Bamboo Rugs

bamboo rugs
Bamboo rugs don’t resemble rugs we’re generally accustomed to seeing. A bamboo rug can be an area or accent rug, that’s either a square, rectangular or octagonal shape. Cheap bamboo rugs don’t hold up as well, but may suit your immediate needs. Care of a bamboo rug is easy; dust or wipe it clean, shaking out bits that get into the woven sections. Whether you buy an Anji mountain bamboo rug or some other kind, you have a durable rug to cover your floor.

With the Zen-like style entering more home and office settings, you may want to incorporate bamboo rugs or a palm bamboo area rug into your flooring decor.

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Cork Flooring

beautiful cork flooring
Cork flooring has been part of the construction scene for over 100 years, and is making a comeback. It has a very different look and feel from ceramic tiles, hardwood, stone, or carpeting, and is worth looking into for your next floor.

Uncorking the Joys of Cork Flooring

Cork isn’t just for wine bottles any more! Cork makes a great foor too. Cork has been used in a variety of ways for thousands of years, and flooring has been on the list of cork uses since the late 1800s.

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