Carpet Pad Over Uneven Subfloor

The floors of your home make up a very large area that can make or break your design style. The foundation of these floors can make the difference between flooring that will last and one that will need to be replaced quicker than you expect. The subfloor that is under your flooring must be even and stable or you will have problems no matter, regardless of what type of flooring you choose.


 Installing carpet pad over uneven subfloors or floating floors over uneven subfloors will only cover up the problem temporarily. The carpet pad over uneven subfloors will wear unevenly and quickly with the pressure from feet and furniture, causing the carpet and the padding to wear out much quicker. You need to fix the uneven floors by using a leveling agent or putting down a new subfloor before you install your flooring to ensure that your investment in flooring will keep its value. The main objective of carpeting is always beautification of your surrounding and of course a permanent one. If you ignore the basic requirement of an even floor for carpeting due to the investment that might come to play then you will only fix the problem temporarily and bear a higher cost of replacement in the future.


Type of floors


Floating floors or ceramic floors that are installed on top of uneven subfloors are more prone to cracking or breaking simply due to the uneven base that the hard flooring is located on. Just walking on the floors can damage them beyond repair, decreasing the value of your investment and causing you to have to replace the floors much sooner than you had planned. What can you do about uneven subfloors? Uneven subfloors must be leveled before you install any type of flooring. Self-leveling mortar or concrete is one way that you can try to level out the floors. Applying this mortar to your subfloor according to the manufacturer’s directions can help to get the floors into proper condition so that you can begin installing your flooring. You can hire a professional to lay out the mortar or concrete layer. It is also possible for you to finish the job with a little knowledge of the process.


Tricks of carpet layering over uneven floors


The uneven floors need to be installed before you plan to install any type of flooring. Concrete is one method that can you can adopt to layer the floors. When a floor is constructed and maintained in a proper manner it can even last up to 50 years. But the question is what do you do when the sub floor is uneven? They aid in the installation of proper flooring by giving it a base and also help in the air conditioning and heating. If the sub floors are properly constructed it increases the life of the actual floors. The ceramic floors installed on top of it are more prone to cracking. If you just walk on them it can result in damage beyond repair. This will decrease your investment and force you to think of replacing it much before you intended to do so. The best solution for an uneven floor is a carpet pad as it may cover the loopholes. It also helps you if you are tight in terms of budget as well.


How to layer of subfloors


Another way to level out your subfloors is to lay down a layer of plywood. Once a layer of plywood is installed, you can begin installing the flooring. No matter what method you choose, you want to use a level to ensure that the subfloor is as level and even as possible, so that you will get maximum use and function from your flooring choice. The proper base or foundation for installing your flooring can help your new floor to last through the wear and tear of life for a long time. Make sure before installing any type of flooring in your home that the surface is even and free from dirt or debris to give your flooring the best surface possible for maximum durability. You can deal with the dirt and debris using professional cleaning tools and agents. The layering of the uneven surface can be dealt with any of the effective methods mentioned above to obtain the best possible even flooring. With just this extra little effort, you can ensure that you give your flooring the best chance possible to last for many years to come.


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