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June 27, 2008
vacuum cleaner
A vacuum cleaner comes in handy for cleaning your home or office, your furniture and window coverings, and your car and even your pets. Be sure to know the jobs you want it to do to help guide your selection. Weight, attachments and price are all part of your decision. This article mostly talks about the filter options available in vacuum cleaners.

Whether you have carpeted floors or another type of flooring, you are sure to have a time that you need to purchase a vacuum cleaner. The choices can be quite overwhelming when you visit the store, which is why it is important that you do your research at home, so you will know what you want and need for your home Where do you start in deciding which vacuum cleaner is the right one for your home and your needs?

Do you want an upright vacuum or canister vacuum? These are the two most common vacuum cleaners available and they feel very different to use. The upright is usually somewhat easier to move around and is lighter, while the canister may make you feel like you are tethered when you try to move around the house to clean and vacuum. Canister vacuum cleaners are great if you want to clean stairs or other hard to reach places and they work very well on hard flooring. An upright is great for carpeting and for large areas.
Bagged or bagless? This is a common area where most homeowners feel very overwhelmed. They may have a strong idea of whether they want an upright or canister vacuum cleaner, but the pros and cons between bagged and bagless may not be so well known. You are really choosing between a disposable paper bagged system to hold your dirt or debris and a reusable clear container to hold your dirt and debris that you vacuum up. Environmentally, the reusable clear container is best and it allows you to see when it is full, which is hard to discern with a paper vacuum bag. If you have severe allergies, however, you may prefer to have the dirt in a bag, so that you do not have to mess with it.
Do I need a HEPA vacuum? This is another personal issue that will depend upon you and the members of your family. A HEPA vacuum has a special HEPA filtering system that helps to keep the fine little particles inside the vacuum cleaner. This is a very useful thing if you or a family member suffers from allergies, because it can help to keep the vacuum from stirring up dust, etc. If you are not an allergy sufferer, it will probably not be worth the expense, because you will not be able to tell a difference.
What features do I need? The bells and whistles that you can find on vacuum cleaners these days are astounding. From self-propelled to extra accessories and more, it is often difficult to discern what things you need from those that are not as important. By keeping your budget and your intended use in mind, you can better decide which one is right for you. For example, if you have carpeting all over your home, but have a bad back, then a self-propelled one would be worth the extra expense. The budget that you have should help you to determine which features are a necessity versus those that are merely a want.
Choosing a vacuum cleaner is not a decision that you have to make blindly. By reading reviews and asking opinions of your friends and family about their own vacuum cleaners, you will be able to determine which type and brand of vacuum cleaner is right for you. Then you will be well on your way to getting and keeping your floors clean, no matter what type of flooring that you have.


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