Vinyl Kitchen Flooring

December 10, 2005
vinyl kitchen flooring
Though there are many choices in kitchen flooring, vinyl kitchen flooring is preferred to others by most of the people due to its attractive look. It is not only attractive, but also inexpensive. The flooring kitchen will give you freedom to create patterns and interest more than tiles, because, tiles may get damaged by water. The vinyl kitchen flooring options includes various things like sheet or tile. The compressed vinyl flooring is sustainable flooring option, since it is made up of recycled vinyl bits. If you want to make your kitchen as new in an inexpensive manner, then you can go for vinyl flooring. It makes your kitchen to be converted into a show place. It will provide you various ranges of options included colors and patterns. It gives you durability and cleansing option is the easiest one to do with vinyl flooring.

Are you looking for an inexpensive way to update your kitchen? Vinyl flooring is a wonderful option that offers homeowners a wide variety of colors and patterns. The great thing is that the assortment is wide open for you to make your kitchen into the showplace that you want it to be. Vinyl kitchen flooring is also durable and easy to clean. What more could you want in flooring for your kitchen?

Vinyl flooring comes in two different forms — sheet and tile. Tile vinyl flooring is a great option for do-it-yourselfers since it comes in peel and stick form and is easy to install and work with. One of the drawbacks of the vinyl tiles though is that water may get down in between the tiles and can cause water damage if you are not careful. Sheet vinyl flooring can also be installed yourself, but it may be trickier if you have many corners or uneven walls in your kitchen.
Several different kinds of vinyl flooring that are available. The most common kinds of vinyl flooring are inlaid vinyl, standard vinyl, and VCT or compressed vinyl flooring. Inlaid vinyl flooring is more expensive, but the benefit of inlaid vinyl flooring is that the color and pattern goes completely through the flooring. This makes it more durable than standard vinyl flooring where the pattern or color is just on the surface. VCT is highly compressed tile that is made from recycled vinyl materials. It is widely used commercially because of its durability and ease of use.
Vinyl flooring differs in the composition of the top layer of the flooring. A very tough and thick core layer in your flooring can result in flooring that will be extremely durable and very cushiony to walk on. This is great for kitchens where there is a lot of traffic and a lot of standing. Be sure that you walk on the vinyl kitchen flooring that you are considering to make sure that you are going to like the feel of it on your feet also. A more cushioned vinyl floor is also great in the kitchen to save on those dishes and glasses too. The more cushion the more likely that when you drop a glass or dish that it will not break.
Vinyl flooring is also great to install as it can be easily laid over most existing floors to save time and energy. As long as the existing flooring is solid and level, you should be able to apply new vinyl flooring on top of it. If you are unsure, check with your contractor or at the store where you purchased your vinyl flooring.
Cleaning vinyl flooring is simple and very easy. Vinyl flooring is pretty much maintenance free and has a wipe clean surface. The only thing that you need to do is sweep and mop to keep it looking as beautiful as the day it was installed. This is why it is an ideal flooring choice for kitchens as there are many accidents and spills in the kitchen due to cooking and eating.
If you are on a budget, but want to change the look of your kitchen, then consider vinyl flooring. Vinyl kitchen flooring comes in many different colors and patterns so you are sure to find the look that you desire for one of the most used rooms in your home. Be creative with vinyl tile — mix it up and create patterns. Don’t be afraid to try new things — you may create a kitchen floor that others will envy and desire!


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