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May 16, 2008
vacuum reviews
We all know that reviews are very helpful pieces of information that can help consumers make important product decisions. Just like any product, vacuum brands and models have helpful reviews too. The best vacuum review can save you a lot of time, money and frustration. You should remember though that not all reviews are the same. You should look for essential review elements that are found only in the best vacuum reviews.


It is important to see the functions of  features,a good vacuum review should contain all of a vacuum that it is describing for consumers. Potential buyers will want to know what is on a vacuum that makes it special. They will want to know, how those features will help them in a real-world setting. Also, customers will need to see the features in order to compare them with other brands and other models of vacuums. This is the first thing that a good review should contain.

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Of course, it is not enough for consumers to simply get an idea of what features a vacuum unit has. Consumers would also want the best vacuum review to contain how each feature functions and how each contributes to the overall value of the vacuum unit. It would help for example,  if a review had an explanation of how well a unit can work on bare and carpeted floors. A review should also be able to provide details about the use of different brushes, adjustable hose lengths and many different attachments.

As much as possible, a review should also have something about a unit’s portability and automatic functions.Not all vacuums are made equal. Vacuum reviews are your friend. Research which model is best for conditions you’ll need them in. Balance your research between consumer-basedreviews and scientific-based reviews.Vacuum reviews are either compilations of individual consumers’ opinions or results of more systematic tests conducted by consumer research organizations. There are also several websites that summarize the opinions and tests found on other websites, giving you a good overview of what’s out there in the way of vacuum reviews.

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An individual consumer’s vacuum review can be valuable. A fellow end-user is more likely to describe the performance aspects of a vacuum that matter to you in terms that make sense to consumers. But such opinions tend to be haphazard, focusing on what the consumer like and hated most about the vacuum. Often a consumer review is nothing more than a rant about one aspect of a vacuum.That’s where opinion aggregators like come in handy. also aggregates buyers’ opinions in each of its product listings. and eBay provide more limited space for buyers to describe their experiences. But all of these sites pull together the vacuum reviews of many users (ideally), giving you a many-sided look at a vacuum’s performance. There will be some rave reviews and some rants. It is up to you to decide what to believe out of all the opinions you read.With all these (and more) sources of free consumer reviews online, why would you even consider paying a subscription fee to a consumer research service such as Consumer Reports or Which? Online?

The advantages of these subscription services are inclusiveness, scientific testing protocols, and fair comparisons. Consumer Reports tests 43 different vacuum cleaners under identical conditions, for instance, while a short magazine article may look at just two or three models. The same performance and durability factors are rated for each machine, allowing fair side-by-sided comparisons. On the other hand, vacuum cleaners are seldom used under precis ely the laboratory conditions that prevail in test labs.

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One can subscribe to Consumer Reports for $4.95 per month, and cancel at any time. Which ? Online provides a 30-day free trial, during which you can access its vacuum cleaner test reports and many others. You must provide a credit card number when you sign up, but nothing is charged to it until the first day of the month following the end of your trial period. You can cancel within the 30-day trial period and be charged nothing. If you continue your subscription the cost is 7.75 GBP per month -­ about $15.60 as of this writing. Consumer is an example of the summary type of vacuum reviews site.

Consumer Search does allow buyers to post their opinions, but its main attraction is its summaries of vacuum reviews posted on other Web sites. It often provides glimpses into the paid reports put out by Consumer Reports, too. Vacuum reviews, whatever their source, can help you home in on the machine that is right for you. It’s often best to spend a few dollars on a short-term subscription to Consumer Reports or Which ? Online to get a systematic overview of the performance factors you should consider. Entering “vacuum cleaner” in will pull up a range of machines whose user reviews you can peruse. Then look up a few specific models in to see what people say about them.

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