Best White Engineered Wood Flooring

Flooring is one of the most important aspects  of interior design. The look of your floor has a significant impact on the appearance of your house. From carpeting and hard flooring to wood flooring, you have many options for covering your floor.

One of the most beloved and most used options for flooring is wood flooring. We have two options there – solid and engineered wood flooring. Solid wood flooring is a classic style, used in many older houses and buildings.

Searching for the Best White Engineered Wood Flooring

In solid wood flooring, planks are made from a single piece of timber. In engineered wood flooring, we have two or more layers of wood attached together so they form a plank. In the old days, people would nail thick planks to form a wooden floor which could survive for centuries.

But, today, solid wood is not that common. It is too complicated and expensive to install in modern buildings. That is why engineered wood flooring is becoming a primary flooring choice for your house. White is a popular color, so more and more people are looking for the best white engineered wood flooring.

We have examined the best white engineered wood flooring on the market to help you to make the right choice. 

GoHaus Friendship White Oak Wood Flooring

In their mission to build the best white engineered wood flooring, GoHaus went to Gulf Park Campus at the University of Southern Mississippi for inspiration. There, they found the Friendship Oak whose beauty has always captivated people. GoHaus saw great potential in this tree.

They wanted to transfer the beauty of this tree into your home. We think they have managed to do that with their Friendship White Oak wood flooring.

This beautiful flooring has a warm white color with gray and peach hues. Beside this warm and friendly color, Friendship White flooring also features a wire-brushed surface texture that adds another level of visual interest. Not only did they want to make the best white engineered wood flooring, they wanted it to be the prettiest.

Friendship White flooring features a wide plank design. This design is becoming more popular as it shifts from farmhouses to urban homes.

This design coupled with its beautiful color enables Friendship White to provide an authentic, warm rustic feel to a house.

This is a true engineered hardwood floor so it contains real wood in it. It has a 2 mm white oak veneer on top of the composite wood product.

Friendship White Oak Wood Flooring features a tongue and groove style of connecting planks. You can use floating, glue down or nail down methods to install these planks. With Friendship White Oak Wood, you get the single flat surface in a quick and simple way.

Resins used as adhesives for composite wood products contain formaldehyde, which is bad for health. Friendship White Oak flooring is CARB 2 compliant.

This means that it has very low formaldehyde emission. We believe that to make the best white engineered wood flooring, you have to think about the health of your customers.

Friendship White Oak Wood Flooring comes with a25-year residential warranty.


  • Beautiful color and texture
  • CARB 2 compliant
  • Durable


  • Complicated to install

Armstrong Rustics Forestry Mix White Washed Laminate Flooring

Armstrong wanted to make flooring that would look elegant, yet had a rustic feel to it. They made flooring with a unique look.

Armstrong Rustics Forestry Flooring has a whitewashed, bleached color with gray and brown undertones. Armstrong wanted to make the best white engineered wood flooring with this model.

This is laminate flooring, not a true hardwood. It combines three different hardwood grain designs – white oak, red oak, and hickory. This combination gives this flooring a rustic design that has an interesting coastal twist to it.

To give this flooring a realistic wood look, Armstrong has used their MasterWorks Technology with VTx. This technology provides a high-definition, highly detailed photographic image that simulates the color, grain, and texture of the natural material. With this, Armstrong created the illusion that this flooring is made from real wood.

Armstrong Rustics Forestry Mix has an excellent VisionGuardwear surface, which has an AC 4 rating. This guarantees that your floor will be protected against scratches, surface spills, stains, fading, scrapes, and wear-through. It also means that cleaning is a breeze.

Installing this flooring is very easy. Armstrong Rustics Forestry Mix uses a Lock’n’Fold installation system, which doesn’t require nails or staples. It is so easy to install it that even complete beginners can do it.

Armstrong Rustics Forestry Mix flooring has a HydraCore Plus. This is a high-density fiber board which helps to provide stability, has exceptional durability and is resistant to moisture. It also provides good sound absorption capabilities.

This flooring is also CARB 2 compliant, reducing the risks to your health.

Armstrong Rustics Forestry Mix White Washed Laminate Flooring comes with a 50-year residential warranty.


  • AC 4 rated VisionGuard wear surface
  • Easy to install
  • Realistic wooden feel and look
  • Excellent core
  • CARB 2 compliant
  • Very durable


  • Interesting, but not attractive design


We have covered two excellent white engineered wood floorings. But to be the best white engineered wood flooring you have to be exceptional. For us that has to be the Armstrong Rustics Forestry Mix White Washed Laminate Flooring.

The GoHaus Friendship White Oak Wood Flooring is beautiful but we feel that isn’t enough. Armstrong Forestry Mix is the best white engineered wood flooring because it offers much more. Besides looking nice, the Armstrong Forestry Mix has a very resistant surface that you can easily clean.

If you are a beginner who wants to install flooring without help, the Armstrong Forestry mix is flooring for you. It will improve your quality of life because of its sound absorbing capabilities and CARB 2 compliance.

If you want the best white engineered wood flooring that will last for a long time then the choice is obvious. The Armstrong Rustics Forestry Mix White Washed Laminate Flooring is for you.



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