Best Hardwood Floor Shine

A hardwood floor that doesn’t shine can reflect poorly on the residents of the house. It’s like having a golden retriever with dull-looking hair. People can’t help but think there’s something wrong.

We’re not trying to cast too wide a net – of course we understand there could be a number of reasons why a hardwood floor (or a golden retriever for that matter) doesn’t look shiny. Sometimes, it might even match with your décor.

The Best Hardwood Floor Shine for Home

But whatever the reason, not having the time should not be one of them because it is now easier than ever to make a hardwood floor shine like a cheerful ray of sunshine. There are many good hardwood floor shine products on the market today, and we’re going to talk about the best hardwood floor shine. The first thing you should do is determine the finish of your hardwood floor.

If it is not polyurethane or other modern finishes, you should consider refinishing your hardwood floor with oil- or water-based polyurethane finish. This is the most durable yet easy to apply finish, and it is the most optimum finish for today’s best hardwood floor shine.

Our selections of the best hardwood floor shine below will work with most hardwood floor finishes, including unsealed floors, but they will work best with polyurethane and other modern finishes like moisture-cured urethane and acid-cured finishes.

Holloway House Quick Shine High Traffic Hardwood Floor Luster and Polish

The secret is out on Holloway House’s Quick Shine. As one of the most popular hardwood floor shines, which many regard as the best hardwood floor shine, the Holloway House Quick Shine is available at most home improvement stores and e-commerce sites.

Quick Shine is a petroleum distillate-based hardwood floor shine enriched with Brazilian Carnauba wax. So for those who care about the use of natural ingredients, Quick Shine contains both natural and synthetic. What we really care about is how well it works, so we gave it a test drive on our high-traffic hardwood floor.

We are happy to report that Quick Shine worked as advertised. It is billed as a high-traffic hardwood floor luster and polish, and we discovered that it did just that.

Needless to say, you have to clean the floor first by vacuuming and mopping with a microfiber mop, and then just squirt Quick Shine onto the floor and spread. What you get is a beautiful shine.

This is the best hardwood floor shine restoring the glow and beauty of high- and low-traffic areas evenly and equally well.

The Holloway House Quick Shine is long-lasting as well. It is rated to last 2 to 3 months on high-traffic floors and 4-6 months on regular-traffic floors.

Some users complained that Quick Shine left cloudy smudges after repeated use, but in our experience, this is only the case if you use it too often.


  • Enriched with plant-based Carnauba wax
  • Can last up to 6 months
  • It brings high-traffic (dull-looking) areas and lower-traffic areas to even, equal shine. 


  • This is an oil-based shine so it can only be used on sealed hardwood floors. 

PoloPlaz Hardwood Floor Cleaner

The PoloPlaz hardwood floor cleaner cleans and shines at the same time. It is a water-based cleaner and shine, so one could perceive it to be more environmentally friendly. Once again, for the purpose of this write-up we’re more interested in how well it works.

You’ll have to vacuum and mop the floor first, but don’t worry about removing stains when you mop. Instead, use the PoloPlaz to assist in stain removal.

We had to squirt a bit more of this cleaner on tough stains, but not too much more. The important thing is it does not result in an uneven shine.

As a matter of fact, the PoloPlaz hardwood floor cleaner doesn’t exactly shine hardwood floor to a high gloss. The shine is definitely there, but this is more of a low-gloss shine. In our experience, the Poloplaz yields better results on hardwood floors in lighter colors.

In any event, this could be the best hardwood floor shine for those who prefer a low-key gloss. This water-based shine never leaves smudges, and you can even use it to remove old oil-based shines (some of which can make the floor cloudy if you used too much).


  • This water-based cleaner and shine doesn’t leave streaks or residues.
  • Cleans effectively, and can be used to remove old layers of shine
  • Fresh citrus scent 


  • The shine is too low-gloss to deliver any wow factor.

TriNova Hardwood Floor Cleaner

The TriNova hardwood floor cleaner is a water-based cleaner that restores the finish of your hardwood floor. This is the best hardwood floor shine for prefinished and professionally finished hardwood floors.

If you have newly installed hardwood floor, chances are the wood was prefinished at the factory or store. If you had your hardwood floor professionally finished with moisture-cured urethane or Swedish acid-cured finish, you shouldn’t have to apply hardwood floor shine since these finishes will last for years and years. Either way, all you need is the TriNova hardwood floor cleaner.

We have to admit that this is not a super duper cleaner for tough stains. It is rather mild as a cleaner but it is a champ at restoring the original shine and color of your hardwood floor.

On the other hand, if you have to add shine to your hardwood floor, TriNova has the answer as well in the TriNova hardwood cleaner and conditioner. This will clean and add new shine to your floor.


  • Cleans and restores hardwood floor finish
  • The best hardwood floor shine for prefinished floorings
  • Unscented (which can also be a negative if you prefer scented)


  • It restores the finish of your hardwood floor but doesn’t exactly add shine to it.
  • Slightly more expensive than other cleaner and shine 


As previously stated, if you have a prefinished or professionally finished hardwood floor, your best bet is the TriNova hardwood floor cleaner for reviving the original shine and finish of your floor.

Our selection for the best hardwood floor shine is the Holloway House Quick Shine. This oil-based shine is conditioned with Carnauba wax to give your hardwood floor the most seductive high-gloss finish. Alternatively, go for the PoloPlaz hardwood floor cleaner for a more understated shine.

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