Engineered Plank Flooring

Engineered plank flooring lets you create the look of an old plank floor without having to scour the countryside for old wood planks you can remill to create such a floor with. Engineered flooring is more durable and versatile than wood flooring in many cases. Add the cost savings that is often found in engineered plank flooring over solid wood flooring, and you have a great incentive to use it.

Home renovations are a multi-million dollar business. Many homeowners are choosing to spend less money on a home purchase by choosing an older home that needs some cosmetic work to make it beautiful. There are even investors who choose to buy older homes to renovate and then they “flip” or resell the property after they have renovated it to make money. This trend has caused a huge increase in the number of quality, inexpensive materials that can be found at the home improvement store. One of these quality items that can be used in renovating a home is engineered plank flooring.

Engineered flooring looks much the same as hardwood flooring once it is installed. This, along with the noticeable price difference, is a main reason why many homeowners are turning to engineered flooring planks for their home remodeling. The main difference between hardwood and engineered plank flooring is that the engineered flooring’s core is made up of several layers of strong, inexpensive wood with the beautiful hardwood being used as the top layer, like a veneer.
Hardwood flooring is a solid piece of wood, so it takes more of the expensive wood to make a plank. Engineered plank flooring just needs one layer of the expensive wood. This accounts for the price difference in the two. There are other benefits to engineered plank flooring, too.
Engineered flooring is a great choice for any room in your home, even those rooms that are a little moisture-prone, like your basement, kitchen, or bathroom. Engineered flooring has the ability to expand and contract without buckling. You will find that this flooring can hold up well to traffic, moisture, and time with no problem. The top layer of the engineered plank flooring is strong, and the finish makes it durable so it will last many years. This is a great benefit that causes many people to consider using engineered flooring planks in their home.
Engineered plank flooring can also be installed simply by a do-it-yourselfer. Most engineered flooring planks simply click and lock together without glue or nails. All you need to do is lay down a foam or cork underlayment to help reduce the moisture from getting to the flooring and then lay the planks. Some simple cutting will be needed, but it should be something that any do-it-yourselfer can handle. Trimming out the space will help you to finish it off to make it look beautiful.
Installing engineered flooring planks in your own home can instantly liven up a boring room to add warmth and that feeling of welcomeness. It is a relatively inexpensive way to update your home, and you can even install it yourself. It will hold up well to your family and pets, too. Keep this option in mind when you are considering renovating a home. You can save money by purchasing engineered plank flooring and then you can use the money for more worthwhile pursuits.

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