Cleaning Berber Carpet

Cleaning Berber carpet regularly is one secret in keeping it looking good for years. Berber carpet cleaning can’t be left just for your annual spring cleaning, it needs to be done the moment it gets dirty. The best cleaning method for Berber carpet is the simplest: clean, cold water gently blotted onto the stain.

Vacuuming weekly is another good cleaning method. Check with your particular manufacturer for Berber carpet cleaning tips for how to clean their Berber carpet. Some people recommend steam cleaning, like with a Stanley Steemer, while others recommend just vacuuming and cold water. The removal of stains on Berber carpet must be done immediately, or it won’t matter what else you do. Check your yellow pages for a reputable Berber carpet cleaner to help.

Are you considering Berber carpet for your home? Berber carpet is one of the most popular and best carpeting choices today. Why? The beauty and elegance of Berber, of course. To get the maximum value for your money, however, you need to choose a quality Berber carpet for your home, like wool or nylon Berber.

There are many less expensive Berbers around, but you will end up spending more money in the long run if you choose it. With just a little cleaning and maintenance, your quality Berber carpeting will last you for years.

Cleaning Berber carpet is no more difficult than cleaning any other kind of carpet. You just need to make sure that you get all of the water possible out of it when you are through cleaning.

The best cleaning method for Berber carpet is to vacuum regularly and to clean up spills as they occur. If you keep your Berber carpet as clean as possible between professional carpet cleanings, you will be ahead of the game when your professional carpet cleaner comes to clean your Berber.

If you choose to clean it yourself, just make sure that you get as much of the water as you possibly can out of the loops of the Berber to ensure that no mold or mildew will grow. This is the biggest danger in cleaning Berber because of the size and density of the loops.

Berber carpet cleaning should be taken seriously because if you let a stain set into the carpet, it will be nearly impossible to remove it entirely and you may continue seeing its little mark for years. That is why you need to have some Berber carpet cleaning tips to help keep your carpet looking as good as the day it is was installed.

  • Regularly vacuum your carpet. This helps dirt and debris from getting down into the carpet where it is more difficult to remove.
  • Check the labels on carpet cleaners. Some of them are toxic to children and pets. Ask the salesperson at the store where you purchased your carpet what they recommend for a Berber carpet cleaner.
  • Stop it at the door. Put a throw rug at all the entrances and exits to help prevent some of the dirt and debris from being tracked inside your home. Another idea is to have your family remove their shoes at the door.
  • No food or drink on the carpet. If you have children, this may be a good rule to employ unless you want to spend a lot of your time on your hands and knees cleaning up those sure-to-occur messes.
  • Clean up spills as soon as possible after they occur. Use cold, clear water to first try to remove the stain. Blot with a clean cloth —don’t rub. If the water doesn’t work, move on to a carpet stain remover. Removal of stains on Berber carpet is not any more difficult than other weaves of carpet with a thick yarn.
  • Have your carpets professionally cleaned, or clean them yourself, on a regular basis, making sure that all the excess water is removed from the Berber carpet.

With just a little maintenance, you can keep your Berber carpet clean and inviting. Knowing how to clean Berber carpet will help your carpet to last longer and help you to be more satisfied with it.

Carpet cleaning Berber should not be something that you procrastinate about. The longer you let a stain sit on the carpet, the more difficult it will be to remove. Remember, the best way to clean Berber carpets is to keep them from getting dirty in the first place.

49 thoughts on “Cleaning Berber Carpet

  1. I have successfully used a steam iron on the steam setting. Don’t press the iron to the carpet, just hit it with the steam jets. Use a towel to lightly rub the spots and absorb the water. You may have to try that several times to get satisfaction.

  2. We have a dog we adopted from the animal shelter, turns out she was an abused dog and all of a sudden has taken a liking to using one particular side of our dining room as her outdoors. I was leaving it up to the bf to clean up as he is the one home all the time, it appears as if he hasn’t been doing so and we have a berber carpet that has designs imprinted in it. I walked over there today and it is yellow and hard. I mixed some carpet detergent with water and put on it and then began to use a steam cleaner on it, Is there anything else I can do that will help? Thanks.

