Can Kitchen Floors and Countertops be of the same material?

Kitchen floors and countertops typically are of different materials and looks, but they don’t have to be. Make an elegant statement by matching the kitchen flooring and countertops, or make them of contrasting materials — but countertops can be even better when covered with kitchen flooring choices. Kitchen flooring comes in a wide range of materials, textures and colors which mean your countertops can also. Both kitchen flooring and countertops need to be durable and easy to clean. Imagine how bold your kitchen will look when your kitchen floor and countertops match. It is time to make a bold, elegant statement.


Have you thought of using the same material for your kitchen floors and countertops? Maybe it’s time to consider that option.


A lot of people have been averse to idea of using the same material for both Kitchen floors and countertopsKitchen flooring choices abound in many different materials and colors. The same goes for countertops. That is why it is so overwhelming to consumers when they walk into home improvement stores. How do you know which flooring will look great in your kitchen and will give you years of use? Research!


If you will take the time to research the kitchen flooring choices that are available, you will have a better idea of what you want to install in your kitchen. Then when you go to the store, you will be a more informed customer and will not feel as overwhelmed as you would be otherwise.


Which material to choose for your Kitchen floors and countertops?


You can choose stone, wood, vinyl, linoleum, bamboo, cork, or any other flooring for your kitchen that is able to withstand the wear and tear that kitchens receive. And counters typically take even less abuse, so often the same materials will work well there too. The kitchen is a very important room in most homes because of all of the activity that happens in the kitchen, so it’s important to choose kitchen flooring that fits your family and activities. If you choose flooring for the kitchen that is durable, beautiful, and easy to clean then you will be more satisfied with your kitchen flooring choice. Also, choosing the same material for both Kitchen floors and countertops does not mean that you have to choose the same design or pattern too. There are people who have selected different designs of the same material for their Kitchen floors and countertops and yet pulled off an amazing kitchen nonetheless.


Using the same material for both kitchen flooring and countertops helps unify the kitchen and gives it a more sophisticated and up-to-date look. Some very beautiful stone choices for matching your kitchen flooring and countertops include marble, granite, slate, or travertine. Bamboo and maple would also be stunning. A more modern look would be using linoleum in either the same or complimentary colors. If you are looking for a way to instantly make your kitchen look more stunning and up-to-date, then you will want to consider installing matching kitchen flooring and countertops.


Longevity of Kitchen floors and countertops ensured


Another reason for using the same material for Kitchen floors and countertops is that both will last the same time. Imagine if you are using different materials for them, one may last longer and the other, not so much. This can cause problems in maintenance and the amount of money that you need to spend. On the other hand, by using the same material, you need not worry about intermittent and alternate maintenance, because the same material will take care of that problem on its own.


There is a reason that most countertop materials also come in flooring choices. Countertops need to be durable, stain resistant, and stylish just like flooring does. This approach takes away your worry about it matching or flowing well together. Choose kitchen flooring and countertops that will go with several different decorating styles and color combinations, as the flooring and countertops will last for years and years.


Your kitchen countertop and flooring decision should not be made lightly. Most of the materials that are used for both flooring and countertops are considered permanent, which means that they will usually last for many years. Although the investment will be slightly higher than other materials, you will get your money back in the durableness and longevity of the material. It will be well worth your investment when you see the difference that matching kitchen flooring and countertops will have on the look and feel of your kitchen.


If you are looking for a wonderful way to create a bold statement and unique look in your kitchen, consider installing matching kitchen flooring and countertops.

69 thoughts on “Can Kitchen Floors and Countertops be of the same material?”

  1. Hi Donna,
    It’s going to depend a LOT on what colors YOU like, whether you want a color that’s subtle, contrasting and/or bold. I have no idea what colors your walls & ceilings are – that’s going to come into play too. Some people do things like have a black countertop and then have appliances that are all black. Personally, I don’t like the effect, but that’s not what matters. ;~)
    A friend of mine has birch cabinets, bamboo floor and her countertop is a lovely blue-green – it all comes together nicely. What’s nice is that you can neutral woods/colors and get away with a really bold color on your countertops.
    Heh, funny, a another friend and I were going over ideas for countertops – she’s wanting something different. I suggested the possibility of glass tiles – there’s some really neat stuff out there – incredible colors and some with wonderful depth.

  2. My walls are a neutral color (I guess you could call them a soft tan) and the ceiling is white.
    Also I must stick with the laminate type countertop (I think) for price purpose. Most of the time I like the neutral color because you can chage the wall colors and have a new room without a lot of cost. Does the countertop need to match the floor or totally different? Please help me with a few suggestions!!

  3. Hi Donna,
    Nope, the countertop doesn’t need to match the floor – unless you want it to! With the current color scheme you could literally choose whatever color tickles your fancy………really! Keep in mind that the color you choose could reduce your color options for walls at a later time should you decide you’re ready for a change, though you’d probably be ok with another neutral color.
    I’m partial to greens myself — whether a seafoam, sage or dark green……any would work. Warm colors like oranges & reds would look nice as well as blues. Shoot, even golden yellows would work because the travertine would pull it all together. You could also choose something that is close in color to the one of the colors of your travertine.
    What colors do you like?

