5 Reasons To Choose A Light Floor

Would A Light Floor Work Better For You?

It might seem like dark, bold colors for a floor are all the rage these days. Actually, there's nothing wrong with a dark colored flooring if what you want to do is add color to a room that otherwise seems pale or gets a lot of natural light through a large window. However, we hear from a lot of people who say that they painted their bedroom’s robin egg blue and they want a flooring option that's warm but not too dark to match. A light floor just seems to go better with some décor styles and personal preferences.

There are times when a dark floor would just be too jarring

If you chose a light blue color for your walls, what kind of flooring option would work best? The answer might not be that dark red oak hardwood that the home improvement supply seller wants to sell you. Dark red has a tendency to clash with light blue. Red oak does have a high hardness rating, which makes it more durable, but you can do nearly as well with a lighter option like white oak, which won't clash with light colored walls.

A light floor won't make a room too dark

All other things being equal, you may notice that you turn on a lamp in a room with predominately dark colors sooner than you would in a light-colored room. This happens because dark colors absorb more of the light in a room and produce a psychological effect that tells your brain that there isn't enough light. A light floor can offset this effect by making the room seem brighter.

Light floors are pretty versatile for décor options

A lot of people decide on a light floor color because they know they can create color contrasts by choosing bold colors in the purchases that are going to go on the floor, like rugs and furniture. You'd be surprised by how many décor options look good on a neutral light color like maple.

Maybe you like the idea of making an already bright room even brighter

You might be the kind of person who makes an interior designer want to put on some sunglasses because you like the idea of a light colored floor in a room that's already bright. This comes down to a matter of personal taste. In a room that's already bright because it has a window that lets in a lot of sunlight, a light floor can almost make you feel like you're enjoying a day outside when combined with the right décor options.

You can produce some fun patterns on your floor by accenting a light colored tile floor with darker tiles

Let's face it, a lot of people buy a house and then they replace flooring that doesn't really have anything wrong with it. It's not warped, stained, or degraded to the point where it's in danger of becoming a hazard. Why? Because they just don't like that particular type of floor. They may think it's boring. Actually, that's not even a terrible reason to replace a floor because, when you don't like it, you're not really attracted to that room very much and might not take care of the floor as well as you would have otherwise. It might be easy to associate light colors with a boring floor, but it's possible to match light colored options like white or neutral colored tiles with smaller dark colors to create patterns that break up the monotony. You can even mix light and dark colors to create interesting patterns that draw attention to certain areas in the room.

It's actually fairly easy to keep a light colored floor clean

Some people might complain that a white or light-colored floor will show any little thing, but this actually makes it easier to clean up deposits of dirt, dust and pet fur before they have a chance to accumulate to the point where it would have been noticeable on a dark colored floor. This not only reduced the amount of unsightly dirt and grime on your floor, but also reduces the risk of catching illness because germs had a chance to breed in dirty deposits that may have had a chance to work their way into unseen crevices in your floor.

Are you interested in looking at a light colored floor? We like light colors for creating possibilities that add a sense of brightness to a room and make it more attractive. Many light- or medium-colored options can open up a lot of possibilities for decorating a room because you can choose options that complement or contrast the color of the floor. Light floors can add color without taking away from the overall effect you want in a room simply because they won't be too bold or dark to really blend in well.

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