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Can you find exactly what you're looking for at a tile sale? Last time I needed to have tiles replaced on my ceramic tile floor, I got lucky and found what I needed at a discount. Not all discount tile flooring sellers are going to have exactly the best tile you want at the advertised price. So don't fall for the pushy sales tactics and settle for something that almost works just because it's a little cheaper. It's usually better to spend a little extra time looking for exactly what you want at a good price.

Cautions and Tips When Discount Shopping

Does Your Existing Floor Need Repaired or Replaced?

This is the number one reason why people look for discounted ceramic tile flooring. They may already have a tile floor that's getting a little old and they need to replace a few broken tiles. They may want to replace their existing floor with ceramic tiles because the whole thing is looking shabby anyway. However, you may be sitting on the fence about even getting a tile floor in the first place regardless of what kind of deal you can get on it. Considering the number of places, both online and off, where you can get tiles for your floor, it's perfectly acceptable to ride this one out until you make up your mind.

Is the Tile You Want Actually On Sale?

You may already have a good idea of what you want in a ceramic tile floor. You can go to the store with a picture of the exact style you want. That won't help you much if only “select” tile designs are on sale right now and your tile selection isn't one of them. Then you can get away with shopping around for the best deal on your tile design because you care about actually getting a good discount on your tile flooring, regardless of the sale signs all over the home improvement store.

Be Aware That Not All Ceramic Tile is Created the Same

Depending on the density of the ceramic tile, some tiles can actually absorb more moisture than others. This is a concern if you've thought about using ceramic tiles in an outdoor setting where tiles might be damaged by repeated freezing and thawing. Some decorative ceramic tiles may also not be rated for use as flooring. If you run across what looks like a good discount on ceramic tiles, knowing how to ask the tough questions about ceramic tiles now can help you avoid issues with your new ceramic tile floor later.

Don't Be Afraid of Looking Online

Home Depot, for instance, might have a wider selection of ceramic tiles online than they do in their brick-and-mortar stores because they have only limited space in their stores. Sometimes you might even find a good online deal on a ceramic tile you like even if you were disappointed by what you saw in the local home improvement shops.

Don't Fall For Something Too Good to Be True

You want to find some good discount ceramic tiles, but remember that most ceramic tile flooring can cost between $1 and $5.50 per square foot, and that doesn't include the installation. Naturally, the high quality ceramic tile will cost more, so make sure you're not being taken for a ride simply because you want to save on the flooring. Your best bet is to find a good sale at a reputable ceramic tile seller if you want the good discount but also don't want to get taken for a ride simply because you wanted something cheap. You can sort of tell if you've done your homework about ceramic tiles but the seller seems to be giving you some kind of double-talk.

The Best Deal Is On the Tile Option You Actually Like

It might sound like a good deal on discounted tile flooring now, but you don't want to get bored with it after a few years. What a lot of people like to do at tile sales is pick two or three style options and then create an interesting pattern on their floor. Also keep in mind that quality matters. Your new tile floor installation might look good now, but it won't stay that way without quality ceramic and proper maintenance.

Above all, remember that it's okay to walk away if you haven't made up your mind right this second or something feels fishy about that tile sale. I must have visited six stores before I found exactly what I wanted simply because the other stores just didn't have it.

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