  4. I was leaning toward the Wilson Art Deepstar Bronze or the Wilson Art Milano Quartz countertop. I did not want a very light color. I am not sure about a really dark color (I like the looks but thinking it might be hard to keep and I don’t have a lot of light in there).

  5. I am trying to pick out counter tops for my kitchen I have hunter green walls from chair railijg up and taupe from chair railing down with all with trim. My cabinets are a honey oak and my floors are Wilsonart Yellowstone.I have highlighted in black wrought iron and a little red. I am leaning towards Wilsonart counters or formica can someone please suggest what colors you would use I am not sure weather to go dark or light (help,help,help)
    Thanks Jennifer

  6. Hi Jennifer,
    I think you could go either way since you have a pretty good balance already going on. I think it’s going to depend on whether you’d like something to blend more with your hunter green or something to blend more with your cabinets & floor. If it were me, I’d go for something to compliment the cabinets/floor, you might decide to change your wall color – wall color gets changed more often than cabinets & floors do. That way you have the golden tones at the top, middle and bottom (floor) of your kitchen. You could still choose a green shade of course, but if you ever decide to change your walls you’ll still be wanting to choose something to coordinate with the green in the countertop (that’s where a countertop with varying shades of green would help).
    You can order WilsonArt samples at their website too. That page has a neat little function where you can choose colors to go with a color group, cabinet color or allpliance color.

  7. Can you really use flooring for countertop surface? Any photos? Seems like thickness would be an issue (3/4″). Any experience with adding a matching wood fence for the facing edge set at 2″ or 3″ for the illusion of thickness. Can you seal over existing pre-finish with a food-safe finish? Is water damage a potential issue at the seams?

  8. Yes you can! Actually, it was a rather popular method back in the 1950’s and it’s making a comeback. Here’s a good article about it.
    There are food-safe finishes that can be applied as well; the best thing to do is check with the manufacturer of the chosen material and ask them what can be used without voiding their warranty.

  9. I’m getting Ikea Birch cabinets, and kempas flooring (dark and variated like cherry) but am having a hard time with counter top choice.
    I’ve considered granite, quartz and laminate!
    I like kasmir gold granite, wilsonart sedona bluff
    and LG Viatera in sedona
    and valencia
    link to my kitchen;
    whaddya think?

  10. Hi Jenni,
    I’m as stumped as you are with making a choice – they’re all great! I especially like the Valencia, should contrast nicely with the birch and go well with the flooring. But durn, I like them all!

  11. I am in the process of having my kitchen totaly renovated. I would like to blend a living room, kitchen and backroom addition. The living room has light blue furniture (pillows sage green, peach, yellow) a mostly yellow side chair (with stripes blue, sage green peach), medium brown dark wood floors. In my kitchen, I plan to get granite countertops, new cabinets ceramic tile floor (which will flow into the addition). My problem is: What wall color(s) for the living room, kitchen & addition, What granite colors, tile colors, cabinet colors?
    I’m totally confused. I know I would like to incorporate some sort of blue and brown in the granite color. The cabinet color can depend on the brown in the granite.

  12. Hi! So happy to have found you! I have a small kitchen. I am putting in new tile and a new counter top. But, I dont know where to start. Do I pick the tile first or the counter first? Should the flooring be darker or the counter be darker? Will darker flooring make the room appear smaller? Does the size of the tile matter for a small room? Shoudl I use smaller tiles or larger 12×12 tiles?
    Thank you so much!

  13. Hi Melissa,
    Usually, dark flooring will make a room look smaller, and it doesn’t really matter if you pick out 12 x 12 tiles or smaller ones. Your floor doesn’t have to be tiles – there are some wonderful vinyl and linoleum choices as well (lino will last longer). You can even consider stone. It doesn’t matter which you pick out first, you can pick them out at the same time if you wish.

  14. I live in a modern log home and am in the process of redoing my kitchen floor and countertops. Would it look good to tile both? Should it be the same size and color?

  15. Hi Charlotte,
    It will definitely unify your kitchen and give it a “modern” look. You will just have to decide what kind of “look” you desire in your log home. If you have both the countertops and floor in the same size tile, you will definitely have a uniform look.

  16. I have a cottage style kitchen, delft blue with pure white trims & molding. I need to replace tired gray laminate countertops and an old black and white floor. I want to use granite or quartz for the countertop and am looking for suggestions on how to blend countertop and floor color choices.
    I have 15 year old hardwood floors in the dining room leading into the kitchen, so I’m afraid using wood laminate would clash with the real wood. If I use ceramic tile, would I be trying to match pattern in the countertop or contrast/blend? Less pattern or more? Also, does granite or quartz complement a cottage style or conflict with it?


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