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You most likely have heard of a Rainbow Vacuum, as they have been around for nearly 100 years now. Unless you have spoken with someone who owns one, you probably won’t believe that this vacuum is worth the cost. However, those who have used or owned a Rainbow Vacuum are overwhelmingly so happy with this type of vacuum they try to convince everyone they know to get one!

Yes, Rainbow Vacuums are significantly more expensive than other vacuums on the market, but could it possibly be worth it? Maybe.

How to Get a Deal on Rainbow Vacuum Cleaners

There is no question rainbow vacuum cleaners are the BEST! 

There is ONE BIG downside to Rainbow Vacuum cleaners... they are VERY expensive. 

Some will cost you up to $3,000 to $4,000 however we highly suggest purchasing a Rainbow Vacuum cleaner refurbished with a 5 year warranty and save up to 75% off!

Reasons You May Want to Consider Investing in a Rainbow Vacuum Cleaner

  • If you are in need of a vacuum that acts as a multi-use carpet cleaning and air purifying tool.
  • If you find that you are having to replace your vacuum cleaner every few years.
  • If you or someone in your home are extremely sensitive to allergens.

How Does a Rainbow Vacuum Work?

In the 1930s, the inventor of the Rainbow Vacuum coined the company’s slogan, “wet dust can’t fly!” This is still the premise behind the newest Rainbow Vacuum today.

One of the unique aspects of Rainbow Vacuum Cleaners is that it uses water for trapping the dirt before vacuuming from surfaces. It has a reservoir which is filled with water. As dust and dirt is sucked up by the vacuum, rather than being discharged and displaced in the air, as with a normal vacuum, this all ends up in the water chamber of the vacuum.

The water chamber is located beneath a patented piece called the ‘Separator’. The Separator filters the dirt that the vacuum has sucked up from the carpet and the air from the water, effectively acting as a power-washer for the air in your home. At the top of the Separator lies a powerful motor that can run on either a high setting or a low speed setting.

Rainbow Vacuum Accessories and Attachments

​The Rainbow Vacuum comes with a whole array of accessories designed to help you get the best clean for your situation. Some of the rainbow vacuum accessories and attachments are purely superfluous, but may add value to the specific use of the rainbow vacuum, such as the Aerofresh bag or optional fragrances. Some of the attachments, however, you will not want to try to go without! The upholstery tool and dusting brush, for example, are attachments that will probably be used nearly every time you clean with your Rainbow Vacuum cleaner. If you’re interested to learn more about all of the accessories that are available with the Rainbow Vacuum cleaner, you can read our article here - Rainbow Vacuum Accessories and Attachments. Reading about all of the accessories and attachments, both those that are included with the purchase of a Rainbow Vacuum and those that are optional add-ons, may help you to try to determine which of these attachments are right for you and whether a Rainbow Vacuum cleaner may be the right choice for your cleaning needs.

Occasionally, the attachments that come with the rainbow vacuum can wear out, especially those pieces you use regularly. However, one of the great benefits of the Rainbow Vacuum cleaner is that you can replace those pieces over the years. The Rainbow Vacuum itself and the motor of the vacuum will last years and years.

The E2 Rainbow Vacuum Model

The newest Model of the Rainbow Vacuum is called the E2. This comes with a whole lot of accessories, with the point being that this machine should act as more than just a simple vacuum, but as a multi-function cleaning tool. Some of the accessories available with the E2 are a long-hose power nozzle, power-driven beater head, upholstery nozzle, wet-vac head for bare floors, a carpet-cleaning system and even fragrances that can be added to the water chamber. The water-washing air filtration equipment of the E2 easily sucks the dust, tiny mites and pollen out of the pillows. The dusting brush can be used for cleaning anything from lampshades and upholstery to all types of flooring.

The Finer Points: Why Rainbow Vacuums Win Everyone Over

Those who have used a Rainbow Vacuum are notorious for driving their friends and family nuts by regularly singing its praises and seeking other Rainbow Vacuum converts. So what is it that makes this vacuum so well loved? Here are a few of the top reasons:

