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If you have considered an engineered flooring – maple could be the hard wood you want. Engineered maple flooring is a great way to get the look of maple without the often associated look. You can install it as a floating floor, nailed down, or glued. Choose from pre-finished or raw, and then finish it in place. There are advantages to both, though I’d personally go with the finish in place to get the smoothest and toughest finish I could.

Maple has a fine and uniform texture that draws many homeowners to its classic beauty for floors and cabinets. I loved my birds-eye maple cabinets! Buying maple hardwood flooring can be quite expensive, so can be beyond the budget of some people who wish to add the warmth of this wood to their home. There is another option, though, that can help you stay on budget and add the beauty of maple to your room and home. This option is engineered maple flooring.

Engineered flooring comes in many different hardwood varieties, including maple, and it is less expensive than hardwood flooring, which makes it ideal for a do-it-yourselfer or homeowner on a tight budget. And it lasts long, at least if the engineered maple flooring I installed almost fourteen years ago is any indication.
Engineered flooring maple has many benefits over regular maple hardwood flooring. For one thing, it can be installed in any area of your home, including over radiant heat and in your basement or other moisture-prone area. It is also very durable. All of these benefits are due to the construction of the engineered maple flooring.
Engineered maple flooring is made by layering three to seven layers of inexpensive fiberboard or plywood together to make a base for the hardwood flooring. The maple veneer is glued to the top of the base to create a strong durable plank of wood to be installed in your home. This layering system allows the flooring to expand and contract without any of the warping, cracking or cupping that may be seen in hardwood floors. This makes the flooring an excellent choice for basements and other moist rooms, like the kitchen and bath, or experience temperature fluctuations, like those with in-floor radiant heat, on the south side of a house, or in a summer home or cottage that’s not used too often.
You can find engineered maple flooring in many different stain colors, letting you to create just the right look for your decorating style. This flooring usually comes pre-finished and, in most cases, can easily be installed by the most novice of do-it-yourselfers. Installation can be done over most existing types of flooring as long as it is smooth and even. It can even be installed over concrete sub-flooring. Most engineered maple flooring choices features a floating floor design, which means that it isn’t glued or nailed down to the floor. It is laid on the floor on top of a vapor barrier using a click and lock system to join the boards. You only need to be able to cut a few of the boards to fit and you will be on your way to installing your own engineered maple flooring in no time.
If you love the look of maple flooring, but are put off by the price of the maple hardwood flooring, then you will find that engineered maple flooring is the right choice for you. The benefits of easy installation, wide range of use, and budget-minded price will only help to reinforce your decision to purchase this engineered flooring maple.

2 thoughts on “Engineered Flooring – Maple

  1. Hi,
    would an engineered 3 1/4 inch floor gap less than a conventional maple floor? Is yes, what brands should I consider for a very high end house?
    thanks, Paul

  2. Hello Paul,
    It’s really hard to say which would gap *more*. There are so many variables! Humidity, temperature (and the variances of both)just for starters. All wood floors will gap – that’s why you fill them in before finishing and if you ever refinish the floor.
    Since this is a high-end house, I’d really go with solid hardwood – it’s going to last a lot longer and can be refinished (if the need should arise!) many more times than engineered hardwood.

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