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Mesquite flooring is an unusual hardwood that may become more popular because of its distinct color and grain patterns. Mesquite is beautiful not only as flooring, but also as paneling. You can enjoy your mesquite wood floor in any room of your house.


This is one reason why most people are considering using mesquite flooring during their house renovation. This type of hardwood flooring can easily fit it into any room and the best part is that it does not change the overall appearance of your house.


Are you looking for a hardwood floor that is different from the run of the mill floors? Mesquite is not just for cooking anymore! Mesquite also comes in flooring, and is a great choice for you and all the rooms in your home! Mesquite flooring is much harder (Janka rating of 2345) than the commonly used white oak (Janka rating of 1360) flooring, which makes it more resistant to warping and splitting.


Mesquite flooring is extremely durable and stands up to years of heavy wear and tear. The beautiful red, cherry color of the mesquite wood helps to make it a favorite in many homes. Mesquite wood flooring will look beautiful in any room in your home! Consider changing the dull brown in your bedroom to a classic, charming mesquite red. Or better still, try out how it will look in your drawing room. There are various websites and blogs online where in you will be able to see the pictures of many houses that had decided to go the Mesquite way. This will give you a clear idea as to how your room will look after you have given it a Mesquite make over. The flooring needs to be done by a professional because of the intricate nature of the work involved. But, the investment made is totally worth it because a properly laid Mesquite flooring is going to last much longer than others.


Mesquite flooring is a great option for any home. The durability of this wood flooring makes it ideal for areas where other hardwoods cannot be used. It can even be used over radiant in-floor heat, a great benefit over the myriad flooring choices. Mesquite is not only a beautiful wood, but also its durability makes it a great option for your home! This means that you don’t have to spend much in terms of long term maintenance. This flooring never loses its shine and can easily be polished if you feel it could be a bit shinier. It is totally up to the owner to decide that.


Mesquite wood flooring is environmentally sound and is known as a green product. It’s a sustainable resource, meaning it regrows quickly. Mesquite has been thought of as a nuisance tree for years, but many ranchers are seeing the potential of this wood. There is a big push for ranchers to grow mesquite for commercial use and as the demand grows, many ranchers will probably begin growing it instead of trying to get rid of it. Mesquite is found in the western states of the United States, in Mexico, and in other areas around the world. Whichever brand of mesquite flooring that you choose, you need to make sure that it all comes from the same area, as mesquite colors can vary from area to area. By opting for mesquite flooring, you are indirectly promoting forestation because the manufacturers need more trees to cater to the rising demand. The more trees they grow, the more you are contributing the environment.


Mesquite flooring comes in two different grades, rustic and select. Select grade mesquite wood flooring is clear wood with a few tight knots. Rustic grade has wormholes, knots, and mineral streaks among other things. The holes are usually filled with epoxy and the whole board is then stained. Many times both grades are mixed together in flooring to give the floor a more natural and rustic look. Also, there are people who prefer to either go for a natural or a rustic look. For them, it is easier to go with either of the two grades, as per their requirement.


Although mesquite flooring is at the higher end of the price range, keep in mind that its uniqueness will add value and interest to your home. But, as the old saying goes, good quality never comes cheap. Add to this the huge role you are playing in protecting the environment by saying no to harmful products, and you have an absolute winner at your hands. If you are looking for an environmentally sound choice of wood, then mesquite wood flooring is a wonderful choice for your home. Whether you choose Arizona desert mesquite flooring or another area’s mesquite flooring, you are sure to have a durable wood floor that you will love and enjoy through many years of wear and tear.

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  1. We are one of the largest mesquite dealers in the country. Located in Austin TX. Call 512-284-5998 for products or pricing.

  2. We have had mesquite floors for 10 years and have been more than satisfied with the wood. The polyurethane finish we put on when it was laid is another story.
    It’s time for a change. Would you recommend wax over the PU’s? Thanks!

  3. We are building a house in western PA. We would like to install mesquite floors, but I’m having a hard time finding someone who sells the product. Do you know any companies in this area? (Pittsburgh pa)

    Thank you, great site.


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