Hypoallergenic carpet pad- No more allergy!

hypoallergenic carpet pads

Say goodbye to allergy bouts


A hypoallergenic carpet pad could be the answer for allergy sufferers who want carpeting in their home or office. Combine this with an air filter or air purifier, as discussed at TheGoodAirLady.com and you may find yourself breathing easier. Carpet padding can harbor a wide range of allergens that can be reduced with the use of a hypoallergenic carpet pad.


Allergy sufferers often have a hard time living in a home with carpeting. Dust mites, dander, dust and other allergens settle into carpet and its padding, causing allergy symptoms that are hard to get rid of. This is one reason why most people with asthma problems prefer not to have carpets at home despite them wanting it badly. Even if they go ahead and buy one, who is going to clean it? It is a known fact that you are susceptible to dust and other allergens while you are cleaning. These concerns force a lot of people to stay away from it. But, do they really need to? There are safer alternatives as you will soon find out.

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