Is Engineered Hickory Flooring Worth Your Investment?

Are you looking out for a pick-me-up in home decoration? If you feel boring and drap are the two major words which describe your home, then the time has come for you to look out for a means to make it more inviting and alive.


Of course, one of the major means is to revive your home by installing new flooring. It can surprise you when you see that your entire house looks and feels different as you install the new flooring. If you really want a good flooring to simply revive your home, then check out the engineered hickory flooring.


What is Engineered Hickory Flooring?


A wonderful choice for any kind of style for your home is the engineered hickory flooring. Even though it is a close relative of the maple, it is much harder and provides a rustic look. What attract many people towards the engineered hickory flooring are the interactive and excellent color variations. No doubt this is the major aspect that draws people to such particular wood species.


It has a reddish or tan color along with creamy or white sapwood which is further enhanced by the presences of the brown lines that provides this visual interest as well as a character. A wide variety of stains are provided by the engineered hickory flooring and this is what enhances the beauty and excellence of the natural hickory wood. Frankly, this flooring choice is one of the best means of updating a drab and boring floor.


Benefit of Engineered Hickory Flooring


Unlike other flooring, the engineered hickory flooring is quite easy and interesting to use. One of the major advantages of using this flooring is that it can be installed in every room of your home and this includes even the moisture prone rooms. Compared to the solid wood, hardwood hickory flooring has a huge advantage. Soild wood cannot hold moisture when compared to the engineered wood.


Plus the engineered hickory flooring is the best and more suitable in your basement or any other room of your house. Furthermore, it is very much easy to install by yourself because of the presences of the floating floor design and it is quite durable for the many years of wear and tear which your family might subject the floor to.


You can get the engineered hickory flooring in groove and tongue boards. So, this means that once you have put down the barrier for moisture, all you have to do is get them fitted together and do the necessary cuts wherever it is required. Frankly, this process is quite simple and you will just need is few tools.


Removal of Stains


It is easy to take care of the engineered hickory flooring. With a simple dust mop, you can clean most of the dirt and dust on daily basis. Even you can use a damp mop to clean. One thing to always remember is that with any kind of flooring especially engineered hickory flooring, you must clean the spills as soon as they happen.


Once the stain gets dried, then it becomes difficult to dispose them off. Cleaning at the earliest will help in removing the stains as thoroughly as possible. No doubt, regular cleaning can help in keeping your hickory flooring sparklingly beautiful and attractive for many years to come.


Winding Up


Now if you are seriously looking for an easy way to update your home and make it look more interesting, then definitely you need to consider the engineered hickory flooring. What makes people go for this flooring is that it will instantly warm up your home and will make your home pleasant to live.


No doubt, hickory will be one of the interesting and excellent woods that you must have seen. Many people adore for the cabinets and floors that can be designed by it.  The engineered hickory flooring will be the best solution for many offices and homes.


So go ahead and try them and see how your humble abode becomes exquisite and great to live in. Surely you are going to enjoy this new experience.

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  1. We are considering purchasing engineered Hickory flooring for our home. It will be installed in the bedrooms and study and den. I have heard some negative comments about this floor from some of my relatives. They know people who have had insect larvae come through the wood after having it in there homes for 6 months to up to 2 years after having it installed. Have you ever heard of this problem?


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