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October 26, 2007
vacuum cleaner ratings
Vacuum choices have increased so much through the years it’s hard to know what to buy any more. When I was a kid there were a few options — and they tended to be big and heavy. Deciding which brand and model is readily assisted now through a vacuum cleaner ratings service, the best known system being Consumer Reports. However, there are several online services available too.


Clear Guidance


Vacuum cleaner ratings are either compilations of individuals’ opinions or systematic tests of a number of vacuum cleaners performed by consumer research organizations. Then there are several sites that synthesize ratings from both sources to provide a good overview of vacuum cleaner ratings.’s Vacuum Cleaner Ratings lists many specific models of vacuum cleaners and provides detailed synopses of what specific reviewers say about them. It also provides a guide to sources of vacuum cleaner ratings such as Consumer Reports, Which? Online, ePinions, buyer ratings, etc. it is the way to your guidance for your next purchase and provides you the details of what to do and what not to do.


How it Works


Consumer Reports and Which ? Online are subscription services. One can subscribe to Consumer Reports for $4.95 per month, and cancel at any time. Which ? Online provides a 30-day free trial, during which you can access its vacuum cleaner test reports and many others. You must provide a credit card number when you sign up, but nothing is charged to it until the first day of the month following the end of your trial period. You can cancel within the 30-day trial period and be charged nothing. If you continue your subscription the cost is 7.75 GBP per month about 15.60 USD as of this writing.


The advantages of these subscription services are inclusiveness, scientific testing protocols, and fair comparisons. Consumer Reports tests 43 different vacuum cleaners under identical conditions, for instance, while a short magazine article may look at just 2 or 3 models. The same performance and durability factors are rated for each machine, allowing fair side-by-sided comparisons. The reviews are helpful in a way where you get to know if the expenses are going to be worth it or not. It provides you a guidance beforehand and you are able to check on the recent market value as well. On the other hand, vacuum cleaners are seldom used under precisely the laboratory conditions that prevail in test labs.


The free reviews provided by ePinions, Amazon, and other marketing sites are subjective, and inevitably biased. Only people who feel quite strongly in favor or against a particular product will bother to write a review for free. You get extremes of both kinds, and seldom any “OK for the price” sort of review. Many vacuum cleaner models inspire no reviews at all. Some opinion sites have been caught deleting reviews that are unfavorable to products they sell.


But consumer reviews tend to include information that is important to consumers and may not have been evaluated by professional testers; things like color, style, the quality of noise as opposed to mere decibel volume, etc. it helps you in finding the right choice among the lot. With the reviews you can figure out a clear conception of which model or type is exact for your house or what are your requirements. Sometimes you will find a reviewer whose home environment is identical to your own, and that person’s opinion can be very important to you.


Vacuum cleaner ratings can help you decide which vacuum cleaner to buy, but you may have to look far and long for amateur ratings that are pertinent to your needs. You can go through the good and bad experiences of other people with the model you have been planning to buy. You also get to know which mistakes you should avoid and which products are not suitable for your usage. If you are planning to buy an expensive, high-end vacuum cleaner, a short-term subscription to a professional testing service may be a good idea.


If your vacuum cleaner budget is small and the brand(s) you are considering is popular, then free opinion sites may very well contain all the information you need to make a confident, informed purchasing decision. Let your wallet be your guide about the vacuum cleaner ratings source you choose!

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