  1. Lasting Power! This, in my opinion, is the number one reason so many fall in love-yes, actually in love-with the Rainbow Vacuum. These are known to last decades without needing any repairs. A well cared for vacuum can last 30+ years, and most times will only need to be repaired, not replaced, in order to keep going. When purchasing a Rainbow Vacuum from an authorized dealer, the warranty you receive is unmatched.
  2. ​Effective! Of course, this is expected from a high-end vacuum, but unless you have used one, it is hard to imagine the difference between a standard vacuum cleaner and the level of clean you get from a Rainbow. I have heard countless stories of a friend or relative borrowing someone’s Rainbow Vacuum cleaner and then refusing to return it.
  3. ​Multi Use! Yes, the Rainbow Vacuum is the most effective vacuum at cleaning carpets. But with the number of attachments you can clean pretty much anything with your Rainbow Vacuum: drapes, furniture, wood and laminate, pillows and upholstery, blinds, mirrors, lampshades, windowsills, and more. You can even “water wash” your indoor air; leave the Rainbow running on “low” air cleaning speed, and it will filter, deodorize and freshen the air in your home. Use the Sprayer Tool to dispense cleaning products. There is even an Inflator Tool that can be connected to the exhaust valve of the vacuum and used to blow up air mattresses and other inflatables.
  4. Allergen Reducing! One of the main reasons someone will invest in a Rainbow Vacuum is because they themselves or someone in their family is extremely sensitive to allergens. Dust, mites, pet hair and dander, dirt and all matter of other allergens are no match for the Rainbow Vacuum. And perhaps more importantly for asthma sufferers, the Rainbow Vacuum won't kick all that stuff up into the air where it can be inhaled. The water chamber traps it all, and is then discarded in a sink (or toilet, which is my personal recommendation.)

Why a Less Expensive Vacuum Might Be Better For You

Just because the Rainbow Vacuum is the best out there does not mean it is necessarily the right vacuum for you. You may decide that investing in a less expensive vacuum and spending that additional money elsewhere is the smarter decision for any of the following reasons:

  1. Heavy: Bringing the vacuum up and down stairs can be a hassle, as it is pretty heavy (upwards of 30 pounds). The newer designs are not especially bulky, however, so this shouldn’t be a deal breaker for you.
  2. ​Expensive: It’s hard to imagine having a payment plan on your vacuum cleaner, but that is what many choose to do to afford the Rainbow Vacuum. However, if you consider that you will only be purchasing the one Rainbow Vacuum for your adult lifetime, in all likelihood, as opposed to buying a new vacuum for several hundred dollars every few years, the price doesn’t seem quite so steep. If you have the initial capital or are willing to have a payment plan, I would definitely argue that the Rainbow Vacuum is worth the higher price tag.
  3. Involved: Yes, the vacuum is bagless, but that doesn’t mean it’s necessarily a breeze to use. There are a lot of different attachments, and emptying the water reservoir and maintaining a Rainbow Vacuum can be a hassle, according to some users. The design of the vacuum is very user-friendly, detailed and intuitive, however, so it is not as though there is a particularly steep learning curve when switching to a Rainbow.

Curious? Get a Demo

Are you curious about the Rainbow Vacuum? Check out videos demonstrating the use of this vacuum online and even schedule a demonstration in your home by a Rainbow Vacuum sales rep!

If you check out the consumer reports of Rainbow vacuum, you will see that it is extremely highly rated overall, but make sure to look at any negative reviews as well so you have plenty of questions to ask when you speak with a distributor. Never allow yourself to be talked into purchasing something if you’re not comfortable with the overall price tag or not convinced that you are really going to be happy with your purchase in the long term. However, I can tell you that the distributors and sales representatives that I have met for Rainbow Vacuums are helpful, informative and not especially pushy. I can also tell you that while the price tag is higher, you truly are purchasing an innovative, top of the line machine for the cost.

How to Get a Deal on Rainbow Vacuum Cleaners

There is no question rainbow vacuum cleaners are the BEST! 

There is ONE BIG downside to Rainbow Vacuum cleaners... they are VERY expensive. 

Some will cost you up to $3,000 to $4,000 however we highly suggest purchasing a Rainbow Vacuum cleaner refurbished with a 5 year warranty and save up to 75% off!

17 thoughts on “Best Rainbow Vacuum Cleaning System – TheFlooringlady

  1. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing a demo for the Rainbow e2, and while it is a little on the bulky side, I think 32lbs is a bit exxagerated (not sure, but it didn’t seem quite that heavy, no more than your standard vaccum cleaner) It does however come with a removable wheel base as well. While it is about as noisy as a vaccum cleaner on it’s high mode, the e2 also has a dual power setting, being that it’s meant to run on high for only about 10-15 minutes and then used on low to maintain the cleanliness of the air (the vaccum on the e2 is actually a secondary function, the air cleaner is it’s primary purpose as I understand it) on low setting it’s reduced to a light hum, quieter than most fans on low setting. I definitely reccomend at the very least checking out a demonstration.

  2. I have to agree with all the wonderful things you have to say about the Rainbow and have to disagree with your cons. Changing the water is one of the most cathartic things about the Rainbow. You throw ALL the dirt out with the water, whereas, with a dry vacuum, you fill up landfills with the bags and filters, plus you need another vacuum to clean your vacuum. As I have asthma, I cannot use a dry vac nor can I change the bag or clean the filters because of the dust.
    The wheel base carries the system around with ease…there is not reason to pick it up as you clean almost every aspect of the house.
    I think it is worth every penny I spent and I would do it again a thousand times over.
    Regards from a very happy Rainbow user….Carol.

