Silk Rugs

silk rugs
Silk rugs are made all over the world. Your silk rug may be from Qum (or Qom, in Central Iran), Turkey (also known as Kayseri or Kilims, depending on the region of Turkey), Persia, and Kashmir, among other places. Silk rug and carpet cleaning requires a bit of care, but can be done at home. Maybe a fiber blend rug is your thing; wool and silk rugs as well as cotton and silk rugs are viable options for you. Oriental silk rugs are an investment, and may be one you decide on.

Silk doesn’t seem to be the strongest material you can think of for flooring, but you’ll be surprised to know that it definitely has its advantages.

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Indoor Outdoor Carpeting

indoor outdoor carpeting
Indoor outdoor carpeting is better today than it was originally because it resembles carpeting more than before. Indoor outdoor carpet can be found in a variety of colors and textures to suit your tastes. Outdoor carpeting is great on decks, patios, porches and stairways — any outdoor room you have. Learning how to install outdoor carpeting is easy.


Indoor outdoor carpeting is carpeting that can be placed both indoors and outdoors, be exposed to the elements and survive. It has many advantages in this manner simply because it will not become ruined in most weather conditions. It is often used on porches, in sun rooms and in other locations in which there is possible exposure to the elements.

Looking for the best type of carpeting for your flooring? Then you need to check out our latest reviews and comparisons for 2018.

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The Uses And Benefits Of Carpet

Carpet is a textile oriented floor covering which consists of an upper layer called pile which is attached to a backing. The pile is very commonly made from woll or fibres like: polyester, polypropylene, nylon. They mostly contains twisted tuffs which are regularly heat-treated inorder to maintain the structure at different environmental situations. It is used to cover the flooring of an entire house. They are also used in industries and commercial establishments. It is one of the most commonly used flooring types in homes and businesses. Its popularity comes and goes, but generally it’s a flooring option that’s here to stay.


Some of the reasons carpeting is so popular are:

  • warmth
  • softness
  • sound muffling quality
  • variety of color, texture and style


Some of carpet’s disadvantages include:

  • difficult to clean
  • wears out within a few years
  • holds dust, mites, and other allergens

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