Slate Kitchen Flooring

January 31, 2006
slate kitchen flooring
Slate kitchen flooring may be your answer to durability, beauty, and style. Slate flooring comes in a variety of colors and shapes, expanding your decorating options. Kitchen slate flooring should be sealed to improve its stain resistance and non-slip surface. Black slate tiles for kitchen flooring can give you a bold look, while white slate tile flooring would tend towards a modern look. A kitchen slate floor is easy to care for, long lasting, and unusual — maybe just the elements you are looking for in your kitchen.


Add style to kitchen with slate tiles:


If you love stone flooring, then you may want to consider slate kitchen flooring. These beautiful stone tiles can help to turn your kitchen into a showpiece. This beautiful and unique stone flooring can give your kitchen character and will instantly become an asset to your home. Slate kitchen flooring is also timeless, so it will go with many different decorating styles and tastes. This is great for you because it will last for a very long time as well with proper care and cleaning.


Know its durability:


Slate kitchen flooring is durable and able to withstand the harsh treatment that floors receive in the kitchen. The kitchen is a much used room in most homes, and it is very important to have flooring that makes everyone feel welcome. You also want the flooring to be durable, easy to clean, and beautiful. Slate flooring is also stain resistant when sealed, which is wonderful considering how many items get spilled or dropped on kitchen floors each week. The naturally non-slip tiles make slate an excellent choice for rooms that are moist like the kitchen and bathroom.


Color palettes:


The color variations in slate flooring allow you to change your decorating styles around without having to change the flooring. Slate flooring is a beautiful choice that comes in all different color variations from black slate tiles for kitchen flooring to white tiles, and every color in between. You can even mix and match colors to make your flooring more interesting and visually appealing. Use your creativity to design a kitchen slate floor that you will love. The different shapes like rectangles, squares, and various odd shapes can also help to give your slate kitchen flooring more interest and make it more fun to look at.


Fuss free with slate flooring:


Slate flooring is also easy to keep clean. With regular sweeping and mopping, you can keep the slate tiles clean and shiny. Sealing slate tile flooring is also needed about twice a year to keep the tiles bright and it makes the slate tiles easier to clean. When selecting a sealant, you can select one that will increase the non-slip aspect of the stones, or is a matte finish, or shiny.

Matching your kitchen floors and countertops will help give the entire kitchen a sophisticated and put together feel. The flow of your kitchen will be greatly increased and you will love the look of your kitchen. In addition, you will not have to worry about how your kitchen floors look with your countertops if you choose the same material.


Heating effect with slate flooring:


Slate tile can be installed over your radiant heat system too. This will help keep your feet warm and toasty during the winter months no matter if your feet are bare or in socks. Your children can play on the floor too without you having to worry about them being cold.

Slate kitchen flooring is a great choice for many homes and any decorating tastes. Whether you choose black slate tiles for kitchen flooring or one of the many other colors, you are sure to have a beautiful kitchen floor that you will enjoy for many years.


Slate floor tiles pros and cons:


An exclusive collection of patterns in slate tiles are becoming popular day by day. However there are certain pros and cons that can aid in deciding.




  1. They accentuate the sense of style to old kitchens.
  2. These give a rustic and classic look to the kitchen.
  3. They are made with high grade material summing up to the quality.
  4. It requires lesser maintenance and known for incredible durability that can last longer in every tough condition.
  5. They are water resistant and non- slippery. Hence people prefer them most over the other types.
  6. They don’t retain stains for long and patches can be recovered with mild cleaning.
  7. Slate tiles are an ideal option for kitchen where the wet mess and kids spills are common.
  8. The ultimate choice for a fuss free, clean and smarter kitchen




  1. They are relatively expensive for kitchen flooring.
  2. The installation charges add up to the extra budget.
  3. Another drawback is it is not resistant to cold temperature.
  4. The non insulating factor causes colder feet and body during wintry days.


Though slate tiles are known for toughness but they are not tolerant to scratches.


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