Things to Remember while Stretching Berber carpet

October 6, 2006
stretching berber carpet
Planning on making your interiors decorated with beautiful and colorful carpets? Have you decided on what kind of a carpet you have to choose? Here is an amazing option. These carpets are named for the traditional Berber people living in North Africa who made hand-woven carpets of the.These carpets though from a traditional practice of weaving carpets are modernized to meet the demands of today’s market and are distinguished by a unique style of construction called the loop pile construction, which maintains the traditional look as well as gives a modern touch to these carpets. It gives a similar appearance to the distinct knot of traditionally woven Berber carpets.

The modern carpets usually are made of small flecks of dark and lighter shades of background colors resembling natural non-dyed traditional carpets.  Thus, selecting Berber carpet to your décor needs is a wise option.

Go flawless on these Carpets!

This is important when installing this type of a carpet, but it can become important in the future, too. Installing a Berber Carpet in your home can be quite a big investment. Ensuring that it is installed correctly can help the carpet to last as long as possible and can help keep it looking great. A professional installer can help ensure that your carpet is stretched correctly so that it does not cause you problems in the future, something few DIY-ers can do.


Keep ripples away!

Ripples or buckling can appear in the carpeting due to a variety of reasons, including improper stretching of the Berber carpet. You will be able to see these ripples very easily and if they are especially bad then they can cause you to even trip over the carpeting. This problem may be worsened by increased humidity or moving furniture, as well as normal traffic wears on the improperly installed carpeting. It is normal for carpeting to stretch 1-2% due to normal wear, but if it is stretched properly when it is installed then you will find that it will not be a big problem in most cases. Improper installation of these carpets will lead to unwantedly removing the Berber carpet and reinstalling them all over again.

What does proper stretching of your carpeting involve?

Your carpet installer should use a power stretcher for installing the Berber carpet, rather than a knee kicker. The knee kicker is used to pull and move the carpet rather than stretching it. The power stretcher gives a better installation. You will see your carpet installer using the knee kicker to pull the carpet to the tacking strips, but you should also notice that they use the power stretcher to pull and stretch the carpeting in the corners and to take up any slack in the carpeting. Both tools should be used for proper carpet installation. Only when both these tools are used it will result in perfect stretching of these carpets and thus we will be able to achieve the flawless look that we often see in Magazines and home décor stores.

How to use these tools?

Both of these tools have tiny teeth that grab onto the carpeting to help pull, move, and stretch it. The knee kicker uses knee power to move the carpeting around, while the power stretcher uses the stretcher’s design to stretch and tug on the carpeting.The base of the power stretcher is placed against the wall and then the teeth are inserted into the carpet about six inches from the wall. The power stretcher then works to stretch the carpet as much as possible to the wall, which helps keep the carpeting flat and tight? This design allows the carpet installer to stretch the carpeting to help prevent any problems down the road that may come from humidity or normal wear and tearwhile installing the Berber carpet.


Choosing the right carpet installer is just as important as choosing the right carpet. Ask questions about their installation practices. Learn how to install carpet by looking online so that you can ask them knowledgeable questions to determine their expertise in laying carpet. Ask them how they stretch the carpet to determine if they use a power stretcher or if they rely on a knee kicker. Learning more about the process will help you to determine whether the installer in question is the right one for you. These are the things we must remember while stretching andinstalling Berber Carpets.


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