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April 5, 2010
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This “article” arose from various questions readers had regarding use of laminate flooring in their home or business. These questions were found in the comment sections of laminate floor articles. Because of the quantity of comments among the articles they were a bit hard to find. This approach of pulling the question from of the comment sections and inserting them into an article gives you to access to the information more easily.


I have medium yellow oak cabinets in my kitchen and similar color hardwood flooring in my hallway and dining room that have openings into my kitchen. I am considering wood hand scraped laminate flooring in my kitchen. I’m not trying to match the hardwood flooring because that is next to impossible. My kitchen flooring will also go into my sunken living room that opens into my hallway.


What color wood laminate should I choose for my kitchen floor? Should it be lighter or darker than the hardwood flooring? I want a color that hides the dirt in the kitchen and I want a color in my living room floor that is not to dark. These two floors have to flow together. I just haven’t found anything that would work. When the laminate has too much yellow in it, it makes my hardwood look greenish. I have a sample of amber oak right now but it is reddish and darker than my hardwoods. Lighter or darker, I’m just not sure. Any help is appreciated.


Thank you, Valerie


Valerie at March 2, 2009 08:00 PM




Hi Valerie,

It really doesn’t matter if you go lighter or darker as it’s a personal preference. It’s just going to boil down to which ever choice you like the best. Luckily, there are no ‘rules’ to follow. ;~)


The Flooring Lady at March 5, 2009 11:46 AM


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Hi Flooring Lady, Thank you for your thoughts about going lighter or darker on my kitchen and living room floor, with lighter hardwoods nearby. I decided not to go with a wood look laminate in my kitchen but have chosen Congoleums Duraceramic flooring with a dark to light wood burl look that is hard wearing. The reviews about it are outstanding! I’m glad that there are no rules about darker or lighter adjacent room flooring too! Thanks again!




Valerie at March 9, 2009 01:26 PM


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I have a hair salon that has Laminate flooring now it’s a light color and hides all the scratches and stuff but I want a darker flooring now. Do you think that dark laminate won’t hide that stuff? Also what do you think about vinyl plank flooring?


Thanks so much


Lisa at April 19, 2009 02:36 PM




Hi Lisa,

I don’t think that having a dark laminate will help hide scratches and related problems. I have a brother-in-law who has vinyl plank flooring throughout his home and he loves it – but of course, he doesn’t have the high level of traffic that your floors have. I do know that his flooring is the same vinyl plank flooring that WalMart has in their ‘remodeled’ stores and you know it has to take a beating!


Just be careful with buying vinyl products because of environmental issues: use of foreign oil and off-gassing.


From the above conversations, it is quite clear that customers are very particular about the color, design/pattern and the type of flooring they want for their home or office space. In this article, we will particularly deal with the numerous comments regarding the use of laminate flooring.


It is amazing how much research people do before making a floor selection, and rightly so! The color choices of laminate flooring are mind-boggling and this is exactly why they need to put in the extra effort to find out the one that will suit your home/office in the best way. Decorative laminate flooring can be quite confusing because they all look beautiful and it often takes an experienced eye to find out the one that will be a perfect fit for your space. A lot of these people turn to the web for finding recommendations and solutions for their flooring needs. This is a sure shot way of finding good choices and the ability to indulge in discussions with like-minded people can be highly rewarding. We will continue to engage with our customers on the website and try to answer their queries regarding various flooring choices.

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