Effective guidance to maintain the stage of Stone Floor Care

December 3, 2005
stone floor care

Upkeep for your flooring


Whether you are considering the purchase or you already have it, proper stone floor care will help keep your flooring selection beautiful and protected. The better you protect it the longer it will last. Depending on the amount of traffic, the type of stone floor, as well as the area in which you live, there are a variety of options for you to take into consideration.


In some cases, taking care of these floors is difficult. In others, it is quite simple. But, regardless of what you need to do, doing it will allow your stone floors to last a lifetime and longer. It will help you in keeping the beautiful look of your flooring for a little longer. If you are just considering to make the installation of the stone tile flooring for the some of the additional places in your home like the washrooms, porcelain or in the area of the ceramic tiles on the floors, then you must need to make sure to use some effective usage of the cleaning the tidy areas in the slabs.  The use of the rock, ceramic tiles is the best options to use on the floors. It is easy to maintain and very durable.


Installation Right First


The first step in caring for stone floors is ensuring proper installation. When it is laid properly, it will look beautiful, but more importantly, it will be less likely to crack, slip, or become uneven. It is always wise to have a professional do the work. But if you are willing to do it on your own, make sure you have the basic guidelines and required tools. A handy person with basic knowledge can do it with the proper tools for the stone tile flooring. There are many online tutorials available to guide you. But, remember that this type of flooring is quite expensive, so you may not want too many wasted pieces! If you are just considering to put the natural types of the stone floor tiles in your home, you just need to make a plan to make use of more than 10% of the budget allocated to make the levels.


Stone Sealers


When you think of a stone, you think of a porous material. The problem with most stone flooring is that it is susceptible to staining. Some spots can be removed easily and some stay for a long time. In porous stones like marble, you will find that even a little bit of water can cause the floor to spot. Other very porous flooring choices for the stone tile flooring includes limestone and sandstone. Slate is a porous stone, but more water resistant than the previously mentioned flooring materials. Granite is a very hard, non-porous surface, good for flooring; it’s still wise to seal it so that it doesn’t stain.


But, there are ways that you can protect the flooring from these stains. Most individuals will use a stone sealer on the floor. Sealers range of differences depending on the type of floor, the texture of the flooring as well as in quality. When properly sealed, they can help to protect the stone tile flooring from easily staining. But, even with them applied, your stone flooring can become stained if a spill, especially those with acids in them, is left on the floor for very long. Anytime something is spilled, it should be cleaned up as soon as possible. This can prevent the permanent discoloration and protect your floor from getting spoilt.


Regular Care of Stone Flooring


When it comes to stone flooring cleaning, there are some basic things to remember.


  • The first course of action is the dust mop. A dry mop that removes debris gently is needed. This is necessary because dirt, for example, left on the stone flooring can be abrasive to the flooring material and therefore damage it. To help in this type of prevention, use a carpet near the entrance to help trap these particles before they even get into the room.


  • When cleaning stone flooring, excess water should not be used. Take a mop and wring it out, then wipe the floor. You should not use any chemicals on stone floors, especially those with acid in them. Any hard substance should be avoided for such kind of floors. Once the floor is clean, those who have a marble surface should take a dry towel to immediately dry the flooring. Most other types of flooring do not require this attention.


  • Removing stains from grout will be necessary at times.


  • Regular polishing may be necessary for high traffic areas. Have a professional polisher come in to do the work and ensure that the stone flooring is not damaged.


  • Lastly, stone flooring care will require that you reapply sealers to the flooring Marble should be more frequent, like every nine months.


Taking care of your stone flooring will keep it looking beautiful. Your home is your castle. And as with European castles that often have stone floors, taking care of them will let them last a long time. This will help you to maintain the beautiful outlook of your designed floors for a very long time.


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