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Berber Carpet Repair

Berber carpet repair is a trick worth your time to learn because Berber can be damaged. Pulls in Berber carpet are some of the most common damages, so repairing Berber carpet pulls is important to learn. Mending Berber carpet holes and cleaning stains is another good set of skills to have. Repairing a burn on Berber carpet can be as easy as mending Berber carpet, or it may require a professional. If you are installing Berber carpet in your home or office, learning how to repair Berber carpet is important to keep your carpet looking good for years.

Cleaning Berber Carpet

cleaning berber carpet

Cleaning Berber carpet regularly is one secret in keeping it looking good for years. Berber carpet cleaning can’t be left just for your annual spring cleaning, it needs to be done the moment it gets dirty. The best cleaning method for Berber carpet is the simplest: clean, cold water gently blotted onto the stain. Vacuuming weekly is another good cleaning method. Check with your particular manufacturer for Berber carpet cleaning tips for how to clean their Berber carpet. Some people recommend steam cleaning, like with a Stanley Steemer, while others recommend just vacuuming and cold water. The removal of stains on Berber carpet must be done immediately, or it won’t matter what else you do. Check your yellow pages for a reputable Berber carpet cleaner to help.

Decorate your home with jute carpet

jute carpet
In comparison with artificial made products and natural made products, natural made are always special. Natural fiber carpets made from sustainable material are friend to environment. In this way, Jute carpet is referred as the softest material. Even though it cannot live for long years of life, it will provide all benefits within its shorter period of life. Its softness is the highlight. It is one of the products in the list of backend products of carpet and it is especially used in padding for carpets.


Jute carpet is the softest among all kinds of plant fiber carpets. It is not completely enough to compare the jute carpet with cotton blanket. It is economically concerned product. Though the main features of the product are considered to be very important, it is also important to consider about the secondary features of a product especially with this kind of product. The possible expectations from the carpet are colors and styles. In this way, it will be available in various ranges of colors from tan to brown.


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Seagrass Carpeting Home Design Ideas – TheFlooringlady

sea grass carpet
Those who are seeking for an eco-friendly environmental rug or carpet, then the best option for them are use sea grass carpet. Thus, they are highly durable, waterproof resistance, look awesome as well as sustainable. Whether you choose for runners, carpet tiles or else seagrass carpets look is natural and stunning floor covering.  Thus, these kinds of sea grass carpet  are  made up of natural fiber carpet, which is a great option for those who need a natural as well as eco-friendly in their surrounding either in their house or office areas.


These kinds of carpets are perfectly suited in bathroom; kitchen, hall or wherever you need, you can use this carpet and feel the difference between before and after use of sea grass carpets in your home. Hence, when you keep your foot on the carpet you feel the shine and smooth experience. Thus, sea grass is a grass which is grown in china in the paddies that are flooded along with sea water. Moreover, the nature of the grass yarn creates it resistant, hence dried out as well as spun into a strong yarn for weaving. Therefore, the sea grass product appears in unbiased colored products, ranging from a greenish tan with a green brown as well as a light brown.

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Coir Doormats to Coir Rugs

coir doormats
Coir rugs and mats aren’t a common household commodity, yet. But coir flooring is becoming better known and used more widely as its availability and demand rise. Will you consider a coir carpet or coir matting for your home? If you are looking for a natural fiber and sustainable rug, then check into coir carpets and coir floors.

If you’re looking for something a little stronger than sisal flooring, but still earth-friendly, then coir flooring might suit your needs. Maybe a coir doormat will be as far as you go in using this sustainable product, but you may also opt to try coir rughs and carpet.

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Alpaca Rugs

alpaca rugs
Alpaca rugs are finding their way into the marketplace as Peruvians are learning to make beautiful woven alpaca rugs. A fur alpaca rug is much more expensive, as is an alpaca skin rug, and not as sustainable an option as woven alpaca rugs. If you want something different, check out beautiful alpaca rugs for your home.

While alpaca makes a great material for sweaters and blankets, don’t underestimate its use in fur alpaca rugs, alpaca skin rugs, and woven alpaca rugs. Fur alpaca rugs are one way to go with alpaca, but a alpaca woven is a very different look worth researching.

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Jute Rugs

jute rugs

Jute rugs and carpet are not widely used, but they are a sustainable option for your home and office. Jute matting is used for backing on some carpets and linoleum. Jute area rugs and carpet can lend a certain look to your home, while custom made jute rugs add a distinct touch of class. Jute flooring is more delicate or fragile than other natural fiber rugs and carpets, but it may be the right choice for you.

Wool Rugs

wool rugs
Wool area rugs come in a variety of styles, not just cut loop. You can buy woven wool rugs, braided wool rugs, and hand-tufted wool rugs too. Though New Zealand wool rugs have a good reputation, you can find quality from other areas too. Wool rugs have a reputation for being easily stained, but cleaning wool rugs is easier than their reputation would let you understand.

Most of us think of wool for sweaters and hand knot mittens, but for high quality flooring, wool rugs and wool area rugs are great for your home and office. It’s a durable and beautiful floor covering that enhances the charm of your home.

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Hemp Rugs

hemp rugs

Hemp area rugs are a rare commodity in the U.S. because of the illegality of growing marijuana, a related plant. But hemp fibers are strong and durable, and makes course fabrics like canvas and burlap. There are times a hemp area rug would fit the bill though, so finding a source of hemp rugs may be the thing to do.