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Bona is well-known for making cleaning solution products, and they’ve combined their floor cleaner with Swiffer-like technology to create a handy floor cleaner that is much easier than using a standard mop.

Advantages of the Bona Hardwood Floor Spray Mop

Bona has included some standard spray mop features with an easy-to-use design that holds up over repeated uses.

Durable and Lightweight

The material and pieces of the spray mop are well-made and sturdy, which allows them to be used repeated times during the week without breaking or failing. The mop feels very sturdy, and provides reliable mopping and spraying.

Blue Mop from Bona

Storing or carrying the mop is made easier with its light weight. There is even a small hook on the handle for easy hanging if you choose to go that route.

Simple, Ergonomic Design

The spray mop is easy to learn to use. Simply insert the included cleaner cartridge into the mop, lock it in, and you’re ready to go. The spray trigger is very responsive, and located in a strategic spot on the ergonomic handle, making it very comfortable to use.

Assembly is a breeze as well, and takes just a few minutes to put the pieces together.


The mop includes a cleaner cartridge for hardwood floors, but you can easily refill it with other cleaners for different floors in your home when that cleaner is gone. Or you can just order a refill and fill the original cartridge.

Cleaner Solution Included

Bona has included a cartridge of their wood cleaner with the purchase of the spray mop.
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The cleaner itself is fast-drying, and safe to use around kids and pets. Streaks and residue are avoided with this cleaner as well, and it won’t dull the surface of your wood after cleaning, which is a drawback of many wood floor cleaners.

Reusable Cleaning Pad

The pad itself on the mop is machine washable, so you don’t have to worry about buying packs of spare pads. When it gets to dirty, simple toss it in your washing machine and run a normal cycle for a good-as-new pad.

Disadvantages of the Bona Hardwood Floor Spray Mop

There are a few minor problems one may encounter when using this mop.

Sprayer Malfunctions

There are a few complaints about the mop failing to spray every so often. This can usually be remedied by waiting a few more seconds in between sprays, or by pressing down gently on the cartridge to ensure a proper seal and fit.

One Cleaner Option

The cartridge that is included comes with the cleaner already in it, so if you want to use different cleaners for different floors, you’ll either have to drain it and store it elsewhere, or wait for the cleaner to be used before switching.


Overall, the Bona Hardwood Floor Spray Mop is a great addition to any home with hardwood floors.

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The mop’s operation is easy and seamless, and the option to reuse the cleaning pad is a big bonus. If you are big on keeping your floors spotless without a lot of effort, you’ll love this mop.


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