  3. You can start with a diaper on the dog. Really! I met a dog just this week who wears a diaper because of her age and “leaking” problems. I don’t know if they got the diaper from a pet supply store or made it themselves, but it wrapped around her and had a hole for her tail to come through. It worked well.
    A vinegar and water solution will also help clean the spot as well as deodorize it. When it’s dry from your various attempts to clean it, generously sprinkle baking soda on the spot, rub it in, let it sit for several hours and vacuum it up.
    You may have to do more cleaning after that to get this stain up, but you’ll have a good start on a clean carpet.

  4. We just installed a new Berber carpet in our home. We noticed a spot right in the center, not sure what it was..Used an over the counter rus cleaner and tried to get it out, that didnt work than used OxyClean and now the area (spot) seems to be a larger and the spot has grown. Please advse how we get this spot out as it looks terrible and we are sick over it. Thanks

  5. If it was there when it was installed, I think the flooring company needs to take care of it. Either they need to come in and clean it successfully for you, or they need to replace the carpet with one that’s not stained.

  6. Is there any way to remove set in pet stain and odors from berber carpet. How can i tell what kind of berber i have? I bought a house and the carpet was already here, it looks to be a few years old. Summer is here and it is now off gasing!

  7. You could start by doing what I recommended 3 entries up from yours. If you still have a stain, you’ll have to try to figure out what kind of stain remover is recommended for your carpet composition.
    Are you sure that your carpet is off-gassing? If so then it’s made of synthetic materials and not natural materials. I wouldn’t think that off-gassing would be a noticeable problem with the carpet or padding if it’s a few years old, that’s usually a problem when it’s new. Perhaps some kind of chemical cleaner was used on it when the house was being prepared to go on the market? How long has it been since you moved in?
    Sorry for all the questions.

  8. Thanks, I did use vinegar and water. It seemed to help with the newer stains. I guess i’ll have to call my realtor to fine out what kind of berber i have. I have only been in my home going on 3 months. I love your web site and thank you so much.

  9. Hi Annelle!
    I’m not sure if the “carpet cleaner” you’re referring to is a cleaning product or a carpet cleaning machine. I’m not entirely sure that you can add vinegar to a carpet cleaning product/solution, but it should be safe to use as a solution itself in a carpet cleaning machine. It won’t hurt the machine at all.

  10. My dog got sick on our berber carpet that is only a year old and I cleaned with spot shot and the stain from the dog came out but I have these discolorations in the carpet, they look like wet spots but they are not wet. How can I get rid of those spots?

  11. Does your Berber contain wool or is it synthetic?
    I would try Stain Solver, and clean a larger spot than you see the discolorations. Be sure to feather out the cleaning solution so you don’t have a hard line of cleaned and not cleaned.
    Good luck. Let us know what happens.

  12. Don’t worry about it, try the suggestion above.
    If you’re curious and do want to know what your Berber is made of and you have some scraps of it, unravel a strand off of an end and take a match, lighter or candle flame to it. If it burns (like hair), it’s natural fibers, if it melts then it’s sythetic.

  13. We have only had our Berber carpet for about 3 months. We have 2 dogs and one was sick on the carpet. I cleaned with Oxy the same as I cleaned with my old carpet but there is a discoloration. I read in some previous comments that you seem to recommend vinegar and water but I don’t know how much of each. I know my carpet is synthetic but I don’t know if it’s nylon or something else. I’m trying to find out but haven’t been able to reach the store. I would appreciate any advice.

  14. Actually, the best place to call would have been the manufacturer – even the store can give wrong advice.
    I always recommend StainSolver – I think it works better than OxyClean because it’s got more bleaching action. If you try the vinegar & water, try about a 1:10 or 1:15 solution (1 part vinegar to 10 or 15 parts water).

  15. I just used the Hoover V wide steam cleaner on my berber and it worked great. My carpet was about two years old and always heard the manufacture saying the only way to clean is on your hands and knees. Well guess what I just bought the 12 amp hoover wide v handle cleaner with the scrub brushes because it worked great and the rug was dry in 15 minutes.

