What Are The Best Hardwood Floors For Dogs?

Many homeowners are now very concerned with making sure they choose the best hardwood floors for dogs. If your dog is important to you, you likely want a floor that will work well in your home as well as with your pet. After all, you would not want a floor that will easily be damaged, effectively wasting your hard earned money.

There isn’t necessarily one hardwood floor that is best for dogs, but there are certainly many different things to consider when you are wanting to choose one. When it comes to considering your dog, you will want to look at strength, color, grain, and different styles.

If you have a dog, and you think you need some advice on the best hardwood floors for dogs, I encourage you to keep reading.

Tips For Dog Owners In Search Of A Hardwood Floor

Avoid Installing Soft Wood Floors

When a dog is involved, it is best to choose a flooring that is not soft. For example, do not choose pine, cedar, fir, American Walnut, American Cherry, or carbonized bamboo. These softer wood floors tend to dent much easier than others, even when you do not have to worry about a dog. In reality, you’re going to spend more money.

Avoid Using Engineered Hardwood Floors

When it comes down to the choice between engineered or solid hardwood flooring, solid hardwood is a much better choice. Because you are able to sand down and refinish a solid hardwood floor, it is a much better option. If you get a scratch that is too deep, you can always sand it down and refinish it to remove the scratch. But with engineered wood, you would have to replace the pieces that are ruined which will cost a lot of money and time replacing.

Maybe Consider Installing A Distressed Hardwood Floor

Distressed hardwood flooring is not incredibly popular up to this point, but it is definitely one of the best hardwood floors for dogs. The style of the wood tends to show scratches much less than others, making it a great option for pets. The wood is designed to look distressed, so getting a scratch from a dog will not matter.

Try To Find A Hardwood Floor That Is Harder

Not all wood is the same and there are some that are harder and tougher than others. One of the best hardwood floors for dogs is Hickory. On the Janka scale, Hickory scores an 1820. There are many other options that are even harder, but you have to consider more factors than merely the hardness.

Choose A Hardwood Floor With Stronger Graining

Oak and Hickory are prime examples of hardwood floors with a strong grain, specifically red oak. Red oak floors are not as hard as other, but because of their strong graining, they do a great job of hiding imperfections caused by anything, especially pets. Floors with a strong grain tend to hide scratches much better than others.

Choose A Floor With Less Gloss

When you think about purchasing a floor, you often think about getting one with a nice, glossy finish so that it shines. However, if you want the best hardwood floor for dogs, you will want to choose a floor that has less finish or gloss. The glossier your finish is, the more the scratches will show up and reflect off of it. Even without the presence of a dog, this is a common issue.

Choose A Flooring With A Lighter Color

Choosing a darker floor will more often show the scratches more prominently, as well as dirt. Thus, a lighter color, if scratched by a dog, will show up less because it will be more similar in color to what is beneath it. It might be a good idea to also choose a color that is similar in color to your dog so that their fur does not stand out nearly as much.

Having a dog is a big responsibility and being a homeowner is an even bigger one. Because of this, you have be careful when making choices for both your pet and your home. Choosing from the extensive hardwood floor options for your home is a challenging decision, but choosing one for your dog significantly changes your options.

In my opinion, choosing Hickory is definitely one of the best hardwood floor options for dogs. But, despite the choice you make, I wish you the best with your home, floor, and dog.

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