Time To Go Back To Southern Yellow Pine Flooring

southern yellow pine flooring

The Comeback of Southern Yellow Pine Flooring


Southern yellow pine flooring is regaining popularity. Some of the floors are solid wood; others are engineered or laminate wood floors. It has a beautiful yellow, or butterscotch, color that compliments many home or office styles. This pine flooring is harder than the other types of pine, but not as hard as oak or bamboo. The grain is appealing to many consumers too. If pine is your flooring of choice, consider southern yellow pine flooring for its price and durability. It has been a favorite among people for quite a long time. Now that it has regained its popularity, maybe you should try consider this flooring for your home renovation.


If you are considering wood flooring, then you will have to choose from a number of different woods, stains, and styles to get the flooring that you want and need for your home. You’ll also have to sift through the myriad myths about when and where you can use wood flooring. But wood flooring has many advantages over other flooring surfaces, making it a popular choice in all kinds of homes. And if you are considering that as an option, one wood you may want to consider is southern yellow pine flooring. It can be honestly quite confusing going through various wood options before you can choose one. The sheer availability of options is enough to confuse a lot of people and hence force into choosing something that they actually do not like. However, with Southern Yellow pine flooring there is no room for such mistakes. It has a unique feel and classy ambience to it that is unmistakable and hence would appeal to everyone.

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Antique Pine Flooring

antique pine flooring
Whether you want solid, engineered or laminate antique pine flooring, you are considering a beautiful and old-fashioned looking floor option. Pine is a softer wood than oak and maple, but it looks great. Your lifestyle will help guide your decision about the wisdom of buying and installing pine flooring, but if you are going to go with pine, seriously consider the antique pine flooring option.


Do you want the look of antique pine flooring in your home? If so, then you will have to determine whether you want solid wood, engineered wood, or laminate. Each of them has their own pros and cons, but they will each offer you the look that you want. They each have their own durability levels, care needs, and cost. By doing your research beforehand, you will have some idea of what advantages are important to you and which ones are not, so that you can better make a decision.


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Pine Wood Flooring – The Best in Business – TheFlooringlady

pine flooring header

Pine flooring isn’t as popular today as it was in past centuries, but if it’s the look you want then it’s a good option. Pine is a softer wood than the popular woods of today like oak, making it show wear and tear sooner and more readily. But that distressed look can be fashionable, and with the right sealer, you can control the level of distress your floor gets.

Choose Between Berber Carpet Vs Wood Flooring For Your Home

berber carpet vs wood flooring
Whether you are building a new home or renovating the already existing one, choosing the right flooring option to your home is extremely important. While there are several flooring options available to choose from, berbercarpet and wood flooring have been the prominent choice for many homeowners


between berbercarpet vs wood flooring is really daunting for them. However, when you take pros and cons of these flooring options, you can end up choosing the one that exactly meets your needs.

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Measure The Hardness Of Flooring With Moh’s Hardness Scale

Everyone expects their flooring should be added with the feature hardness. In order to measure the hardness of flooring, the scale named hardness scale will be used. It may not be able to measure the entire durability of the material. The scale called wood hardness scale will make you understand about the wood’s ability to resist against scratch. There is a responsibility for Moh’s hardness scale and it is about measuring the harnesses of flooring tiles.


The hardness scale can be divided into two elements called hardest element and softest element. Diamond is used to refer hardest element and talc is used to refer the softest element. The main application of hardness scale can be found in measuring the flooring tiles. You need to ensure that you should compare the durability of tiles by comparing it with other kind of tiles. The vast purpose of Moh’s hardness scale will be found in measuring the hardness of minerals, because, it is more necessary to measure the hardness of minerals, since hardness is one of consistent physical properties in the minerals. It means that the hardness of specimens may vary from mineral to mineral by small change.


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Janka Scale

janka scale
Janka, short for the Janka Scale or Janka Hardness Rating, is a way of communicating how hard a wood is. The Janka Hardness Chart lists woods by their rating. Though it’s good to know a trees hardness, using the Janka table to help you buy your hardwood flooring may not make sense; just because a wood is hard doesn’t make it a good flooring option. The Janka hardwood flooring test is done on both the side and end of wood. Janka ratings make it easy for people to discuss the durability of different woods. Use Janka as part of your decision making processs, but not the only factor.

Of the characteristics and properties to consider when choosing your hardwood flooring, the most important is probably the relative hardness of the wood. A wood’s relative hardness is determined with the Janka Rating System, which measures the force required to drive a .444 inch steel ball into the wood until half the diameter of the ball is imbedded in the wood.

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Wood Floors in the Kitchen

Do you like wood floors in the kitchen? It is possible to have wood floors in the kitchen and they are multiple advantages of it. So, are wood floors best for your kitchen?


Frankly, hardwoods were never considered appropriate for the kitchen use some time ago as it used to cause potential water damage. But through proper sealing, you can use them in any of the room of your home.

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Maple Hardwood Flooring

maple hardwood flooring
Maple hardwood flooring is durable and beautiful. Maple flooring has numerous styles — or patterns — to choose from; birds eye maple, hard rock maple and tiger maple being examples.

For the environmentally concerned, reclaimed maple hardwood flooring could be for you. This have been finding a lot of takers in recent years due to the consistent awareness efforts by various NGOs and government agencies.

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Ash Flooring

ash flooring
Ash hardwood flooring is almost as hard as white oak, giving you a durable flooring. Quarter sawn ash flooring gives an unusual look not found in other styles of wood flooring. This is one reason why it has become the option for a lot of people who is looking for something that is quite different from all the various flooring options available today. Ash flooring is a beautiful choice for your home and office.


Are you looking for a lighter colored wood floor that brightens up the rooms in your home? Ash hardwood flooring is a great choice for you as it allows the focus to be on your decor and your furnishings. The beautiful light tan to dark brown colors looks great in any style of home. Ash flooring is one that you are sure to enjoy in your home, as it will make your home seem more open and welcoming. It also can give a classy, yet vintage look to your office space as well.

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