  16. We had company over last night and have no idea how this spot happended. It’s as if someone kept pulling velcro off of an area leaving it all fuzzy like. I was wondering if one of the kids was running something back and forth over it and the toy was pulling on the carpet? It seems they would have had to do it soooo many times though. I was wondering of I should take a razor and go softly over the spot or some how cinging the area with a hot dry iron. I know…it sounds crazy. Any suggestions?

  17. Hi Laurie,
    No, doesn’t sound crazy. You could try a razor – carefully! I can’t recommend a hot dry iron since I don’t know what materials your carpet is made of. Many of them are petroleum based products and a hot dry iron will melt it horribly.

  18. I had my carpet professionally cleaned for the first time. While still wet, 3 large brown stains in a perfect circle were left that were not there before. What could that be? The company does not want to take responsibility and my carpet is only 2 years old–and stain free at the time. What do I do?

  19. Hi Sandra, There’s no telling what the stains are. I presume you have padding under the carpet? It sounds like it may have been an old stain that perhaps you thought you cleaned up, but only on the surface. When a stain isn’t totally removed, some can be left deeper in the carpet and re-appear if it should happen to get wet.

  20. Hi Euna,
    This topic has been covered many times, and in different areas of the site, such as Berber Carpet Problems, Berber Carpet Repair, and Berber Carpet Care. Much is going to depend upon what your carpet is made of (PET, wood, nylon, etc.) to determine what you can and cannot do.

  21. Berber carpet is pretty tricky because it wicks. After berber is professionally steam cleaned, although it may look beautiful for a few hours or days, reaccuring spots will eventually wick back up to the top of the carpet and show themselves again. To prevent wicking as your carpet cleaning professional to bonnet clean the berber after the steam cleaning. Follow this method with speed drying. These steps will ensure that your carpet looks beautiful and stays beautiful.

  22. I just used the Rug Doctor to steam clean my berber carpet. After 12 hours, you can still see the pass lines in the carpet and it is still damp. After doing some reading, it seems as though I may have over-wet it when doing my passes. How do you get the extra moisture out of the carpet? Can I use the Rug Doctor again and just vacuum it, perhaps in a different direction?

  23. I have Berber carpet and want to know if I should use ChemDry or Oxi Fresh to have it professionally cleaned. They both seem to advertise the same process. I have used ChemDry in the past. Help please??

  24. Thank you Flooring Lady for your reply… My hesitation with ChemDry is that after the last cleaning there was a very strong unpleasant smell where there seemed to be dogs laying on the carpet. Any ideas on how to prevent the after smell with the professional cleaning?

  25. I also have berber carpet and I do love it. However it is like a light beige (white) carpet. New Years Eve Champange was spilled on the carpet and it spotted pretty bad. I have tried cold water, goo gone. capet cleaners Over the counter and it seems to be getting worse. I really need a suggestion on geting it clean. Its only 7 months old. I was thinking steam or chem dri. Whats best and what would you suggest. Do you think I would be better off trying to have someone dye it. I am so upset please any help or suggestion would be appreciated. Thanks in advance

  26. We just bought a house with loop carpet, not sure if you can call it Berber, but it’s the same concept. The previous owner had a dog and my husband and I are both very allergic. What’s the best way to get dander out of the carpet — hot water extraction or a low-moisture process?

  27. I have a new home with Berber carpet. I spilled butter on the stairs and can’t get it out. Can you please help? Also, we have a puppy that tinkled in a few plays. We cleaned it immediately with Pet Resolve. It left the carpet slightly lighter in color. I am panicking. What can I do?

  28. J,
    The butter is harder to remove than most food items because it is oily. I would try to blot it up with some vinegar and water 1:15 parts. If that doesn’t help, I would recommend StainSolver.
    The spots left by the Pet Resolve may just be that the carpet is slightly dirtier on the main part, and cleaning that spot left it slightly lighter. It could also be that the chemicals in it are too harsh for your carpet and faded it.
    If it is just cleaner in that spot, the next cleaning of the entire carpet should correct it.
    However, I would be careful using the product until you know if it is damage.

  29. I have recently moved into a house with Berber carpet. I want to keep it looking nice. How often should I have the carpets professionally cleaned?

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