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February 29, 2008
hoover vacuum
When I was a kid some people would Hoover their floors, a quick reference to using a Hoover vacuum to clean dirt from their floors. They also used a Hoover vacuum to clean lamp shades, curtains and furniture. Times have changed as more brands of vacuums come on the market with new and better technology. But Hoover vacuum is still the brand we all associate with sucking dirt off your floor. A whole generation in this country grew up hearing this name and rightly so!


Most homeowners are very familiar with the Hoover vacuum name. Hoover has been known for decades for their superior suction power that is at a budget friendly price for most middle and lower class homeowners. This popularity has seen many ups and downs over the last decade, especially with the newer models, but Hoover Vacuum is still considered one of the top vacuum manufacturers today. Just like the good old things that retain their value and brand quality with years and amidst intense competition, Hoover vacuum was able to hold on to the trust customers placed in it. Where did the Hoover vacuum begin?



History of Hoover Vacuum


The first Hoover vacuum was invented in 1909 by an asthmatic janitor, James Spangler, who was tired of dealing with the cough that he got when he was sweeping and cleaning. He created the first electric vacuum made from a broom handle, an old soapbox, a pillowcase, and a fan motor to help control some of the dirt and debris that was kicked up in the air when he swept. His first cousin’s husband, William Hoover, purchased the patents from James and created the Hoover Vacuum Company that we know of today. James stayed on with the company as superintendent and the two men created a door-to-door vacuum cleaner business that soon grew to the point where there was a Hoover vacuum in almost every home across the country.


Embracing modernity


Hoover vacuum cleaners were dependent upon the technology that the company was built on. The high suction power of the machines and the vacuum bag technology held up well for them for fifty years or so, but was found lacking when newer technologies were created. These technologies included bag-less vacuum systems, self-propelled systems, HEPA systems, and more. The new players in the market invested heavily in researches and unique designs which help people to clean things clearly and without any trouble. They lagged behind in the vacuum cleaner industry for a few years, but with time, they have begun to join in on the new technologies. They decided that they could not bank on their brand name alone to bring in new customers, but had to invest in R&D too, which they did. The results have been very telling. They have come up with models which can give any vacuum cleaner in the market a run for their money. This has caused an increase in their sales and in the vacuum cleaner options, which is why many customers are still very loyal to the company. Just go through their website for a list of all their various models.


The Hoover vacuum was created based on the premise that suction can be used to allow the dirt and debris to be sucked up into a containment device (the bag) to be thrown away. This was a great invention for homes that had carpeting. The vacuum bag could be changed when full to help keep your homes free from dirt and debris on the floors. The accessories that came with the vacuum gave the machine greater function and flexibility, including being able to clean upholstery, stairs, and more. All of these facets quickly made the Hoover vacuum very popular with housewives all over the country. At the time when it was introduced, they didn’t have much competition to speak about and hence, was an instant hit in almost every household.


The Hoover vacuum name is still synonymous with reputable and quality machines that can help to keep your home clean. They have undergone changes in their technology, but still have been true to their first creation. Their family of options for your home is quite wide and varied, which allows for greater choice and function. Whether you are looking for new technologies or tried and true design, you will find exactly what you want in the Hoover vacuum family. Although the new ones comes in a lot of colors, designs and fancy technological jargons, a lot of people still prefer the good old Hoover vacuums for their years of quality service and products.

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