Vacuums for Dust & Debris

November 2, 2007
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Vacuums suck. Dirt and debris from flooring surfaces as well a furniture, curtains, ceiling fan blades, lamp shades and any other surface that collects dust and such. Shopping for the right combination of features is half of the battle in buying a vacuum. Getting a quality machine is the other half of the battle.


Know your Right Choice


Most people assume that all vacuums are equal. After all, their main purpose is to suck the dirt out of your carpeting and off your flooring, so how can one vary from another? Learning more about the most popular types of vacuums will give you a foundation to make your purchase, so that you can choose the right vacuum cleaner for your needs and your home. What are some of the most popular vacuum brands and their pros and cons?



  • Dyson You have probably most definitely seen a commercial extolling the virtues of this brand of vacuum cleaner on the television. The question is whether it is really that great of a vacuum or is its reputation just increased due to media exposure. The Dyson vacuums have really combined top of the line engineering and design, but this comes at a high price. It is one of the best cordless vacuum cleaners. It is versatile and can be used in different way. The wand can be removed and then you can use it as handheld. It is also very light in weight and cleans all the areas without any difficulty. Many studies have found that although it is a good design, it has been found to not be very reliable on a long-term basis, which is not good considering the price of this brand of vacuum. My housekeeper absolutely loves her Dyson vacuum.

  • Roomba Who wouldn’t want to have a vacuum cleaner that moves around the floors on its own vacuuming your floors? It sounds good in theory, doesn’t it? The question is how well does it truly work? This battery powered vacuuming device is much like a little robot that roams around your rooms looking for dirt and debris to suck up. It can change directions according to the obstructions on the way. It consists of a high power battery which can be charged with the help of a wall adapter. A brush, fixed horizontally on Roomba, cleans the dust and debris from areas which are not reachable to human beings easily.


Roombas follow meek algorithms for cleaning such as room crossing, wall following or spiral cleaning. Most reviews give this vacuum cleaner high marks for reliability and ease of use, which is excellent. The price is what may turn some people off, because the bottom of the line version starts at around $200. Another downside of the Roomba is the small dust collecting area. It will have to be emptied after every few uses, so that it can work efficiently. We have a Roomba, and it’s broken again. It has been a bit delicate and is expensive and a hassle to fix. We aren’t sure we’re going to fix it again.



  • Hoover : Hoover vacuums are one of the most common vacuum cleaners in homes today. It has a name that has been recognized for almost 100 years in the vacuum cleaner world. Hoover vacuums can be found to fit any budget and they come in many different styles to allow you to find the right one for you and your home.


  • Oreck : Oreck vacuums began as hotel vacuums and then gradually moved into manufacturing vacuums that work well for the home. These vacuum cleaners are known for being lightweight and very powerful, which is why many people turn to this type of vacuum. The technique used by Oreck cleaners make it efficient in cleaning the corners and debris. They are slightly expensive, but if you want a powerful vacuum that you can move up and down stairs, then it may be a very smart choice for your home. Hotel housekeepers I know who use this think the world of the job it does and appreciate its lightness.

  • Bissell : Bissell vacuums are known for being able to handle many different uses and flooring choices. There are many different varieties to allow you to find the one that will work best for your floors, whether they are carpeting, hardwoods, or other flooring materials. They are famous for their great power of cleaning dust off the carpets.

Purchasing vacuums can be quite overwhelming, but by finding the right vacuum for your budget and your needs, you will find a tool that can truly help you to keep your home clean. A vacuum system is the most efficient way of dusting without causing you much trouble. It is able to clean corners and areas that are not easily accessible. So do your research and find the right vacuum for you.

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