Coir Doormats to Coir Rugs

Coir rugs and mats aren’t a common household commodity, yet. But coir flooring is becoming better known and used more widely as its availability and demand rise. Will you consider a coir carpet or coir matting for your home? If you are looking for a natural fiber and sustainable rug, then check into coir carpets and coir floors.

If you’re looking for something a little stronger than sisal flooring, but still earth-friendly, then coir flooring might suit your needs. Maybe a coir doormat will be as far as you go in using this sustainable product, but you may also opt to try coir rughs and carpet.

Made of the strong fibers of coconut husks from Kerala, India. The fibers are soaked in water for several months to ready them for weaving. These coconuts grow along the inner waterways and lakes of India, so the material continues to be produced without human intervention. What advantages does coir have? As rugs the advantages include:

  • durable and made to last
  • resistant to insects
  • can handle moderate traffic
  • sustainable material

Some coir rug disadvantages include:

  • difficult to find
  • can’t be used outdoors
  • not comfortable for sitting on for long periods
Sisal Rugs
Much like the sisal flooring, coir rugs and coir mats are tightly woven and strong. Since the materials are natural, little is done to process them, and they retain their inherent strength and durability. Many times the chemicals that are used to create particular colors or affects in synthetic floor coverings also create perfect conditions for rapid wear.








The natural texture and smell of coir carpets repel insects such as moths. Many times, prospective buyers fear that the natural materials in coir matting only attracts insects who would like to eat away at it, but this is not so. Natural oils in the coir keep these problems away.
The tougher texture of the coir mats and coir rugs allows for more traffic to cross it without obvious wear and tear. This is an ideal quality in picking flooring for a busy household or a moderately busy office setting. If you have children or pets, then the coir flooring is optimal in keeping its shape and texture, even if you run back and forth all day.
And like other natural fibers, coir carpet works with the environment instead of against it. The fibers grow naturally, so we won’t run out of them as we will synthetic fibers. With careful care and attention to the growing cycle, coir rugs can be made for years and years from the same coconut tree.
Of course, as the natural fiber trend is just beginning, it may be hard to find coir mats and coir carpeting. But it is possible. Even if your particular town doesn’t carry it, you can find retailers online that will ship it to you. Just be sure to talk to someone who knows how to install it, so it is done correctly the first time.
Like sisal, coir carpet has a few drawbacks. It’s not suggested for outdoor use, with the exception of a coir doormat that’s ideally located on a covered porch. The added moisture of the outdoors can cause the mat to curl and lose its weave. And also like sisal, the surface is not terrific for sitting on, though it does provide a nice texture for tired feet.
Coir carpeting and coir mats come in a variety of weaves and textures so you can compliment any decorating scheme or begin a new one. With the natural healthiness of the material and the long lasting quality, coir carpet is an investment that will pay off for any family.

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  1. Hi looking to get a some flooring for inside my hall door… thats cior or something like it something like 4 foot x 5 foot? suggestions?

  2. Jimmy,
    Cior is a great choice, the above article states “Even if your particular town doesn’t carry it, you can find retailers online that will ship it to you”. You may be able find just the right rug you are looking for.


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