August 31, 2007
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Vacuum cleaners have been around a long time. But the technology improves on them regularly. Balance weight, suction strength, and beating action with your budget. Consider tools and attachments for completing the job of cleaning your home or office. Evaluate the repair records of the different vacuum cleaner models you are considering, and your can make your choice more readily.

A vacuum is your first line of defense in keeping your floors looking good and lasting. Buying and installing your flooring well makes a difference too, but maintaining it goes a long way in its durability. Vacuums have other handy benefits too, like cleaning your furniture, window coverings, ceiling fans, and lamp shades.

Having carpet installed in your home brings with it a need for a vacuum. Vacuums help keep your flooring clean so it will last longer. Carpeting that’s clean and free from dirt won’t wear out as quickly, and hard-surface floors that are grit-free won’t get scratched and worn as readily. Choosing the right vacuum is very important, because you want the best tool for your particular use and needs. By learning more about vacuums, you can better determine which one will work best for your home, your carpet, and your particular needs.

Balancing your needs and the effectiveness of the vacuum with your budget is quite a trick. Are you only going to be using the vacuum on carpet or do you want to use it on wood floors and other bare floors? Will you carry it up and down stairs? Do you want to use it on furniture or curtains as well? All of these questions need to be answered to help you determine which vacuum will work best for you.

If you are going to be using the vacuum predominantly on carpeting, then an upright vacuum will work well. Find one that is lightweight, so that you won’t hurt your back carrying it up and down stairs and so that you will be more apt to use it. A heavy, hard-to-use vacuum will not be used as much as one that is easy to get out and light to use.

If the bare floor is where you will be using a vacuum most often, consider a canister vacuum. An upright one will work okay, but it could possibly scuff your floors, so you will want to be very careful in your choices. A canister-type vacuum gives you more flexibility.

Attachments are important if you are going to clean upholstery, curtains, drapes, etc. A revolving brush attachment can make cleaning these areas quick and easy. Some vacuums are available with an air-driven upholstery tool that will do the job quite well, too. Crevice tools help you get into nooks and crannies you can’t easily vacuum any other way. And what about an attachment for ceiling fan blades? Look carefully at the attachments to see if they will meet your particular needs.

There are two main types of vacuums. One is the upright vacuum that comes in one piece that you move back and forth to clean the carpets. This vacuum may come with a hose that you can use on upholstery, curtains, and more with your attachments.

A canister vacuum is two pieces connected by the vacuum hose — the cannister and the vacuum/beater head. The canister is where the motor and the vacuum bag are normally located and the head is what you use to move across the carpet. The beater raises dirt and grime from the flooring while the suction from the motor pulls dirt and debris through the hose into the canister.

The more suction a vacuum has the more dirt it pulls from deep recesses of a carpet and pad. The more dirt you pull out the less damage the carpet and pad will suffer through time. The drawback to a vacuum that has strong suction is it weighs more, making it harder to move up and down stairs, and it costs more.

Vacuums are also made with different focuses — hard- versus soft-surface floors. Some try to work well on both, but may not. Knowing your needs will help guide you to buy the right vacuum. Paying attention to not only the manufacturer’s claims but also the design of the vacuum head will direct your purchase to the right one for your flooring needs.

Choosing the right vacuum can make this chore much easier on your energy level and on your back. By considering your needs and home, you can make the best decision possible to get the most use possible out of your vacuum. Vacuuming may be a chore, but it is a chore that is made much easier by choosing the right one for you and your needs.


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