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Bedroom floors put the finishing touch on this most personal room you create. Did you wake up this morning thinking about “wood floors for my bedroom” or “hhmmm, plush carpeting for my bedroom floor”? Were you working to “design my wood floors for my bedroom” to create the perfect feel? If you go with wood, will it be hardwood, bamboo or cork? Or are you thinking parquet or laminate? And which carpeting options will you consider, natural fibers like wool, silk, sea grass, or cotton, or will you consider a man-made fiber like nylon or polypropylene? There are lots of options. Think big.

Are you looking for a place of peace and quiet where you can relax and unwind? Your bedroom should be a sanctuary for you and your spouse. Ratty, old carpet or other flooring does not give a bedroom the feeling of comfort and warmth that most people desire in their bedrooms. Having a bedroom that makes you feel comfortable and secure the moment that you walk into it should be your goal. Changing out your bedroom floors can be the key to changing your bedroom from a forgotten room to your own private sanctuary.

What kind of dream bedroom do you have in mind? Is your automatic response, “wood floors for my bedroom?” Hardwood flooring or laminate flooring is a great choice for a bedroom. The look of wood makes a room feel warmer and more welcoming, which may be exactly the look that you desire for your bedroom. If you are not sure about the warmth of wood on your bare tootsies in the morning, then you can add beautiful throw rugs all around the room to keep your feet warm. The options are endless in wood flooring. You can even design your own floor by choosing different woods and arranging it in different and unique patterns. Be creative and you will have a floor that is the envy of others.
Natural stone tile may be an option that you want to consider for your bedroom floors as well. There are so many different kinds and colors of stone that will go with any kind of decor that the only hard part will be choosing the kind of tile that you want for your bedroom. Choose tile that flows with the rest of your home and that makes your bedroom feel like a sanctuary. Natural stone tile flooring gives any room a more expensive feel and a spa-like look. If this is what you have in mind for your room, then you will want to look at all of the natural stone tile options that are available. Mix and match colors and be creative to create that custom look that you desire.

Bedroom floors can also be carpeted. Carpeting is available in many different colors, patterns and different length loops or pile. You can find the carpet that feels the best under your feet and appeals to your senses most. Whether you choose a throw rug or wall-to-wall carpeting, take your shoes off and see what it feels like on your bare feet. Your feet will be feeling this carpeting on those cold mornings when you roll out of your nice warm bed.
Whichever bedroom flooring you choose, make sure that it makes you feel good. Don’t choose flooring based on what others are doing, but choose the flooring for your bedroom based on what makes you feel warm and secure. Wood flooring, natural stone tile flooring, and carpeting are all great choices for any room, but research all of your options to see which one is best for your bedroom. Then you will have made a choice that will make your bedroom into the sanctuary that it should be!

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  2. I’m going with an earthy, natural, zen type feel. I’m putting either bamboo or engineered wood floors in the bedroom. I would really like a dark slate border with the slate as the baseboards also. My bathroom is connected to bedroom with an open “hallway” with the closets on either side. In using the slate I would like it to continue into the bathroom, and out the bedroom door to the rest of the house except other bedrooms. I’m having 2 problems. 1 is how to boarder the slate to the wood. I’ve been thinking maybe a molding of rainforest marble, but I’m not sure if that would be too much. I will be using the rainforest for other accents. I don’t really know what materials are available to keep the wood away from the grout. 2nd I would like to use a dark wood like brazilian walnut with a lot of detail, but i’m afraid it will be too dark and not contrast enough. The walls are a matte med brown/gold with a hint of magenta. Please HELP!! Too many decisions, not enough samples. Any suggestions would help.

  3. Hi Michelle,
    I’m having problems visualizing it too without samples. ;o) I think the rainforest marble molding border sounds nice. If you lay the tile first and then do the wood, you won’t have the problem of the grout getting on the wood. I presume you’re going to either glue the wood or float it? Are you keeping in mind whether or not there will be any variances in height between the two materials?

  4. Hello, Can I install laminate floor over existing linoleum/old hardwood floors. I am just a bit concern as I plan to install this myself in the bedroom.

  5. I have carpets and am considering laminates. My concern is that the house is a slab — how much colder will this make my house. Is there anyway to warm a floor up?

  6. Hi Deena,
    You can always install in-floor heating if you’re concerned about the floor being too cool for you. Usually, when you install laminate flooring, a moisture barrier is installed underneath. If it’s the thin plastic foamy kind, it helps to insulate too.

  7. Hi. I need to redo all the flooring in my house. I HATE carpet and would like to do the whole house, including the bedrooms, in laminate or bamboo. The problem is that I want to move in the next couple of years and I have to think about what prospective buyers might like. Do you think most people would prefer carpet in bedrooms? I’m delaying the whole project of redoing my flooring because I can’t stand the idea of putting in carpet but it seems like it’s the practicle thing to do. What do you think?

  8. I’m with you Susan, I don’t like carpeting! The choice is ultimately up to you of course, but keep in mind that wood flooring will keep it’s value better – a lot can happen to a carpet in just a couple of years. There’s also stone, porcelain & ceramic tile to consider too! ;~)

  9. Can I select a different color wood for my bedrooms even though it is a condo. Most of the apt now is a warm honey, I would like a dark cherry for the bedroom?

  10. My wife has chosen a laminate stone looking tile for our bedroom. After I remove existing carpet and padding, is there any certain prep work I need to do before laying the tile? Also, the style she has chosen says it is glueless, does this mean peel and stick? Thanks!!!

  11. Hi Clay,
    I can’t tell if your tile is peel and stick or not without seeing it or knowing who manufactured it, what line it is, etc. I’m presuming that they are individual tiles, so probably peel and stick. It’s easy enough to tell from looking at the back of the tiles and seeing if there’s a paper to peel off.

  12. Hello,
    I am replacing the wall to wall carpet on my steps and upstairs hall but not in the bedroom. Right now, they are all carpeted in the same carpet. Will it look funny to have the carpet change at the doorway to the bedroom?

  13. I have a home in Georgia that I have just evicted the tenants out of. The burberry carpet is filthy. I want to replace it with something that will make the house sell. Ceramic tile is in all the bathrooms and the kitchen, and hardwood is in the living room and down the halls. I was thinking hardwood but someone told me ceramic tile is easier to take care of. Problem is I have never seen ceramic tile on a bedroom floor before. Do I try matching the tile from the bathrooms and kitchen, or do I try matching the hardwood from the halls?

  14. I am moving in with my boyfriend and he said that we would have to pick carpeting for the rooms. I mentioned that laminate wood floors would be a better option. WHat points can I make to him to win my case?

  15. I am moving in with my boyfriend and he said that we would have to pick carpeting for the rooms. I mentioned that laminate wood floors would be a better option. What points can I make to him to win my case?

  16. I am thinking of removing my carpet from my bedroom and putting self stick tile. What prep do I need to do after taking the carpet up and then putting the tile down.

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