of 1360, versus 1290 for red oak. Due to its lighter color and higher hardness, white oak stains better, so you’ll find many different shades of white oak out there.

This article on the best natural white oak flooring (naturally) excludes aggressively stained white oak. The unmistakable characteristic of white oak is its grain pattern. The ray flecking of quarter-sawn white oak is particularly sought after.

Some solid white oak floorings are being sold with a 100-year warranty. A long warranty may be reassuring, but we did not put too much emphasis on this in our search for the best natural white oak flooring.

You’d have to pay more for something like a 100-year warranty, because the manufacturer would have to include an estimated warranty cost factor in the pricing. Plus, the factor would be even higher if the company were to make the warranty transferable. You’d also be limited to old manufacturers.

For example, an exciting new manufacturer established 10 years ago would not attempt to offer a 100-year warranty, which doesn’t mean the solid white oak flooring wouldn’t last that long – it probably would with proper care.

Here are the best natural white oak floorings.

GoHaus Friendship White Oak

The GoHaus Friendship white oak is an engineered wood with plywood base and 2mm thick real white oak veneer. The GoHaus Friendship is named after an oak tree in Mississippi of the same name. GoHaus is an eco-friendly vinyl and engineered wood flooring company headquartered in San Diego, CA.

Engineered wood is now way more popular than solid wood. The plywood base is not like the cheap particle board used in laminate floorings.

Furthermore, its layering ensures that engineered wood endures higher humidity and more significant temperature swings than solid wood. Although you wouldn’t want to use wood flooring of any type in a damp basement, high-quality engineered wood like the GoHaus Friendship can be installed in houses located near the ocean or at a wet climate location.

The most distinguishing features of the GoHaus Friendship are its 7.5” width and its unique white oak veneer. This best natural white oak flooring is a light-colored white oak with enveloping gray and seductive hints of red. The wide 7.5” planks impart a relaxing and casual atmosphere.

The 2mm thick white oak wear layer makes the GoHaus Friendship durable. You’ll be able to sand and refinish it at least once, sometime in the future. Good quality engineered wood flooring with 2mm wear layer can last up to 40 years.

In our opinion, this is the best natural white oak flooring of the engineered wood variety available today.


  • Fashionable wide planks with equally fashionable low-sheen and gray-toned finish
  • Prefinished with UV-cured lacquer
  • The 2mm wear layer is durable and can withstand sanding and refinishing once or twice
  • Meets CARB Phase 2 indoor air quality standard
  • Friendly and responsive customer service, and free samples are available online for you to see and hold in person before deciding
  • Comes with 25-year warranty if purchased from GoHaus or an authorized installer 


  • Non-glossy finish (which could also be a pro)
  • Not much flecking in the grains
  • Not by a major manufacturer 

Rockler Quarter-Sawn White Oak

Rockler Woodworking and Hardware is a Minnesota company that has been around since 1954. They are known for their sawn lumber by the piece, especially the domestic hardwood trees.

The Rockler quarter-sawn white oak by the piece is a great find. They come in thicknesses from 0.25” to 0.75”, widths of either 3” or 5”, and lengths of 24” or 48”.

For use as hardwood flooring, you can go with traditional thicknesses of 0.5” and 0.75”, or if you wish, 0.25” for thin-lay solid wood floor.

Wait till you see the natural flecking in the Rockler quarter-sawn white oak. The white oak ray flecks are highly sought after and they are the most pronounced in quarter-sawn white oak.

Quarter sawing produces more waste than flat sawing, so you can expect to pay more for quarter-sawn white oak.

What you will get with the Rockler white oak by the piece is truly natural white oak. This is the best natural white oak flooring of the solid wood type. These white oak pieces are unfinished so, if using it as hardwood flooring, you should have the installer seal and finish the wood or do it yourself.


  • Available in popular widths of 3” and 5” and thicknesses of 0.25”, 0.5” and 0.75”
  • Beautiful white oak flecking
  • Very fairly priced for solid white oak. In fact, this is the best natural white oak flooring.


  • They are planed and sanded but unfinished, which would add to the installation cost.
  • Not specifically made for hardwood flooring, so these white oak pieces don’t come with any warranty.


There is not much of a fight in the engineered wood vs solid wood debate anymore. It’s the bottom of the seventh inning and engineered wood is leading by a lot.

The best natural white oak flooring of the engineered wood variety is the GoHaus Friendship white oak. The unique white oak veneer is décor-friendly, resistant to scratches, and it hides pet hair and dirt as well as any hardwood flooring.

If you live in a climate friendly to solid wood flooring and you are still of the opinion that this is the way to go, the best natural white oak flooring of the solid wood variety is the Rockler quarter-sawn white oak by the piece. You’ll love the natural flecking in this quarter-sawn white oak and nothing stains as well as white oak.

The Rockler quarter-sawn white oak promises to take your breath away when properly installed and finished.