Ultimate Guide to Cork tile Flooring

Natural Cork tile makes a great flooring material. It muffles sound, cushions your step, insulates against temperature extremes, and looks exotic. An advantage of these tiles over panels is that you can create floor patterns by interlacing different colored tiles. For example, a border around one color of tile with another creates room differentiating or the look of a throw rug. Not only is it a sustainable flooring material, but it also is easy on air quality because of not emitting gasses like man-made products often do.


Why Choose Natural cork tile?


Natural Cork tile is becoming more and more popular in homes. This flooring has a great many benefits that other flooring options do not have and it offers a beautiful and visually appealing floor that you will enjoy having in your home. It has a look that is unusual and unique, which makes it quite appealing to homeowners.


What makes it so appealing to homeowners?


The look of cork is what first draws homeowners to it for their homes and offices. The unique whirls and swirls in the these tiles, as well as the speckles are what make this flooring unique and fun to look at. It comes in a wide variety of colors, including reds, browns, greens and blacks. This allows you to find the tile that works best for you and your particular decorating style. They go well with any decorating style, too, which makes them excellent for use in homes where the homeowner enjoys redecorating. The life of cork tile is also longer than other tiles used for flooring.


Other Benefits


Natural Cork tile has other benefits in addition to its look, too. It offers excellent sound reducing abilities, making it excellent for rooms like sound studios or teenager’s rooms. It is also wonderful for insulating rooms against the heat and cold. It can keep your feet warm during even the coldest winter months, and cool during hot summer months. It also has natural cushioning in it, which makes it great to walk on. The other benefits of these tiles includes the fact that it is anti-static, water resistant, and anti-allergenic. All of these benefits and more are what make this flooring choice an excellent one for any home.


Environment Friendly


Another thing to consider when thinking about installing cork tile is that it is considered to be aflooring that is environmentally friendly. Cork is taken from the bark of the tree, which means that trees do not have to be cut down to be used. This harvesting of bark is done every nine years to allow the tree time replenish itself.


Installing Cork Tile Flooring


Installing cork tile is normally done by having the tiles glued down to help make sure that it is firmly connected. The glue choice that is made at this stage is very important, because the wrong glue can keep the tiles from being firmly affixed to the subflooring, which will cause them to wear out more quickly and can be dangerous to walk on. A strong adhesive is necessary to help the tiles be as durable as possible. Unfortunately, most of the glues recommended by flooring outlets or manufacturers is noxious. There are glues that are low in VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and are better for indoor air quality.


Removing the Old Flooring


Installing cork tile can be success only if the surface beneath is flat and smooth. You can’t install it over a vinyl or plank flooring, hence you need to have a plywood surface of about 1/4 inch think over any existing flooring. It can be installed on top of concrete flooring as well.


If you already have a few layers of old flooring, tear out the old layers and install new underlayment on the subfloor. Cut your underlayment plywood and screw it to the old subfloor or existing floor. Do not substitute particleboard or fiberboard for plywood; they absorb moisture and crumble too easily. The plywood you use should be graded as underlayment plywood.


Buy Unfinished


Most natural cork tile for floors is pre-finished, often with something like an aluminum oxide that’s been UV cured. I have a friend who bought these tiles as unfinished and finished it in his place. After seeing how some pre-finished floors wear, I highly recommend having the floors finished in place to give you the best wear possible.


What makes it so special?


There are various reasons why people are installing cork tile as it is extremely lightweight and renewable every 8-10 years and naturally look beautiful. Some of the other advantages are listed below:


  • Fire resistant


  • Highly renewable


  • Stable in all temperatures


  • Natural thermal and sound insulator


  • Highly versatile tiles


  • Insect resistant


  • Lightweight and stable


  • Fire resistant




If you have been looking for a unique way to cover your floors, then you will definitely want toconsider selecting cork tile forall your flooring needs. Their unique colors and shading, as well as the other benefits, makes them an excellent choice for any room in your home. You’ll be amazed at how comfortable they make your home and floors. And these tiles are not just for bulletin boards anymore.


2 thoughts on “Ultimate Guide to Cork tile Flooring

  1. Hello, thank you very much for the article! We are considering putting cork flooring in our new house, on the 2nd floor (all bedrooms). I got confused about the paragraph, dealing with the glue. When you say the glues are noxious; do you mean during installation or even after? And the glues that are low in VOCs, are they strong enough for the job?
    Thank you for you help and clarification in advance,
    Vee from LA

  2. Vee,
    You are going to love cork flooring in your bedroom! I would suggest that you put your heavy furniture on casters or coasters.
    In regards to the glue, a glue high in VOC is noxious during installation and continues to off-gas even after installation. Low VOC glues will hold your cork quite well, the glue also works well on ceramic tile! The low VOC glue will be a healthier choice for all those in your home.

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