How to Select High Grade Quality Berber Carpet

June 11, 2006
select berber carpet
Learning how to select high grade quality Berber carpet will help your carpet investment be a wise one. Know the good manufacturers, based on their carpet reputations. Understand quality construction, from the fiber creation to the backing. And recognize that not all carpet fibers are made equal. Your best bets for quality fiber are nylon and wool. Wool, being a natural fiber, is better for your environment because of its lack of off-gassing, is resistant to mold and dust mites, and contributes to the our independence on petroleum.

When you choose the carpeting for your home, keep in mind that you are making an investment in your home, whether you are planning to sell it right away or not. Every improvement that is made to your home, whether major or minor is an investment in keeping your home in peak condition or in making its value increase. Therefore, it is important to choose high grade quality Berber carpet or other carpet over inferior carpeting because it will last longer and will help to make your financial investment sounder. You will first need to learn how to select high grade quality Berber carpet before you even leave the house so that the choices will not overwhelm you and you can make a more informed decision.

The first step is gaining knowledge. Research Berber carpet online to see what others are saying about it. Ask friends, family and business people about their experiences with Berber carpeting. Then look at the many different fibers that are available to learn which ones are the highest quality and will best meet the needs and desires that you have for your particular home and lifestyle.
Fiber composition is an important part of finding a high quality Berber carpet that will last you for many years. The fibers are the most important part of the carpeting because they are what you feel and see. Berber carpeting comes in many different fibers as the term Berber describes the weave of the carpet rather than what the carpet is made of. This means that there are some inexpensive Berber carpeting choices available that are made of inferior fibers like olefin and PET (from recycled pop bottles), which will not give you the maximum value for your money and can possibly cause you problems that will decrease your satisfaction level. What fibers should you look for then when deciding how to select high grade quality Berber carpet?
Wool and nylon fibers are the best fibers that are available in Berber carpeting. It’s important to note, however, that you need to choose carpet that is 100% nylon or wool, rather than a blend, or you will find that you are experiencing some of the same problems that people who choose inferior carpeting experiences. The 100% fiber carpeting may be more difficult to find, but the investment is well worth the extra effort. Touch both wool and nylon Berber carpets and compare the costs to see which one is right for your home.
Inferior Berber carpet fibers like olefin and PET will not be as stain resistant as the nylon and wool carpeting. They also may turn grayish or look dingy after a simple cleaning. The fibers do not hold up well to traffic either. They may become crushed easily and will not return to their former shape. All of these problems can cause you to quickly become disillusioned by your carpeting. That is why you want to make sure that you choose quality Berber carpeting in the beginning so you will not go through these issues.
Your carpet choice is an investment in your home. Make it a wise investment by learning how to select high grade quality Berber carpet for your home and you will never regret it.


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