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Do you feel your kitchen floor can see better days? Has the shine and luster washed away after many years of usage? If you plan to make your kitchen brand new, then an easy way is to install new floor. Nowadays, it is quite easy to get kitchen flooring at any price range and as per your budget. So, it is not surprisingly that most people are opting for new kitchen flooring as it makes the kitchen great without spending a huge amount. A beautiful and sparkling kitchen adds a prestige among your friends and shows your interest in being spick and span with regard of your kitchen.


Endless options


Most people know are still not aware of the various options present at their disposal for selecting the best kitchen flooring. Presently, it is not necessary for kitchen floors to be linoleum. You need to do extensive research for the various kinds of choices that are present for the best kitchen flooring. Basically, the options you have is endless in selecting what to install for your kitchen, right from laminating to stone to tile fitting. The hardest thing is the selection involved among the varieties of the flooring that you can get.


Why Laminating is necessary?


Floor lamination is one of the best choices for kitchen renovations. It is easy and durable to clean, and this is best for areas where there are constant accidents and spills involved. Lamination comes in various colors and patterns and you can easily find the require style that easily fits to your desire and especially for your décor. You can check out wood lamination which are quite popular as they provide warmth and interest to a room and are stunning to look at. However, there are various kinds of floor lamination available online.


Stone flooring


A beautiful option for your kitchen is stone flooring. The only downside that you might come across is the expense; however, if you have a huge budget, there is no harm in choosing any of the natural stone floorings. Some of the common choices in flooring are travertine, marble, granite, etc. If you match the flooring with the countertops, then it is guaranteed to make your kitchen stand against the test of time. But this is possible if you properly seal them from various acid foods and different kind of stains.


Vinyl, Ceramic And Linoleum Tiles


No doubt, tile flooring is one of the best ways to update your kitchen flooring. Quite popular ones are the vinyl, linoleum and the ceramic. The linoleum and vinyl tiles are the least expensive ones. The stick and peel vinyl tiles makes it easy for homeowners to cement the tiles by themselves with little or no amount of problem. With regard to ceramic tiles, they are a bit expensive and even take certain amount of time to lay. But with a little amount of direction, it is easy for homeowners to install these ceramic tiles by themselves. These ceramic, linoleum, and vinyl tiles are available in variety of patterns and colors, and these choices are sure to make your kitchen floor great and loveable.


Suitable Selection


While selecting the kitchen flooring, it is important that you evaluate on how traffic is going on in the room. This will help you in making the required choice. Just think in this way! If your kitchen is connected to the exit or entryway, then the traffic pattern will be heavy and more when compared to being in the middle of the home. It is important for the kitchen flooring to withstand accidents and spills, and even they need to be easy to clean. Frankly, if you come across flooring that meets all these requirements, flows easily with rest of your home, and is adorable, then you have the right kitchen flooring.




Now for the verdict! Kitchen is the place where you end up cooking and even do experiments for creating masterpiece dishes. Keeping it neat and tidy is great and it is even more important to make it beautiful, so that you end up spending sometime to sharpen your culinary skills. Not many people think about the variety of dishes that can be cooked and how it feels to spend time in a beautiful kitchen.


True to the fact that kitchen flooring are subjected to food stains and other kind of dirt. So, it becomes your top priority to choose the material which is great and provides a life-long warranty. The choices you have is in abundance like wooden or stone flooring, but keeping a track on the budget can go on a long way to have a safe investment. Sometimes it is not good to go overboard with regard to your selection of the expensive kitchen flooring.

4 thoughts on “Kitchen Flooring”

  1. I have small children and need to put in a new kitchen floor. I realy like ceramic but am concerned about falls on the hard material, I also like hardwood, but have heard it won’t last in the high traffic.
    what would you suggest?

  2. Ceramic tiles would be hard on both your kids and the things you dropped on it. And it can be slippery when wet, which can happen lots in a kitchen.
    Hardwood can be a good kitchen flooring choice, and with some moderate care (sealing it well after installation, regular sweeping, and cleaning up spills as they happen), it will last well.
    Other good choices include linoleum, like Marmoleum by Forbo, cork and bamboo. These are not only made of natural materials but they also are sustainable flooring options. And they are gentle on people and things that fall on them.

  3. i too have small kids (2,9,11 years)
    we dont drink wine, little pop and little juice
    i am thinking of putting a travertine floor in – i have a great price lined up $4.25/sq ft
    would you recommend it considering the traffic that will be going through ?

  4. Travertine is sensitive to acid so not the best choice for kitchen floors. To help you select your stone flooring check the Marble Institute website; they have a manual to help you select and test various stones for your floors.
    Do be aware travertine is very slick when wet. That may not be the best choice when kids are around.


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