  3. I know th Rainbow is an amazing system. I had a family member pass away in the house and lose the human bodily fluids and it was removed with a Rainbow. I will swear by this machine. It is wonderful and not only is it a vacuum but an air purifier. How wonderful is that.

  4. Yes, it’s a bit heavy with the water, but you don’t need to carry it much. If you have stairs, fill it upstairs. Also, it’s not so flimsy as some of the lighter ones, and doesn’t have a cord retractor to break. It seems to be very solid.
    The older models didn’t have the HEPA filter, so certain types of dirt (uncommon in most homes) did not get filtered by the water (like talc, ashes, etc). I think some consumer reviews may have tested it with this. I think it works very well, and the floor cleaner gets under our couch and in places that are hard for other vacs to reach. The only con is the price, but at least you don’t keep paying for the bags and filters forever.

  5. I sell rainbows. I honestly have tried to sell other things in my life, even cars. I have never been able to feel good about selling these products to consumers because I truly didnt believe that they needed them. The Rainbow e2 is a machine that I have even sold to my mother becuase I believe in this product beyond words! It is worth ever penny, and a think every one in the world should own one. Everything has pros and cons, nothing in this world is “absolute”, but you can not go wrong owning a rainbow. I truly truly think all should own one.
    -Robby Wichita,ks

  6. How do I get information on how to sell rainbow vacuums? please send me an email or write on here if you know. (email address edited/removed to protect privacy)

  7. Does the rainbow work good for long hair? My daughters and I all have hair down past our waist. We have to do the routine haircut on the vacuum so that the motor doesnt burn up and we still go through a vacuum a year. I am curious if the rainbow vacuum is capable of trapping the hair in the water or will it still need a haircut? Thanks in advance. Jesse

    • I have really long hair and my rainbow does great keeping it out of the carpet. I never really noticed how much hair I shed on a daily basis until I got my rainbow. I love it even more knowing it dusts for me just while being on. :)

  8. Good question Jesse! I can’t say for sure as I don’t own a Rainbow myself. I can tell you that their motors are better, but I don’t know if they’re sweeper has rotating brushes or not. I know that there’s lots of different attachments, so there may be one without the roller. There’s a link above your post for Rainbow – I’m sure they could answer your question much better than I can. ;~)

  9. Would like to comment on the long hair situation. The reason hair ruins other systems is because of the lack of air-flow. If no air to pull it up then all it does is wind around the beater brush. The rainbow never has a loss of air-flow so EVERYTHING gets pulled out of the floorings, upholstery, etc… Hope this helps!

  10. I own a Rainbow. The secondary reason for the purchase was for its cleaning power. I seem to be developing alergies and the Rainbow effectively keeps the air clean. I run it on low 24/7. The unit has a 20 year warranty but the motor is rated to run continuously for 50 years. Yes… you read that correctly; 50 years. If it should break down it will definately happen within the first 20 years. On low speed it is not as noisy as you might think. I sleep just fine with it in the room. When I leave the house I put it on “Hurricane” (or “Turbo”) mode. This way it draws in greater amounts of air-bourne contaminants while I’m gone and the extra resulting noise is not a problem. The price may appear to be a bit steep, but it’s hard to put a price on ones health. This unit will improve your overall quality of life, especially if you have a problem with alergies. I can’t really think of any “cons” to speak of regarding this quality American made (AND American built) product… If you want to become part of the “Stimulus” Plan for this Country, buy American…

  11. I used to have a rainbow e and it was amazing. My mom fell in love with it, so I let her have my rainbow and purchased a e2 model. I swore by rainbow but now I don’t know. The model e was super however, I feel that the e2 does not have enough suction. I vaccumed a floor rug and instead of the floor rug coming right up, it didn’t. It just vacuumed right over it. Now I can’t find the person that sold it to me. Can someone help? Where can I go to get the vacuum checked out/repaired/replaced. Will this cost me alot? :( I already paid way too much for it already.

  12. Lo,
    I am not sure a location or the cost of the inspection/repairs. But, I would try a Google search for the manufacturer.
    If you have purchased the vacuum within the last year, it may be under warranty and the manufacturer should be able to confirm that if you can provide the serial number.
    Either way, they should be able to direct you to an Authorized Warranty Repair Station.

  13. We don’t have pet hair, but have 3 girls with long hair that easily gets wrapped around the circular brushes and is nearly impossible to get off. Any suggestions? Needing to stay around the $150 range…

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