Engineered Antique Flooring

Engineered antique flooring is affordable, beautiful, and environmentally sensitive. You can have the look of old flooring without the hassle of getting reclaimed antique flooring finished and installed. It’s durable, easy to install and doesn’t deplete old wood forests.

If you enjoy the look of antique flooring that you see in older homes, you are going to be pleasantly surprised at what you see at the flooring store. There are engineered antique flooring options that you can choose to put in your newer home to help add warmth to your entire home. Engineered antique flooring is also more stable and sturdy for your home than the hardwood variety.

Reclaimed wood flooring is something that many homeowners choose due to its classic beauty and old elegance. There is just something inherently beautiful about older wood floors. The great thing about engineered antique flooring is that it merges the best of the old and the new. It has the look of older reclaimed hardwood flooring, but the convenience and durability of engineered wood flooring. This is great news for homeowners.
Engineered antique flooring has real wood for the top layer, but the core of the floor boards are composed of sheets of wood laminated together. This helps make it sturdier and more resistant to moisture. It works well in any area of the home, even in moisture-prone basement areas. It is also easy to install yourself and can be installed using several different installation methods.
Engineered antique flooring is also kinder to the environment. Thousands of trees do not have to be killed to make this flooring because the top layer is the only one that is composed of exotic or old-growth wood. This means that many more boards can be made with one tree than with common hardwood flooring. The core of the engineered antique flooring is made from less expensive, easily replenished woods like pine. This helps make the engineered antique flooring less expensive to consumers, too.
Many people choose engineered antique flooring because it is priced lower than hardwood flooring, but there are other benefits as well. It has fewer problems with expansion and contraction and is more resistant to moisture than solid hardwood flooring. Another added benefit that is not as well known is that it is less prone to squeaking.
You would never know by simply looking at installed engineered antique flooring that it is not solid hardwood. It looks just as beautiful as solid hardwood flooring with few of the problems that is associated with a solid hardwood flooring.
It is possible to find engineered antique flooring in any wood variety and any stain color. This may be one reason that many builders and contractors are choosing engineered flooring for new homes and to refurbish older homes.
The benefits of engineered antique flooring are numerous in addition to its great beauty. This is why it has become more popular with every passing year for both new construction and remodeling projects.

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