Wool Rugs

November 19, 2005
wool rugs
Wool area rugs come in a variety of styles, not just cut loop. You can buy woven wool rugs, braided wool rugs, and hand-tufted wool rugs too. Though New Zealand wool rugs have a good reputation, you can find quality from other areas too. Wool rugs have a reputation for being easily stained, but cleaning wool rugs is easier than their reputation would let you understand.

Most of us think of wool for sweaters and hand knot mittens, but for high quality flooring, wool rugs and wool area rugs are great for your home and office. It’s a durable and beautiful floor covering that enhances the charm of your home.

As with any other wool, the material is shorn from lambs and goats and then processed into strands. Historically, these pieces were spun together by hand on a spinning wheel until there was a long enough piece to weave or knit with. Today, machines are taking over that job, but the essence is still the same.
Why you should buy wool rugs:

  • long lasting durability, naturally elastic
  • water-resistant, fire-resistant
  • resists static and softens noise
  • sustainable resource

Why you might not buy wool area rugs:

  • more expensive than synthetic fibers

You already know that wool is versatile, ranging in uses from clothing to coats, so it can be safely said that wool rugs can stand up to most challenges. Wool area rugs have been known to last twenty to thirty years when they’re woven by a machine, while hand tufted wool rugs can last up to sixty years. Not only do wool rugs last long, but also their appearance remains as new as when you first bought it, if you take proper care of it.

Wool rugs
Just like other natural materials, wool rugs create an atmosphere that does not support static buildup. And the thick texture and weave is perfect for noisy areas. You may notice that wool carpeting is used in concert halls and airports where noise levels can be overwhelming. Wool rugs help to dampen noise.
And also like other natural fibers, wool is able to be harvested and then re-grown on the animal. If we continue to take care of sheep and goats, then the supply will not become depleted. This is an ideal material for a sustainable environment. And the long life of braided wool rugs also guarantees you won’t need to keep re-buying them.

The inherent structure of wool creates a safe material. The scales and natural lanolin on the outside of the wool fibers creates a liquid-resistant surface. Even if you do spill something on wool rugs, it takes a some time before it sinks in and stains. Thus, cleaning your wool rug just takes a little blotting. For a deeper clean, you will need to vacuum the wool rugs weekly and be sure to remove any stains as soon as they occur.
Having wool area rugs is also in investment in your safety. The material does catch fire, but it doesn’t support the flame. Instead, it will go out once wet or suffocated. You may notice that firefighters wear wool — that’s why.

While it’s true that wool rugs and New Zealand wool rugs cost more than artificial floor coverings, when you look at the length of their life, you’ll see that over time, a wool rug purchase brings you out ahead.
Another thing to note is that wool is a porous material and can trap stains if they are not treated quickly. The best advice is to gently and immediately blot at a stain with something absorbent and then follow the manufacturer’s instructions for removing any resulting stain. The sooner you clean anything up, the better.
So wool isn’t just for keeping you warm in the cold winter months; wool flooring and wool area rugs makes great covers for the floors of your home, and they will both last for a long time and help keep your home warmer as well.


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